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Gutom = Hunger

I thought I’d post this entry while it’s fresh from my asshole. I’d probably forget about it when I resurrect from my beauty sleep tomorrow.

I know it’s Valentine’s Day where I live and I’m supposed to be keeping an eye out on my email accounts, landline and mobile phone for a man who will wine, dine and buy me something from Cartier on the last minute.

However, hunger striked again and I had no choice but to raid the larder for a midnight snack.

I grabbed a Gatorade, a bag of Lays and some high-voltage salsa before going to my mom’s room. My mom is the ultimate partner in crime when it comes to my binge-eating sins.

She told me to stay and watch this documentary about a reporter who chose to live the day-to-day life of a starving citizen of the land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives and provide an in-depth perspective on how they survive in these hard times.


She specifically said "I hope you think twice before reaching out for your credit card when you buy another Chanel bag."

"Great," I thought.

I’m gonna have another social awareness lesson from a mad woman who once said some of the people in my country are similar to poultry because of their inability to stop producing a shitload of offspring in spite of their economic conditions. I have to give the woman some credit… it’s the truth, whether you like it or not.


Anyway, the reporter met this 28 year old married man with 8 kids. He decided it would be best to spend an entire day with him. The man lives in the shanty with no electricity etc.



He sells empty plastic bottles on the street for a living. He can’t even afford transportation… he walks more than 5 kilometers to go to the market to sell his bottles.

He also has to make at least US$2.50 a day in order to provide 1 meal for his wife and 8 kids which consists of a kilo of rice and a can of sardines. That’s their entire meal for the day.

1 can of sardines = 10 human beings

Most of the time, he doesn’t even make that US$2.50. So what they do is just buy rice… and some salt. If you think that’s awful, wait till you read this: there are days when he doesn’t make any money AT ALL.

The following day, the reporter went to another area where he met a man who has 13 kids. You read that right.


His plight is similar to the first man. Too many kids, too little money/food.


He even thought of turning into crime for a fast buck… but he hated the idea of doing so because it would be terrible for the kids if he went to jail.

He was literally in tears when he was being interviewed.


At that point, I think I’ve seen enough.

I had an enormous lump in my throat whilst watching the drama of people at the bottom of the…. to say "food chain" would be an overstatement cause they HAVE LIMITED ACCESS TO FOOD.

In an effort to lift my spirits up, I suddenly thought that it might be therapeutic if ALL of the world’s anorexics and bullemics move to Las Islas Filipinas.

But alas, the lump in my throat didn’t go away.

It really made me think how BLESSED I am to be in the position where I’m in…

And I’m not just saying that so I’ll look good in YOUR eyes.

My gut says that you probably think I really don’t give a flying fuck about these rodents who doesn’t know when to stop fucking a vagina.

Don’t worry, I won’t take it against you personally if that’s what/how you think.

To the uninitiated… or to the newbie, my little narcissistic shrine has always been a tribute to me, myself and I, my love affair for all things fabulous, luxurious, hedonistic… my love for travel, shopping, handbags, designer goods, my never-ending quest for acceptance from others and of course, my vain and pathetic attempts to looking good.

A lot of people wonder whether I give to charity because "all I do"  (which, in my books, mean = all they SEE or all I WANT THEM to SEE) is have fun.

In my opinion, the point of giving to charity is to support the charity’s cause… voluntarilty, discreetly and something that comes from the heart.

I don’t understand the need to publicize or to tell anyone whenever I donate to charity. Private acts of kindness need not to be shown or told to anyone.


Perhaps I’ll publicize, yes, in my own circle, if, for example, I (or they) need support… fundraising events etc.

What do you want me to do… go around telling I donated this, I donated that? That’s ridiculous. Only people who run in public office do that.

Moving on…

At this point, I’m not even gonna point fingers and play the blame game as to who the culprit is. The damage is already here. There are people starving and they need help.

Don’t ask me for a solution either. My mere 2 brain cells is not capable of thinking something for the long-term.

