I'm getting bored…

Written By bryanboy

I’m getting bored…

First things first… I’d like to give a big shout out to readers of Elle Girl magazine in the Netherlands. Thanks for loving and talking about me.



Ok. My Dutch is all wrong and that’s what I get from using one of those online translator things. Hopefully y’all get the jist out of it. HAHAHAHA!

Moving on…

I finally managed to get my lazy fat ass to my dermatologists yesterday afternoon. There’s a photo shoot I need to go to and I have to look pretty.

First stop: Coffee Bean

THANK god the whipped cream-serving bulldyke of a midget wasn’t there. I don’t want anyone to be spitting on my drink (unless they’re cute, hot and rich… but then again, no cute, hot and rich person will work as a barista) after whingeing on my blog.

Just to be safe, I EXPLICITLY told the lovely lady behind the counter that I DO NOT WANT WHIPPED CREAM on my drink… my wish is her command.


Cardigan by LAROK, white tank top by Calvin Klein, brown/rust-colored jeans from Acne Jeans (Sweden), boots from Fruit, bag from Hermès, amber and gold necklace from Kenneth Jay Lane, sunglasses from Dior

Boy I got a surprise for all of you.

You see, I often get asked as to who takes my photos. In addition to my familia de horreur members and friends, well, let me unveil one of them. Meet my maid, Eunice.


Eunice has been my maid for quite some time and she’s the best, best, best friend a faggot like me can ever have. She’s got everything about me memorised. She knows some of my deepest, darkest secrets. She’s been with me through obesity and thin and up to this day, I’ve never heard a single word (.. or grunt) from her in spite of everything that she’s done for me, like cleaning up all my puke on the bathroom floor after a good night out… or  my soiled, skid mark-infested underwear.

My nonsexual wife anorexic daughter Hannah would complain about her "hunchback" maid, Simang, every once in a while.

HOY HANNAH, at least your maid ain’t a lesbian!!!

Today’s obligatory paparazzi shot.042506_paparazzi

I have a feeling my maid Eunice might be a lesbo. I’ve never seen her show any kind of perverted emotion towards guys.

OK… WAITTTTT.. she thinks that Piolo (spelling?) Pascual Filipino actor guy is cute.


She won’t believe me when I told her that he’s gay like a row of pink camping tents.

Oh well.


So yeah, I had my usual glycopeel cleaning/extraction facial.

For the first time in ages, I didn’t feel any pain today. God knows why. I usually have low tolerance for pain, expecially while having a facial done. I know I scream like a pregnant prostitute bitch in labor every time my aesthetician extracts a white head from one of my blocked pore.

Today’s lack of pain made me think about things I don’t usually think about on a day-to-day basis.

For instance, sometime last week, I told a friend on how I’m starting to get bored. I expressed my desire to experience something new, like, learn a new skill or take up cooking classes.

She suggested that we learn a foreign language together… take up French at one of those Alliance Francaise centers. I told her sure, why not. We even checked the availability online and the session that we want won’t start until October. There’s a 3rd and 4th session but we’re both planning to travel around June/July/August.

While the lady pricked my face, I realized I’m at that stage where everything is just stagnant. I’m turning into a stale, 20-something.

I mean, I know I’ve changed tremendously in the past 12 months. However, if I look at it on a different perspective, it feels as if I’m not going anywhere. My life’s at a standstill and I’m doing the same things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

I told my friend this and she thinks "I’ve gone so far and achieved so much already".

042606_facial1I remember the old times when I used to deny myself from owning to what I’ve achieved in order to delude myself into thinking I have a tiny bone of humility inside me.

But I still can’t can’t help but ask myself the $64 million question.


Let’s face it, I won’t deny that all I do is shop, shop, shop, work, work, work, shop, shop, shop, spread my faggotry to the world, shop, work, eat, eat, eat, spread my faggotry to the world, shop, shop, spread my faggotry to the world.

It’s gotten to the point where it’s like a routine.

Shit, it’s MY routine.

Everything used to be fun. Every time I get a material ‘acquisition’…a  bag, a jacket, everything… it brings a genuine smile to my face and I feel soo… contented. I know I once said that being severely materialistic makes up for my lack of non-material things in life. But in all honesty, I don’t take my sense of materialism too seriously. Afterall, it’s only material stuff!

Enough ranting. I already sound like a broken record.

I think it might be therapeutic if I list what I want to happen SOON.

  • have a clear sense of direction on where I’m heading
  • experience something NEW and FUN!
  • learn something NEW… a new skill, a new hobby, whatever

(Would you believe I even went as far as researching VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES in countries like ECUADOR and ROMANIA? I don’t know what came over me considering there’s over 80 million people who need help in my own backyard. My familia de horreur had always told me to stay away from hallucinogenic drugs and the people who take them.)


Before you go on a high horse and bombard me with your PREDICTABLE sanctimonious crap, I’m begging you to please avoid telling me to

  • just be "myself" (and)
  • donate to charity.

