Paris <3 Bryanboy

Written By bryanboy

Paris <3 Bryanboy

Lookie lookie at what I found earlier at CelebWorld. Paris and I have the same Marc Jacobs Collection bag except mine is black.


And I love that pic of her doing the infamous bryanboy pose.


Yes, I know she’s about to put her bag on top of her Bentley (?) Maserati (?) but who cares.

Eat your heart out.

Hahahahah! I’ll update in a bit.


PS. Discuss this blog post here.


  1. BitchBag

    what a boring post. i bet u’ve ran out of ur useless creative imagination. or is it because u ran out of money to spend or went bankrupt or got prosecuted for money laundering. why don’t you just buy a bentley like paris so that u can level with her, i guess that day will never come.
    Bangbush! (u should be a high class prostitute that gets to suck bush’s cock)

  2. You should dress your maid Eunice like a personal assistant ^_^ -Have her going around with you when you shop. It’ll be cute hahaha~
    Can’t wait for your next podcast! Hope you get a video podcast as a blog post soon :)

  3. Au Lait

    SHADAP Bitchbag! I’m sure you can’t even afford a single bandana that BryanBoy loves to buy. You’re just jealous! You fucking Turd!
    Love you Bryan Boy! You rock! mwah!Ü

  4. Bryan Im like FEINING FOR AN UPDATE!!!!
    Hopefully it’ll be a long one full of designer stuff…Im desperate for more.

  5. It’s a Bentley Continental GT coupe.
    The Maserati’s usually have four exhausts, like Ferrari, even the Maserati Quatroporte 4-door.

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