Bryanboy's First Podcast

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Bryanboy’s First Podcast

By now you should know how much of a sucker I am when it comes to my readers.

After a handful of emails, comments and instant messenger chats, I decided to create my first PODCAST.

I dunno, podcasting is something new to me.

I know what is is and I’ve heard of it before… I thought it’s not my cup of tea considering I can type/blog anyway.


Feel free to pass it around to anyone that you may know.

I appreciate constructive criticism. I’m not a DJ nor do I have any mixing skills… all I did was record and put audio here and there.

Again, practice makes perfect.

Besides, it doesn’t help having a voice that of a drug-fucked drag queen. :)

The file is approx 9 Megabytes large and about 30 minutes long.

How can a file soo small takes hours upon hours to create? Hehehehe!

Be sure to listen to the entire file… you’ll hear me say the word of the century… baboosh!

I’ll keep this blog entry short and sweet because it’s 8:57AM and I am knackered to the bone.

On that profound note, here’s some fresh love from certified Frenchmen and the city of lights, Paris… in France!



I love you all. You know where to send images of your love…. email

I look forward to comments on my podcast :P



  1. SweetestSin

    wow! first to post. ;)
    i think the podcast was pretty good for a first timer. good work. however, are you sure it’s ok to play songs by (famous) artist? as far as i’m concerned, you MAY run into royalty & copyright troubles if you play their songs – might even slap you with some crazy lawsuit! now, i’m not too sure about this at all but I think u might wanna look into it more if you intend to do more podcasting.

  2. what’s the title (and artist) of the first track? or maybe the tracks you played…nice selection :)
    and yes, you can’t play this songs, unless you have a permission from the artist/label.

  3. HAHAHAHA BRYANBOY I LOVE IT!! I LOVE YOUR VOICE!! Awesome selection of tracks.. you had a couple of my faves in there, ride on.

  4. what’s the title (and artist) of the first track? or maybe the tracks you played…nice selection :)
    and yes, you can’t play this songs, unless you have a permission from the artist/label.

  5. I think it great … your almost geeky yet trendy manor is lovable. And I was shocked that quite a few of your song selections are in my iTunes and on my iPod. Great first day *simulated pat on the back* cant wait for the next. Also I was laughing the whole time. Baboosh!

  6. I’ve been visiting your site on and off for months, and I’m actually very happy that you made a podcast, so I could hear your voice and almost make you seem like a real person…before I had no idea what we were all dealing with, now I think I’ve pin pointed it, and I think it’s awesome…..
    Anywho, goodnight

  7. Loved it Bryan! I’ve heard music on other podcasts so I think you’re ok. Worst anyone could do was to tell you to stop, no? I thought you sounded great. Very down to earth and *gasp* normal! ;)

  8. Hey Bryan! Genius idea, putting a podcast on your blog! I’m hooked!
    Perhaps you can do reviews of restaurants, salons, shops, etc in/around Manila in your blog? I’m going there in May for a family reunion, and I’m taking foreigner friends with me. I need to know the ins/outs of the city!

  9. jazzy k.

    haha!! i love your podcast! it’s so strange to actually hear your words instead of reading your words. and you do sound like a drug-fucked drag queen, but that makes me love you more!! (whaa?)

  10. SweetestSin

    I’m not too sure BUT it wouldnt hurt to go find out for sure right? ;)

  11. i have a question… when people see you live do they call you bryanboy or just bryan? i think i’d go around screaming “!!!” when i see you. and then maybe drag my friends over for a paparazzi photo or maybe an autograph. or just maybe to take a whiff of air within your royal gorgeousness. hahaha.Ü nice podcast too.
    oooh bryanboy, if i were a boy and i were young i’d say i wanted to grow up just like you. but alas no, i’m cursed with this horrible woman’s body.

  12. I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!! I smiled at the minute I heard your voice… :D Anywho… What’s the name of the second song you play? It’s sooo…. awesome.. anywho… you have a hot voice!!! Keep being fabulous!!!
    —–> john 5

  13. I’m loving your podcast! What a way to brighten a boring afternoon. And don’t worry your voice totally adds character to it, it’s lovely ;)

  14. i absolutely love your virgin podcast! it’s great to be able to finally hear your voice.
    i want more bryanboy and less music though. am looking forward to your second podcast. =)

  15. You are extremely cute and hilarious…
    I listened it i couldnt remember how many times…
    I just kept it running for hours…
    So~~funny…and real!!
    Lova ya~ and keep working on it!

  16. sweetface

    omg your voice is mindnumbingly cute!
    can you please list the songs that you played?
    please please pretty please with a little shiny chanel box on top?

  17. The VOICE… The VOICE… At first it sounded strange listening to your voice while you’re talking. It’s just that we are used to read what’s in your mind. And now, we can hear you… Finally.
    I guess that’s another big leap for you Bryan! Let’s smoke to that!

  18. Hahaha, brilliant. i’ve been a bryanboy fan for about a year now and it’s fantastic to finally put a voice to those photos/anecdotes. keep it up, and yeah, would be awesome to answer questions/queries via podcast.

  19. I love your voice!!!! It’s a good start at prodcasting ^-^ The music is awsome! Though I seldom listen to DISCO music, I like your selection.
    Looking forward to your more prodcasting!(No need to be nervous. u know we all love u lol)

  20. Hey bryanboy,
    I think you are super amazing…..I read your blog everyday.
    You even inspired me to start my own….its not as fabulous as yours but i am pretty damn cute!
    I hope you dont mind but i put a link to yours on my blog.
    I am in sydney australia but i travel alot like you.
    anyway, when i wear these:

    I think of you…….
    Love nella

  21. Paris Hilton

    Hey Bryanboy!!!
    Loved your podcast… THATS HOT!
    When can we catch up for Starbucks and a mani?
    Paris xxx

  22. Oh my, bryan! Your first podcast isn’t bad at all! So fabulous! Now you indeed will take over the world, like that girl…oh, Madonna!
    Anyway, if you’re into “queer tracks” I just heard this cool anthem from a Norwegian drag duo called Queentastic. You can watch their performance of “Absolutely Fabulous” in youtube or check out
    Looking forward for more beauty and fab!

  23. hi bb, i was quite surprised when i heard your voice, was totally not expecting it! voice is so nice, so love it! classy as well.
    wish i was able to watch all your tv appearances. maybe you should upload it for all bb fanatics!

  24. Lilli of stockholm

    Gosh, your voice is so cool! Really special but in a good way! ;) And you choosed awesome songs!

  25. I enjoyed your podcast!
    It was fun to finally hear your voice after reading your blog for over a year. I guess I expected you to have more of an accent…
    My favorite song was the 2nd to the last one and the champagne song was about 3 minutes too long! ;)
    So now that you’ve done a podcast, what’s next? Live weather reports, where you slowly strip off your clothes?!?

  26. hey man. love ur blog but ur gonna get in trouble for playing those songs! you will get ur whole site closed right away. if i were you i would delete that podcast right away. you can play podsafe music. google some, im sure you will find loads of good unsigned bands out there.

  27. Absolutely loving the podcast! I wouldn’t even know where to start with something like that ;)

    come to baltimore bryanboy!! I look cute tonight, you could be my date to the club
    great podcast

  29. theangelman

    bryan, you sound just like brian molko from placebo.
    and yeah, you should answer readers’ questions in your podcast. that would be fun!
    well, right now i got an appointment with my hair stylist. i look like a fucking homeless person…
    so long & greetings from austria,

  30. Less lame music. More talking about different stuff. about your travels, fashion etc etc etc

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