An escape from reality is what I need. Away from the blog, the Chanel, the Fendi, the Goyard, the shopping, the facials, the cellphone, the internet, the familia de horreur and of course, the sheer thought at the back of my mind that I’m surrounded by vultures who are constantly looking for that perfect opportunity to devour me alive.

I need a holiday. A 1 or 2 month-long vacation. Somewhere extremely remote and far-flung but close to civilization. Somewhere where nobody knows me and I know nobody.

Somewhere like Skåne, Sweden.

I want to be surrounded by nature. I want to pick fresh flowers, see trees, ride a huge horse. I want to buy a lot of art materials and learn how to paint scenery etc., that sort of thing. I also want to get gangbanged by well-hung farmboys and have hot and horny mixed-race baby-making sex on top of a tractor.

Remember Jakob, the Swedish guy I met up with in Copenhagen> He’s the only person in the world who managed to made me walk (and you KNOW I despise walking) for like 2-3 hours just to find that bloody Little Mermaid Statue?


Well, he offered to take me to his summer house in Varberg middle of nowhere bumfuck Sweden.

If I take him up on his offer that beats the purpose of me travelling somewhere where "no one knows me and I know nobody".

Hmmm pakipot ka pa alam mo naman kung saan matutuloy yan.

I wanna go to Skåne god dammit.

Oh I’m just soooo bored with life right now. All I need is change. That’s all.


PS. Discuss this blog post here.

PPSS. The only thing that making life worth living is your love. And John Galliano.

Bryanboy loves Erick from Vandenberg AFB (Air Force Base?) California. Erick sweetie you do know that one of goals in life is to get gangbanged by the military/navy/army/men in black etc, right? PLEASE GET SOME OF YOUR AIR FORCE BUDDIES TO STRIP NAKED AND HOLD AN I LOVE BRYANBOY SIGN FOR ME.


Screw the don’t ask don’t tell policy. If I get gangbanged by men in uniform, I want MAXIMUM MILEAGE, MAXIMUM PUBLICITY. I want to make a shitload of MONEY and sell videos of it.

Failing that, the Bryanboy pose picture will do just fine. :)


You really love me do you now? Can I ride your aeroplane? It’s my aeroplannnneeee…


Alex from Tasmania, Australia. Big kisses from me to you. I love ya lots darling even if you sent me a damn photochopped photo. I SAID NO PHOTOSHOPPED ONES… HAHAHA ;)


This set of photos is better than PORN!!! I jacked off 10 times and my balls are the size of raisins. Courtesy of Clair from Perth, Australia.

(This is what I call TRUE LOVE)





I’m gonna go to sleep now. I have a photo shoot later today.


PS. Discuss this blog post here.


  1. Learning a foreign languages is a cure all for boredom. Learning Spanish (among others) has really helped me. You should try learning one before the class starts.
    PS: I love Bryanboy.com! :-)

  2. Hey bryanboi!
    How are you today? you seem bored just like my self!
    I’m so bored and I still haven’t had a shower! like omg.. thats such a crime for me! as I never get past 10:30 without a shower and a makeover of some sort, “nothing to extreme” because I’m not impressing anyone haha.
    I love your site, I found you on the xiaxue blog.. apparently your a fag ass bitch *burp* chic.. lol! But I love your site and your personality so much, your creative unique and hey.. everyones a material girl ,, hahaha.. “sorry madonna”
    I’ve just created a new blog since yesterday! I plan on doing it everyday.. hehe I hope you dun mind but your pic is featured in my blog lol!
    I havent got many visitor yet, I had thousands at my othe rone.. but it just got too time consuming and when your popular it seems to be irritating” EVERYONE WANTS TO BE US!”
    accept its weird because ytou get some pretty crazy comments and stuff! but your such a total inspiration, infact next yr me and my friend ploy are guna make our own dumb pink fag site! and we’re going to take really razy pictures and blog everyday..
    next yr im going to live in thailand, and there is a swensens there! like omg!!! nz still doesnt have one, and they just found out about tom yum!!! like give me a break~ anyway. haha me and my friend- s .. are guna be in swensens 24/7 so.. if you plan on flying anywhere come see us at..
    BANGKOK SWENSENS, BUNGLUMPOO 240 ON FEBUARY 10TH 2006 we’ll be there and we’ll be starting our fan blog haha, p.s// just to satisfy u im guna make you one of those crazy pics sayin
    “i lve bryan boy!”
    hahaha.. ok.. we’ll catch up soon.. p.s you can leave a comment on my blog or if you would add me to msn:
    ok … see ya girl friend!

  3. hey, i noticed you don’t go out as often and you don’t have pictures with your..uhmm..wealthy friends(?) is it true you got kicked out of the infamous gucci gang? SPILL!

    translated correctly:
    ik Hou van jullie allemaal!!
    Stuur me alsjeblieft een foto van jullie waarop jullie bjv. een bordje met i love bryanboy erop staan!!
    Something like that, it means the same thing but then spellet correctly although i don’t know if you ment to say that..
    it says like; i love each and everyone one of you! please send me pics with you holding a sign that says i love bryanboy!

