Surprise! Surprise!, Ticket to Indulgence

Written By bryanboy

Surprise! Surprise!

My god has been generous to me in the past year. And because I am your god, I’ll be generous too.

I know it’s kinda late but I’d like to give y’all a present – exclusive desktop wallpapers.

There is NO other way to decorate your boring old desktop than to post my pictures. Click the graphic below and see what awaits you.

(Alternatively, click the link above and select "Save As".)

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

Ticket to Indulgence

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m back in this hideous concrete jungle called Manila. I kinda feel sad because I was soo knackered last night I wasn’t able to see Hannah before she left for New York.

(Photo credit: Mark Nicdao)

My Nami weekend was nothing but FABULOUS. Everything I needed was catered for by the unprecedented staff. I was fed with the most amazing and delectable food. I was spoiled with fantastic presents (oooo I love the Kerastase goodies). I even got a new mobile phone… and a cute faux monkey (hopefully the bestiality fans at PETA are proud now because it’s faux) courtesy of Motorola!

Hump my monkey bitches!

The service at the resort is superb. For instance, there was a time when my camera was running out of batteries… I was sunbathing. Rather than going up to my room to charge my batteries, I called my personal butler and he did it for me instead. It’s simple, little things like this (on top of many others) that made my stay TRULY luxurious.

(Photo credit: Pepper Teehankee)





(Photo credit: Ciara Sevilla)

If ever you’re going to Boracay Island, be sure to pay Nami a visit. It’s your ticket to indulgence. More pictures from the weekend. More pictures coming soon as soon as I finish the photo album. Enjoy!










Errr… no. I just realized I’ll keep the monkey to myself. I won’t PETA touch my little stuffed toy of love. This is what the folks at PETA should drool over. I **LOVE** roadkill.


Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Houston, TX, Stockholm, Sweden, Sacramento, CA, Latham, NY, Sydney, NSW Australia, Volpiano, Piemonte Italy, Chicopee, MA, Reston, VA, Seattle, WA, Pico Rivera, CA, Stoke-on-Trent, UK, Budapest, Hungary, Markham, ONT Canada and of course, all my friends from Budapest, Hungary. Bryanboy loves y’all. Identify yourselves bitches and say hi. I don’t bite.

#2 – Don’t you all love backstabbing twats? Backstab and badmouth me all you want… Rest assured, I’ll always be nice… and sweet… in front of your face and your ass crack. I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose in the first place whereas your antics reflect negatively on you. Hopefully you’ll get a hint one day. I always thought you were nice and quite the smart one but it turns out you’re a spiteful, evil, cocksucking, two-faced piece of shit who needs to get his balls chopped off while they’re playing the sound of music (or somewhere over the rainbow) in the background.

Sounds familiar? I hope you’re pissing on your expensive underwear right now. I doubt that’s gonna happen though. You probably have your head too far up your own ass you don’t even know what the words "emotions" and "feelings" mean.

#3 – Oh. my. god. I still can’t get over the fact that I accidentally spilled a drink to one of the most powerful men in Manila’s social scene over the weekend. I was handing out drinks to everyone on our table and I knocked off my drink… to his crotch! I almost had a cardiac arrest when that happened. I have never been subjected to such embarassing situation and I ended up handling it with a limp wrist. It was soooo humiliating I wanted to cry.

#4 – I drunk dialled Jakob the other night and ended up talking to him for an hour on the phone. Ugh!

#5 – Ugh! I owe my friend Ianne brunch/lunch/dinner for losing one of our bets.

#6 – Does anyone know how I can get US$20,000,000 (20 million dollars) easily?

#7 – One of my friends got a gold python Fendi spy bag for her anniversary. I’m dying with pure envy. Someone buy me a new bag god dammit.

#8 – The pictures literally says it all when it comes to the Golden Globes, thanks to Perez Hilton. Click here! Want a sampler? See below.


#9 – Fall/Winter 2006-7 Men’s Fashion Week in Milan is in full swing. Click here for the latest and the greatest, courtesy of British Vogue. I like the oversized cardigan/cardigans from Missoni.


… fuck the clothes. We all know I prefer womenswear.

The only reason why I keep track of the men’s shows is because I love jacking off looking at fine speci-MEN.

I mean, look at the slices on these guys’ faces. Gorgeous. Fucking gorgeous!


Ooh la la. This is probably Dolce & Gabbana’s finest collection in a long time.


More updates soon. You know where to contact me. Email or SMS +63-915-785-1492. I love you all!



  1. would the backstabber happen to be tim yap? that is if the pic beside the article serves as a hint…
    awwww…. i miss (feeling close! :P) jakob. how is he?

  2. answer to #6
    1. buy 20 million candy bars for 1 dollar each
    2. sell them all for 2 dollars each
    3. rake in the dough!
    enjoy bryanboy. :)

  3. answer to #6
    1. buy 20 million candy bars for 1 dollar each
    2. sell them all for 2 dollars each
    3. rake in the dough!
    enjoy bryanboy. :)

  4. Oh god no!!!!! EEEEEK!!! Tim has been nothing but NICE to me and in fact, he’s been 120% supportive of me. He even came into my defense when it comes to crappy people. Tim is a FANTASTIC and GENUINE guy and I’ll forever be indebted to him.
    I searched for “backstab” and it came up with that image so no, ignore the “blonde” part.
    The backstabber is someone I just met recently – he barely even knows me, I barely know him. In fact, we only met like 2 or 3 times.
    He’s a vicious, evil man.
    or woman.
    you do the math.

  5. i kinda know tim yap … some people told me he has a small wee wee … or a weng weng if yah ol know what i mean …. jk!
    is this backstabber transgender? can you do an article about this backstabber?

  6. luvbryanboy

    Never thought I’d see more of Maurice Arcache anywhere else than I did on tv when I used to watch Oh, No/Yes it’s Johnny.
    You rawk, bryanboy.

  7. That second pic of you with the big smile is probably the best pic I’ve ever seen of you. It just seems like a natural happiness.

  8. That second pic of you smiling is easily the best I’ve ever seen of you. It just seems like natural happiness.

  9. Lucifer Hollywood love, loves her Bryanboy! Muah! Unfortunately, Lucifer is a heterosexual female who is faaaaar away from the Phillippines so it’s probably not meant to be. :^)

  10. ah ok… thanks for clearing that up. i’m with la-boy. write an article about “it”. pretty please…

  11. Gucci Gang much?

    Interesting to see you here with the Gucci Gang. I’m glad to hear you say you don’t hang out with them anymore, but it sure looks like you were closer than you said you were. Be careful Brian, your kind of self-absorbed over-indulgence is exactly what Brian Gorrell is blogging against. Whether you are friends with them or not, Filipino society is turning on your exact type of selfish shallow materialism. If you’re feeling upset after reading this, you can go and purge your expensive breakfast so you don’t gain weight while people down the street from you beg for food.

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