Red is the Color of Love, Good Governance

Written By bryanboy

Red is the Color of Love


10 more days and it’s Valentine’s Day. My ugly little brown ass is still single, just like it had always been (for the past 3-4 years).

I’m not being demanding. In fact, I’m probably the most reasonable person EVER.

I’m not even asking for a boyfriend. All I’m asking for is a date with a tall, cute guy who will buy me expensive dinner, expensive champagne and give me a tiny red box with a large shiny gift from Cartier.

ZagzagzagAnyway, I was cropping the latest batch of photos and I suddenly remembered (OUT OF NOWHERE) an online chat conversation I had with a French one-night stand. I met him a couple of days before I left Paris; we now talk on MSN (webcams and all) every once in a while.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: You know what’s weird? The older I seem to get, the younger guys I attract. I hate it. I need a nice man to protect me, not a friggin fetus. All of the guys I get these days are young ones.

Him: You get old… so they’re looking for a sugar daddy.

Me: Some of these guys have disposable incomes so I’m sure that’s not the case. But maybe you’re right. The young ones tend to be attracted to me because of what they see. They think I have money. Oh I hate it. I could never win in this game.

Him: Hahahaha! You are NOT classic enough for the old guy. You are too fashionable. LOL.

Me: I am not "too fashion"

Him: But you are young and young people are like that. Older guys, they want Ralph Lauren Polo and gray pants. SOMEONE THEY CAN SHOW TO THEIR PARENTS LOL

I wanted to slap the mother fucker right then and there.

When you think about it, maybe he’s right.

Perhaps that’s the reason why I’ve been single all along. I’m sooo OUTRé! I am soo in-your-face. Everything about me is distinct: my drug-fucked drag queen voice, my in-your-face clothes, my scary eyes, my trademark onion bulb nose etc.


Maybe… just maybe… I’m good enough for a fuck.

Maybe two fucks. maybe three fucks.

No, make that four fucks.

Shit, I’m probably even good enough as a mistress… or someone in a relationship would cheat with.


But will I ever be good enough to be shown to someone’s parents, cigarettes, bad makeup, warts and all?


I don’t know.

Nobody has tried!


Perhaps the Frenchman was right this time.

Oh well. I’ll tone down when I get my Senior Citizen Discount card.


By the meantime, I hope you enjoyed my paparazzi-style pics. I really need a full-time paparazzi to be on call on my shameless self-promotion PR shots. Hah! Anyone willing to take my photos for free? Email me. I have nothing to give other than sexual favours.

Good Governance

Believe it or not, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve set foot inside a gay bar/club here in the third world.

Government reopened its doors last night after a quick renovation and it was the perfect time to do a "GAY NIGHT" with gay friends and acquaintances.




Bah, everyone is gay these days anyway. There’s the gay-curious brigade, the gay-acting straights, the gays-in-denial… the list goes on and on.


I had soo much fun yesterday… considering I only went out for no more than 3 HOURS! I lost a ton of weight from all that sweating, dancing and roaming I did around the club. I remember getting there at around 1:30AM and I got home at no later than 4:30! It was speed-clubbing at its finest.

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Lancaster, Blackpool, UK, Houston, TX, Manama, Bahrain, Camberwell, VIC, Australia, Stettenberg, Bayern Germany, Moriyacho, Kanagawa Japan, Istanbul, Turkey, Oviedo, FL, Loughborough, UK, Lersen, Staden Kobenhavn Denmark, Tempe, NSW Australia, Malmo, Sweden, Boulogne-Billancourt, France, Askim, Norway, Tokyo, Japan and of course, all my friends from Micarone, Abruzzi Italyyyyyy! I love each and every one of you. Say hi, don’t be shy!

#2 – Big shout out to Altair Drexel of Kelowna, BC Canada! No… I haven’t seen Bareback Mountain yet. Feel free to burn my toes with a cigarette… I’ll watch it soon though. PROMISE!

#3 – I just found out not EVERYONE can view photos hosted on a Flickr website. Several people emailed me and there are some companies out there who blocked their servers from accessing Flickr. My oh my. Don’t worry though… I’m **THIS** close to coming to a solution. I’ll be hosting all my new images at a different hosting site now.

#4 – I HATE MY FRIEND LOUISE FROM SWEDEN. I made her 2 "I Love Louise" pictures and all I got was a crappy photoshopped piece of shit. You know how ****I**** despise photoshop. I’m not even gonna post what she made.


#5 – I can’t believe I missed the Goyard Boutique opening in San Francisco yesterday, Friday. It’s the first Goyard boutique in the world aside from the one in St. Honore in Paris! I’m truly honored to be invited (in spite of haven’t been to San Francisco in my entire life. Oi!) and I genuinely appreciate the gesture.


#7 – Small favor to those of you who live in the third world. Does anyone around here have a copy of yesterday’s (FRIDAY) Philippine Star newspaper? I have a photo there somewhere. Please, pretty please, look for my photo and scan it for me. I’m begging you. I’ll give you a kiss on the cheek and an oreo cookie if you do this teeny weeny favor for me. Email Thanks!

I think that’s all for now.

Email or SMS +63-915-785-1492. TELL ME YOU LOVE ME.

Be happy, be pretty and be gorgeous. Don’t do anything I won’t do.



  1. mauricio

    red is the color of tranny bear love…i think i too will spend valentine’s day alone with a bottle of cheap champagne and a box of kleenex…:(
    i want a shiny red cartier box too!!!!

  2. Well the Frenchman does have a point. But still if the guy really cares and appreciate you, no matter how you look like, dress and all he will support you all the way. Anyways, hope you get your own Valentino that you deserve!

  3. My parents would love you, shame I’m a straight married female. :/
    (I tell you this because if my parents would love you then I have no doubt some rich, older, sexy man’s parents will love you too)

  4. There are a couple of Goyard boutiques in Tokyo. The one I have been to is in Shinjuku’s Isetan Department Store near Hermes. The other one is in Takashimaya.

  5. Violet Secret aka Faux Superstar

    Just because what the Frenchie says has a ring of truth doesn’t mean you should change yourself. You should never change to please others… and one day someone’s gonna come along who loves you just as you are!!! Besides, ever think that you may be TOO good to show to someone’s parents? They may feel like they can never live up to someone who’s so comfortable with their sexuality that they don’t care who knows it!

  6. i really really like u…here’s wat i’ve got to say, it doesn’t matter if someone else’s parents doesn’t like u..they just dont know what they’re missing…and if he’s man enough..he’ll stood up for u no matter what…love ya…. stay beautiful, cos the world definitely needs a lot like u… muah!

  7. Princess

    I was clicking the tv remote then I saw you being interviewed by Daphne Oseña. So fab. :)

  8. i can photograph you; it’s my hobby. if you’re interested, email me.
    and yes, everybody’s gay here in manila. shouldn’t you be happy? at least it’s easier for you to snag a guy, than for us straight girls because all the good guys are either taken or gay…*sniff*sniff*sniff*
    and valentine’s day is just a marketing device. it shouldn’t matter if you’re single or not on that day. ;o)

  9. misskittin

    bb we are so alike. im 24 and i attract 17 year olds. im like a MILF. i feel like stifler’s mom. huhuhuhuhuh. turning 25 this year and im so scared of having crows feet. do you remember that sidney sheldon book, the blackwell twins, eve had crows feet at 25. although i think it was largely due to the lifestyle of drugs/smoking/drinking + sun = crows feet.
    im palpitating!

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