Bryanboy’s First Podcast

By now you should know how much of a sucker I am when it comes to my readers.

After a handful of emails, comments and instant messenger chats, I decided to create my first PODCAST.

I dunno, podcasting is something new to me.

I know what is is and I’ve heard of it before… I thought it’s not my cup of tea considering I can type/blog anyway.


Feel free to pass it around to anyone that you may know.

I appreciate constructive criticism. I’m not a DJ nor do I have any mixing skills… all I did was record and put audio here and there.

Again, practice makes perfect.

Besides, it doesn’t help having a voice that of a drug-fucked drag queen. :)

The file is approx 9 Megabytes large and about 30 minutes long.

How can a file soo small takes hours upon hours to create? Hehehehe!

Be sure to listen to the entire file… you’ll hear me say the word of the century… baboosh!

I’ll keep this blog entry short and sweet because it’s 8:57AM and I am knackered to the bone.

On that profound note, here’s some fresh love from certified Frenchmen and the city of lights, Paris… in France!



I love you all. You know where to send images of your love…. email

I look forward to comments on my podcast :P