I’ll be honest: thinking about eradicating poverty gives me rashes and hemorrhoids.



But as someone who, UNFORTUNATELY, have luck on his sides (thanks to his ridiculous antics and vulgar mind) to empower people, the best that I can offer at this point is AWARENESS.

Afterall, proper awareness can ignite something big… something that can benefit others instead of ourselves.

That doesn’t mean we should stop buying Chloe clothes or Yves Saint Laurent accessories. I know that’s what I did earlier this afternoon.

Shit, with everything that I said above, I should run for Miss fucking World 2006.

I’m sure I’d get the crown.

Email or SMS +63-915-785-1492.

I love you all.



  1. It’s sad that there is poverty in the world today, even though we are at a stage in which we have:
    Enough money to spare to send people up into space at random intervals, enough money to invade countries for almost no reason at all…and the list goes on.
    It’s also sad to know that there’s not much we can do to eradicate poverty, as individuals (after all, we’re not President of the USA/whichever leader that floats your boat). But I guess awareness is a good first step…towards bigger things, I hope.
    I think I’ll go for Miss World too. Though I would probably lose out to you in the swimsuit round. *all hail skinny limbs*

  2. jaimie_and_tits

    clap …. clap …. clap…. clap …
    it’s funny how we share the same opinion …. i’d say, if you really want to help give out bryan boy blow up dolls to the hungry muthapeckles, seriously they do breed like rabbits. on the tag it would say …. “hump when horny, continue humping until satisfied”.
    don’t get even get me started with the catholic churh!

  3. You know, after a certain point, I stop feeling sorry for people. Let’s say a guy works hard, was doing well, but got laid off, and is now having problems supporting his family. Sure, I feel bad for him. But someone who can barely support himself decides to have 857857986756 kids and suddenly realizes he can’t feed them? The only people I feel sorry for are the kids.

  4. Wow i come here for my daily fix of fabulous language & even more fabulous pictures lined with Goyard, Louis Vuitton and Chanel – and leave with a feeling of sadness wondering where my amex and which the fastest charity to give to would be! Hehe!

  5. Ralph Waldo

    I have a theory that hunger is inversely proportional to libido. Somebody feed those people or else they’ll just go forth and multiply some more.

  6. I find it funny, homo. You think these people are so horrible. When your parents drop dead ,or whoever else gives you money, that guy will be interviewing you. Happy Valentine’s Day. ^ ^ Shiva

  7. I agree with the commentor Binnie.
    But then again, such is life. All’s fair in love and war.
    The famine, poverty, and ridiculousness in the Philippines is a reflection of its own leaders, government, and people.
    And yeah… contraception and the Catholic church? Oh geezzzzzzzzz.

  8. kit lopez

    you made me almost wanna cry…i never thought you had that social concern in your heart…oh i could hug you with all your expensive parapharnalia dangling in your waif tall figure of yours…whew…miss world indeed…definately i love

  9. Poverty… one will not totally understand it if it is not experienced… you;re right though… charity is not supposed to be broadcasted… but a little compassion might help, even just in your blog. these people… doesn’t deserve to be laughed at. life is hard as it is for them.. what’s humiliation for?

  10. 13 kids? oh my god. and you already know in advance that you probably can’t feed them all? that’s so freakin sad.

  11. Oh yeah, poverty. Everyday of my life it slaps me hard on the face everytime I “look” around. And yes it does hurt.
    Somebody has got to lock up those vaginas.
    We want a new girl president. Vote Bryanboy.

  12. What is this? I expect fabulousity from Bryan.boy, not some bloody Sally Struthers infomercial. My god, have you lost all your senses? I want names, names, names, not some sad little mise en scene with tiny children running amuck.

  13. Fuck, the amount of shit spilling from some of your mouths is ridiculous! ‘lock up their vaginas’, ‘castaration’…etc. how close-minded are you people? the reason the population of these people is rising so much is they cant afford contraceptives. and when a poor person has no means of entertainment, little alone food, of course they’re going to turn to sex and togetherness for comfort. some of you need to understand, before you critisise.

