February Ends With the Letter "L".

Written By bryanboy

February Ends With the Letter "L".

Louis Vuitton, Lancome, Ladyboy Love at La Embajada.


I’m sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been AWFULLY busy the past few days it’s just CRAZY!

I guarantee that today’s update will knock you off your seats… especially my pictionaries.

Are you ready?


My February ended with a bang. Little miss third world gay
socialite wannabe went out in full force on Tuesday… I got drunk
before sunset and sobered up before dawn.

It’s times like these when I feel that my life is nothing but one big party.

It’s amazing how I can stay at home, indoors, for 3 whole days like
a hermit with no social life whatsoever and then go out as if I’m the
newest IT-girl.

Oh well. :)

First stop: Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton notified me that my green perforated speedy had
arrived. I went to the store for a viewing session and I have to admit
I liked the pink one better. I told them to put it on hold until
Thursday or Friday to decide whether or not I’ll get it. I picked up a
couple of items though – a new ipod case (FYI, I bought a new video
ipod), a little pouch thingie for random sundries and 2 bandanas.


I promised my Mexican friend Mauricio, who now lives in Madrid, that I’m not gonna buy any Louis Vuitton bags this year.

I’m supposed to be doing my best to go "logo-free" but Louis Vuitton is just proving it hard. *sigh*

Next Station: Lancome

You know an event is a success if there’s someone who left the party intoxicated. In case of Lancome, **I’M** the unlucky bastard who got drunk after more than 5 glasses of white wine, 4 glasses of champagne and a glass of vodka tonic. Shit, I have NEVER drunk in BROAD DAYLIGHT! I got there at 3:15PM and left at around 6PM all tipsy.

Lancome threw a launch party for their Blanc Expert Neuro-White line at M Cafe. I’m sooo glad I wore a white t-shirt (Zara).Otherwise I’d feel out of place in a sea of white.

Remember how I got a miniature pinscher late last year (Daria) then she passed away after a month due to a kidney+liver infection? I still miss my baby.

There were 2 canine cuties at the event… a few folks told me I should get myself a pooch but I don’t think I’m ready. I think it’s a sign that I’m better off with dead animals (i.e. fur, leather, steak, exotic skins) rather than have a real, live one. Besides, I already have a cat and a dog.

I went to a local designer’s atelier for a fitting session after the event. I also popped by at the gas station to grab some hotdogs on my way home. I ***LOVE*** pigging out with gas station food. I had like 3 hotdogs the other day. It’s soo damn satisfying.

Trust me, life ain’t a 24/7 festival of caviar and foie gras. Sometimes… yes, sometimes, it’s fun to rough it up and eat trash.


Mmmm yummy!

I was sooo drunk (and full) when I got home. I slept for around 2 hours. I got up at around 11:30PM, showered, dressed up and went to Embassy.

Last stop: Embassy High

Man, who would have thought my favourite Manila nightclub, Embassy,
is one year old? I swear to god, it felt like it’s been there for AGES
cause it’s pretty much the ONLY place/club I go to. Hah!

Yesterday’s theme was "Embassy High". A lot of people wore school-like outfits i.e white shirts, shorts, ties, etc.

I on the other hand went all out in my regalia.


I’m at a complete loss of words so I’ll let the pictures tell the
story. Y’all wouldn’t believe how many times I got hit on by guys. It’s

People who are new to my blog sometimes think I’m a tranny because I
wear handbags, lip gloss, tight jeans etc.I always defend myself by

Fuck it though.

They want tranny, I’ll get them tranny.

I only have one thing to say.




TUESDAY night was definitely SOMETHING.

I had SOOO much fun.

I also had an early night. I got into the club at around 12:30AM and left the club at around 3AM.

My damn driver fell asleep and the bastard won’t pick up the phone. I had to wait for 30 minutes outside the club, looking all cheap, trashy and whore-ish.

THANK GOD I saw a couple of acquaintances who offered me a ride. I told her all I wanna do is look where my driver parked my car. I had to knock on the windows for 5 minutes before my driver got up.

My acquaintances told me to fire him but I won’t. I had to cut him some slack. He’s been up on the road since 8AM.


Tuesday was nothing but fun, fun, fun. I LOVE IT.

I think that’s it for now. A lot of things happened yesterday, Wednesday, and I’ll post them later when I get up.

I love you all as always.

Email bryan@bryanboy.com or SMS +63-915-785-1492. Bombard me with messages of love and hate so I’ll have a smile on my face when I get up.

Tell me I’m pretty!

Tell me you love my vagina.


PS. Discuss this blog post here.

P.P.S.S. Man, I feel like a woman!


    btw, i really love the first pic. it’s so drunk-whore-retro-trash-super-power-chick/man. hahaha.

  2. hahahhahaa ur fucking hilarious. i love the tranny outfit? what shoes did u wear with it? i dont know about the hair? i think ur better off as a blonde.

  3. Hannah Matronic

    fuck b i don’t know what to say… the first pic, coulda been me! you should have worn plaid tho… is that an assumption college uniform? or one of those random schools along the university belt prized for their “working students”? see you next week. CHARING.
    o ya lancome event pics. last pic left side, that girl used to substitute in my high school. weird.

  4. Frig, you look HAWT as a girl, hot diggity dang! hahahha… I enjoyed the pictures very much! :)

  5. you make a sexual school girl.
    p.s. don’t call it a bandana! it’s a foulard (sounds better)!

  6. you looked like a professional pok pok which is really great! ha, ha, ha! you really enjoy doing this kadramahan which is again great! i also like u being a dramatic sarcastic hedonistic vonggastick bitch! i am really thrilled and would like to see more of this side of you!!!!

  7. sweetie, your style put all us girls to shame. love how hard you party,love everything! i want to visit you in the philippines!

  8. sweetie, your style put all us girls to shame. love how hard you party,love everything! i want to visit you in the philippines!

  9. I’m not the vagina-loving type of guy but I love YOUR vagina!
    Being the fashion guru that you are, would it be possible to have a blog entry on men’s underwear? I’d love to know what’s hot and what’s not, in your opinion!

  10. you are very pretty and i love your vagina…you look incredibly sexy eating that hot dog!!! i love ya!!!

  11. omg! That pic of you as a girl looks so hot hot haawt~ You look so cute with the long locks on!

  12. OMG…you look like a frickin girl…i mean, a really HOT, SEXY frickin girl…
    i wish i had your face…hahahahaha

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