Hollywood Trash

Written By bryanboy

Hollywood Trashtastic

It’s my party… and you may CRY if you want to.

Oh my God. You want to talk about mothers?
You wanna talk about mothers!
It’s mother time, okay!

Your mother’s so dumb she went to Dr Dre for a Pap smear!
"Something’s wrong, Dr Dre! My coochie’s doing a beatbox!"

I’ll see you all tonight! We’re gonna party till the cows come home.

Special thanks to Absolut for the lovely Absolut Raspberri. The Bryanboy Babooshtini (yes, I even have my own drink) won’t exist without it.

More to come later. I have a party to prepare for and it’s in 8 hours!

I love you all. Email bryan@bryanboy.com or SMS +63-915-785-1492.


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  1. I loooove this movie… next to Mean Girls… :p I think I lost it though… :( but yeah… random question… but how come I can’t access your first Podcast? I loooved listening to the songs on it… <3 Love Generation and Say Say Say… :p Bryanboy… you're so effing hot!!!

  2. Mary Kate’s Chanel bag is FAB!! <3
    BryanBoy.. you could ROCK that!
    Muscle Mary

  3. Happy Happy Birthday.. Your birthday party is going to be a fucking riot! Have a grand time darling. I’ve been a big fan of your blog. Your fashion sense never ceases to amaze me. Please do make me your protégé. I’ll be a good student, I promise..:p haha. Anyways, I just wanted to ask you where you go for your facials cuz ur skin is amazing. I’ve been looking for a good dermatologist but I still haven’t found one and it’s making my skin suffer! I also wanted to ask you what company you use to have your ordered things from the states shipped here since most stores don’t ship stuff to our poor third world country. Thanks a bunch and do stay fabulous. I adore you<3 *kissies*

  4. You bitch. I would kill to be your age, whatever THAT is. Fellow sacrificial Aries lamb, come on over and get spanked on Hint, will you? We miss your bony little coked-up Donatella ass. I just reminded them that you exist.
    Hey, where’s Mauricio, anyway? Hmmmmm?

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