  14. Kylie Minogue

    Correct me if i am wrong but i think its not so much of the cost of contraception but the Roman Catholic Church in Philipines that forbids the use of any form of contraception.

  15. Reality REALLY Bites.
    It is therefore up to every Filipino in this land, particularly the affluent ones who obviously has more to give, to educate and to help these poor people help themselves.
    You see, if majority of our population remains economically marginalized because of their own conditions and of those alarming practices that they are used to, our country will never ever take the pedestal again.

  16. hail to bryanboy
    right, why the hell should we bother about someone else’s happiness when we even struggle to make our very own selves happy?

  17. Poor people in the Philippines have always believed in a verse in the Bible that says: “Blessed are the poor, for they shall inherit the Kingdom Of Heaven.” That’s why they’re still poor.
    If only the Catholic church allows the use of contraception (without “going to hell”), then all that poverty would have been a bit lessen.

  18. God bryanboy, are you for real?
    you dont know how to help them?
    Find a manufacturer of pills and condoms in china, better yet befriend a chinese so-so and ASK them if they could HELP you.;)
    secondly, grab a politician who owns a PRINTING PRESS (for leaflets and how-to’s)

  19. carlos celdran

    VG post. Very relevant. Which is why I will never take the society pages of this country seriously EVER! All the preening is just stupid in the face of this desperation happening next door to us. The only true accessory worth it’s weight in gold nowadays is a conscience.

  20. jaimie_and_tits

    in reaction to dave’s post (i almost said erection) …. in the philipines they have health centers that give out FREE condoms and contraceptions but because the Catholic Church is literally running the government, they are blocking this program … for them it’s “go out and reproduce …. children are the image of GOD …” all that BS … i don’t see the priest helping this poor families and children at all and most priest drives a nice car and in the philippines owning a car is something else …. to tie it all up, i’d say “fuck the catholic church!”

  21. This is the deepest post i have read in this blog so far. I love it Bryan! I know that despite the Chanel or the LVs you have this heart of gold.! Happy Valentines Day btw. TC

  22. I think it’s absolutley ridiculous that the Catholic church here goes to great lengths in condemning the use of proper birth control methods such as the simple use of condoms. I understand that it goes against their teachings but must they wield their power to help prevent many other projects aimed at controlling this nation’s exploding population. They should open their eyes and see that so many children are suffering because of many uneducated parents who are not made aware of the various options that they have in the area of family planning. “Go forth and multiply,” the bible says. But, my goodness, we’ve already multiplied a million times over. Stop already!

  23. Ohmygod, you almost made me cry. Sometimes it’s so much easier to detach and desensitize yourself from the misery of other people because if you thought about it 24/7, you’d go nuts. But the fact is, a lot of people in the Philippines are struggling day in and day out just to survive. It’s good to be reminded once in a while to open our eyes and look beyond our sheltered existence.

  24. Ohmygod, you almost made me cry. Sometimes it’s so much easier to detach and desensitize yourself from the misery of other people because if you thought about it 24/7, you’d go nuts. But the fact is, a lot of people in the Philippines are struggling day in and day out just to survive. It’s good to be reminded once in a while to open our eyes and look beyond our sheltered existence.

  25. Omg…$2.50?? That puts a lot of things in perspective. This guy at my work today asked me for the $3 he lent me last week and I thought to myself “Are you really freaking asking me for your $3 back, cheap ass??” It’s scary to think that’s what feeds some families of 10.
    Nice post, Bryan Boy. I never thought you were a cold hearted biatch anyway. xoxo.

  26. ntlmkrv

    Shit – that’s fucking sad. I wish there was a way to educate all these people at once so they could just STOP making dozens and dozens of children already! Fuck!
    That said, you’re probably right – you would so get the crown. >P

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