Whether you like it or not, this country is fabulous. Bryanboy reigns supreme.

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy reigns supreme.

This breaking news is brought to you by Bryanboy.com.

You gotta love all that drama going on at one of the key forts in the Philippines. There’s a ton of hoola baloo involving the Marines… same old political-related drama etc.

I’m not even gonna bother with the specifics. Go to CNN, BBC or Google News.

One of my assistants is currently on the field taking photos…


For god’s sake just stop all this drama and get on with your lives.

This country is beautiful.

This country is fabulous.

This country is great.

Long live third world prostitution.

Long live the land of ugly, fat hookers with cellulite.


Long live mixed raced babies as a result of prostitution and miscegenation. Mixed-raced babies are the Chanel of babies.

Long live the land of little brown fuck machines.

Long live the land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives.


Long live Bryanboy.com


I love you all.

But I love Chanel more.


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  1. ROFL LMAO!! You made my day! That is some funny shit you posted! What would i do without you and your blog?
    Anyway, i hate the news, so can someone fill me in on what is actually happening there?

  2. Hello my gorgeous,
    in reference to ur previous article, it is so true.
    Catty bitches can go and join ur army in hell my darling……………………….
    just live ur life the way you love.
    Bitterness is a poison that you drink while you wait for the other person to die. It kills you first.

  3. HAHA WELL THAT WAS FRESH. thanks for leaving me the link. it feels good to LAUGH about the situation. i know what you mean about the salon. i got everything done yesterday when a certain boy and the country i left behind were giving me a hard time.

  4. Eeuw! We have butt-ugly prostitutes…damn… yet foreigners come here because pu$sy is cheap.
    Hail the Land of The Filipineaux.
    why not go for a video podcast? ^_____^

  5. oblivious

    You look super cute in blond wigs! You rock bryanboy! I just wish Col. Querubin approve the funding of your sex change. Why don’t you lobby in the Congress for it to be included in next year’s budget? Just a thought!

  6. haeuiruuiaerui!! you never cease to entertain me, bryan! I think id kill myself if your site ever close down!!!

  7. this is yet the superdupermost fuckingly hilarious post. thanx for spoofing this political drama in this country of poor scums. im just sick and tired of this country’s incurable illness. your posts are my daily dose of antidote to this country’s venomous poisonous blunders that further drag this poor country into abject poverty no place in the world can match.keep posting!!!!!!!!!!

  8. jamie_and_tits

    i couldn’t agree more with JEZ.
    i don’t think that there will ever be a government that is good enough for the filipino. it’s just going to be a series of EDSA’s, people power. The government is being run by too many scums …. imagine a government run by showbiz personalities, catholic church, and masses …. imagine people of low wage income who doesn’t do anything but complain … imagine public servants who’s more interested in power and money …. i’m telling you , if you’re smart enough, you need to get out of that country, FAST and QUICK …… BRYANBOY, can you please run for president? we need some serious microdermabrasion slash exfoliation, we need to take all the dead skin cells and impurities away!!! REJUVENATION and not REBELLION!!!!

  9. what’s sad is that they are scaring the investors away. the group of people who will suffer the most are the ones worked hard to get a decent education so that they’ll have a decent job but will end up jobless because of this fucking People Power AND the people who are poor and did not strive for anything at all will remain poor, well sooh what? they’re poor to begin with, seriously when will you guys learn that people power will not do you any good. i think the solution for this country is to have the election limited to people who have BACHELORS degree and up. There are just to many stupid people messing up with democracy. sigh.

  10. we badly need bryanboy to save the la pobre islas de las filipinas!
    1. our taxes should go to bryanboy’s handbags instead of banking them in our national coffers
    2. bryanboy could propagate the message of anorexia, for people to eat less to maintain the balance of supply and demand in this impoverished nation
    3. bryanboy is pro-castration, damn we should castrate unemployed nuisance population or perhaps decimate half of the 90 million population

  11. demuloyola

    funny, but on second thought, tim yap’s english is more fun. i’ll be damned. but then again tim is pretty so my comment is immaterial

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