Podcast #002 Out Now!

Written By bryanboy

Podcast #002 Out Now!

It’s 7:18AM and I just finished a podcast. Like the first podcast, it’s mostly music but this time I’ve got a little surprise from some of my Malaysian, Swedish and British friends.



I’ll be talking a lot more in the next podcast to come. That’s a promise.

I just need to figure out what to say.

blue sky

In fact, let me decide now.

On Podcast #3, I’ll go ahead and do a Q&A session.

Post 3 questions on the comments area or email them to me.

They must be interesting…

I am NOT going to answer questions that I’ve been asked before.

I’ll submit another blog entry in a bit. It’s 7:23AM and I’m sooo tired. I need my beauty sleep.

Email bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.




  1. OMG I love this blog…
    My question is how many handbags do you own aproximately? Not sure if anyone ever asked you this but..
    Where would you buy U$S 5,000,000 worth in jewelry? Cartier, Chopard, Graff etc?
    I hope you answer this!
    J’adore your sense of style
    Bye bye Bryan!

  2. what do you do for a living that gives you the chance to travel and party and get all those oh so sexy bags?!! i dont know if you’ve been asked this..but it’s killin me!! *i <3 bryanboy*

  3. “what do you do for a living “— I dont think bryan will answer that question….
    well my question is, “why wont you answer that question?” :)
    and dont give bs like “true blah blah dont give out their balh blah blah”… :-)
    i like your podcast! luv u!!!

  4. 1) How many handbags do you own?
    2) What clique were you in in high school?
    3) Would you have sex with Jesse Metcalfe? He’s such a sexy beast!

  5. Lilli of stockholm

    I love your blog and especialy your podcasts! Hope to hear next one real soon! :)
    Love from Sweden

  6. What are your three tips for always staying fabulous?
    If you were stuck on a desert island and you could only bring one person, listen to one song and wear one item of clothing, what would they be?
    Which is more awesome, a pirate or a ninja?
    I love you and your blog and I’ll be sending love from england in the form of a picture very soon. Mwah, you rock.

  7. Fabulous Pod Cast…I once told my roomate that the only god I prayed to was the god of retail, now I can add Saint Bryanboy to that list!

  8. My questions is–
    Where do you keep all your fabulous stuff??
    You must have a big closet.

  9. Sinfully Delicious

    what’s the most horrible sexual thing/action that was done unto thee?

  10. im addicted to your site..love it all..esp the podcast. cant wait for #3 to hear the Q&A. so mine are: how do you afford (parents, income, inheritance?) all your gorgeous things?? what do you do all day (hang out?)? what is your ultimate sexual fantasy?
    cant wait to hear your answers!! love you bryanboy!!!!!

  11. Whenever I visit your blog, all i can say is that you’re almost the same with PARIS HILTON. For my question:
    • Is your way of living same with Paris Hilton’s “Simple life”?
    • Paris Hilton’s has her own fave line (which she even owns to, she copyrighted it), “That’s hot!”. If given a chance, what would be yours?
    • Do you think your blog will inspire people from all over the world to visit our country? As what you always say, “The land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives.”
    Hope you’ll answer one of them! :D Ciao!

  12. Bryanboy,
    I found you today thru a google of hermes clic clac bracelet. Where have i been of these years ?? Love your blog, love your handbags, keep on blogging, and for sure, i’m your fan already.

  13. Great podcast.
    Question, Are you one of those highclass prostitutes that fuck and suck fat bald businessmen for thousands of dollars, eg. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?

  14. what’s the longest time anything you owned stayed in rotation in your wardrobe?
    loved your podcasts… baboosh! baboosh!

  15. hi bryan! my questions are:
    1) If you would become Imelda Marcos for a day, what national project would you initiate?
    2) If you find yourself watching an Ateneo vs. La Salle basketball game, which team would you cheer for?
    3) What is the craziest thing that you do for love?

  16. tommygotfingered

    was just wondering if
    a)you spit or swallow?
    b)arent you afraid you might “rip” your hole if you have sex too much?(like jake g. in brokeback)
    c)have you ever done it w/ a girl?(human,ok?)

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