  5. Ik ben lekker!!!! I can’t believe he actually posted my pix……well all the more reason to send more……who wants 2 be in the naked one with me holding up a sign that says “I LOVE Bryanboy”????

  6. i did the same thing. after i saved my ass from ateneo, i got really bored really fast while waiting for spring semester to start in california. i took french with alliance and it did alleviate my boredom. i tried to cheat the placement test they gave me. i called my french friend (photographed in your blog a couple months ago..you met him in cuisine and asked if he was gay) and asked him translate the instructions..and it turned out his dad was president of alliance. mystupidlife. just BEWARE of the morning classes because you are going to get so lazy, you’ll just end up sleeping in. also, the food in the cafe downstairs is terrible. avoid at all costs unless youre getting some perrier. bonne chance, cheri. see you in manille with hannah in may.

  7. Hay =) Come to Norway duh! Not Oslo but something smaller likee.. Bergen or Stavanger =) You know Nick Carter was here in Bergen this other day and called it a cosy smalltown, and I was like wtf, because it’s the second largest city in Norway =( And as for a new hobby.. go riding. Yea =)

  8. Hay =) Come to Norway duh! Not Oslo but something smaller likee.. Bergen or Stavanger =) You know Nick Carter was here in Bergen this other day and called it a cosy smalltown, and I was like wtf, because it’s the second largest city in Norway =( And as for a new hobby.. go riding. Yea =)

  9. i love bryan boy!!!
    man i love your vintage + classy do’s man!!!
    i’m so god darn jealous…common the fact that you have all the materials makes me go “gosh, how i wish i could have your life”!
    btw…love your papparazi snaps too!!
    big huggs and kisses*

  10. Bryanboy, go to the country. Take him up on the offer to Sweden. I think it would do you a world of good. I too love shopping and material things (not that I can afford it all like you do) but I also yearn to live a simpler life away from all the corrupt madness. It might be a nice retreat for you. If you really yearn for some shopping you can always order from elux to take the edge off;)

  11. maryann

    your outfit is amazing! i love your blog!
    by the way? those jeans below that nicole was wearing are tsubi’s ‘haciend’ jeans

  12. maryann

    oops, they’re actually tsubi’s ‘skinny zip jeans’ in squwark rinse

  13. Hyuk-hyuk

    Sounds like you’re burnin’ up and burnin’ out, hon…time for a lifestyle makeover/reinvention ala Maddona…take a breather, babe, but keep it edgy ;)

  14. Lilli of stockholm

    Off course you should come to Sweden! it’s a wonderful country! and that guy was hot :P if you come here you should absolutley visit stockholm, a very beautiful city!
    Love ya! and hope to see you in sweden! ;)

  15. Cleopatra

    You should not come to Skåne, Sweden. Are you kidding me, I live here and it’s sux big time. The only positive thing is that Copenhagen is not that far away… SKÅNE SUX and people here don’t even know what Chanel is, they suck!

  16. Hi there Bryan! I’m one of your Blog fan and hell yeah this time i can really relate to the boredom and anxiety of being twenty something…I’ve felt that way so many times and still continuous to feel that way sometimes. I’m referring to your melodramatic statement about you feeling that your life is not getting you anywhere when in fact you’ve accomplished or done so much at a pretty early stage…you know, this is just a phase sweety…There’s more to come, you are lucky to have such a fabulous life!!! Enjoy! Be GAY always!

  17. jamieandjack

    i’m a fan of eunice now, she should learn how to blog.
    she’s a lesbo alright. my gaydar went crazy when i saw her pics. she’s really butch and for a while there i thought she was a man … or you (bb) are just too femme and you make her look like a man … hmmm
    speaking of butchiness, bb i think your last photo looks really butch. it’s disgusting and disturbing at the same time. i threw up a little bit.
    and for the military guy …. i’ve met guys from the military who likes banging smooth asian fem boys, and they are actually straight guys.
    that’s all! love yah!

  18. Hiya Bryan- Orchide here- I finally broke down and linked you to my blog. I have been following you and love hearing about Eunice- I love seeing her and hearing about your exploits…haahaa…keep up the blogs- they are like candy~ Ba-boooooosh!

  19. you know what I think you need to do? GET A REALITY SHOW, GET ON TV!
    it would be huge.

  20. Gosh Bryanboy, i really adore you, but i have to cyber-slap you for even thinking the thought to go to some place in bumfuck SKÅNE instead of Stockholm! I mean: come on!
    And that video was truly so very, very gay. Even gayer then Elijah Wood for gods sake.

  21. michelle

    I just started reading your blogs and I’m addicted. You’re fabulous!

  22. “Hmmm pakipot ka pa alam mo naman kung saan matutuloy yan” Aww you are soooo cute like heller cute. Aw Swedish boys *sigh

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