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This is a pen.

You HAVE to watch this interview. Fuckin hilarious! I’m surprised that this SEVENTEEN year old Japanese kid didn’t cream his pants when Dakota Fanning hugged him.

Full video:

Although Dakota didn’t answer his questions well, I’m impressed with her professionalism and the way she handled the interview. How old is she anyway? 10? 12? Gosh.


Put myself in her shoes and I would’ve reached out for my handbag and give the poor kid a shitload of xanax.

Clumsy Cambon


This is great news for all the little people out there (such as myself) who cannot afford to wear things JUST once.

You can blame the House of Chanel (no less) for this crime against fashion.

The folks at 31 Rue Cambon are having a grand day for sending Reese Witherspoon a dress worn by Kirsten Dunst back in 2002.


That aside, Chanel also sent Natalie Portman a dress that Debra Messing wore in 2001 and Kirsten Dunst in Spiderman 2.



The only lucky bitch in this world is Kirsten Dunst — she gets to wear everything first before handing them out to everyone!

Source: Celebworld

Email from St. Bernadette

OurladyofmaterialismI really don’t know what to say. You see, I receive far too many emails on a daily basis from people all over the world and this one bites the cake.

I don’t even know what to say/feel/react etc. Read it for yourself and tell me what YOU think.

Is it freaky? Is it too intense? Is it psychotic?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s something about psychotic people that I like. Perhaps I’m in need of therapy myself.

Read her email thoroughly. Perhaps she’s just playing around? For all I know, s/he could be a famous, wealthy and powerful person. I love it how I can get so delusional sometimes…


I’m quite intrigued on how s/he insulted me on the first paragraph of her email and then she opened up and then asked whether or not I’m a fake. CLASSIC!

Nevertheless, she did ask a serious question.

Am I the type who will use other people just to be somewhat happy?

After serious thought (oh yes), I’d say no.

1. I’ve dedicated almost my entire life in making MYSELF happy without the aid (or with minimal aid) of anyone else.

2. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I’m still single; I’m not proactive or desperate enough to have someone to make me happy.

3. In most cases, I feel soo much better whenever I’m alone vs with a group of people.

4. I sought acceptance from others for several years, thinking that would make me happy… only to realize it’s not the acceptance of others that I need… it’s acceptance of MYSELF.

Now I won’t be a hypocrite and say I LITERALLY don’t need anyone to make me happy.

I do want people to be there in the event that I’m sad or when I need support. In fact, we all need some sort of a support system in place.

To cut this drama short, I think there’s only one person in the world that can truly make you happy.

And that person is YOURSELF.

I learned about this when many, many people failed me in the past.

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Den Engelsen Hoek, Antwerp Belgium, Trber-Siedlug, Austria, Ryde, NSW Australia, Koppenbach, Germany, Flushing, NY, Rome, Italy, Procoio Nuvo, Italy, Kista, Sweden, Harwood Heights, IL, Boston, MA, Tarragindi, QLD Australia, Kugayama, Tokyo Japan. Identify yourselves bitches and say hello.

#2 – Long live Kate Moss. Buy the latest issue of W and see the goddess bask in her glory.


Someone feed her cocaine though; she’s gotten fat all over the years (I don’t blame here) no wonder she’s befriending La Lohan.

#3 – Bryanboy shouts out to all the beautiful people at Makeup Alley. I love each and every one of you.

#4 – I don’t give a shit whether or not my website takes forever to load. IT’S A SIGN FOR YOU TO DITCH YOUR NASTY DIAL-UP CONNECTION AND GET SOMETHING FASTER.

Besides, my site is worth the wait. Say yes ya fuckin twats.

#5 – Holy mother of god. Miuccia Prada is notorious for ONLY sending out aryans on the catwalk. I’m quite shocked that she sent this guy on the Miu Miu runway. I WANT those shoes. I’m GONNA have those shoes.


#6 – Next week is haute couture week. I’m sure Mouna Al-ayoub and those billion dollar taitais are en-route to Paris. Lucky mother fuckers. I can only dream to be just like them one day… oh well. Poor Nan… I still can’t get over the fact that Mrs. Kempner is now six feet under the ground.

#7 – Why can’t I find a god damn boyfriend? I know I’m not the best looking person out there but surely there must be someone half-decent in this country who likes me.

#8 – How to Lose a Pound in 10 Days. Click here.

#9 – I just found out that an anorexic’s best friend is a can of good ol diet coke. Apparently if you drink a can of this in the morning, you won’t feel hungry for the rest of the day.

#10 – This is one of the best emails that I received in the longest time, especially on the bit where Brad said "Of course, you’ve heard it a zillion times and you probably print these emails out and use them to wipe your ass but I just had to make it a zillion and one."



Err, Brad, um, err… I actually print these emails and eat them. Sometimes I sprinkle salt and pepper for taste. I can seriously survive on these cause they’re fat free.

Thanks sweetie for the lovely and kind words.

Couture Fittings?
Dates with gorgeous people?




You see, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY likes anyone who is a flamer, brown and have a nasty nose… like me.

A lot of people in this country are sooo obsessed in people who:

a) looks half chinese
b) looks half spanish
c) looks half something something
d) looks like a pale mother fucker with all the skin-whitening crap they put on their faces and bodies.

One of my acquaintances said the best thing ever earlier in the week: PEASANTS NEED LOVING, TOO!

This is why I love travelling. Whenever I set foot on a foreign land, I’m queen of the nile… little miss l’exotique at its best.

A shitload of wrinkly, sex-starved people visit this country for sex tourism.

I on the other hand, GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY just to keep my sex life updated.

Seriously though… you won’t recognize me if you see me walk around the streets of the third world… i look like miss plain jane!

Here’s a dare: get me a decent date around here and I’ll give you a kiss on the cheek, a dollar and an oreo cookie.


And be sure sure he’ll pay for dinner.

and champagne.


More updates later.

Y’all know where to contact me. Email or SMS +63-915-785-1492.

I love you all, as always.



  1. i wanted to be the first one to comment on this entry.. and this would be my first comment ever.. though i’ve been reading your blog!
    i just wanna say you are soooo cool!! i love the pics, blog entries and whatnots..
    keep it up!!

  2. bryanboy,
    i love your reasons why.
    i love this site! keep it up you sexy saint!

  3. Pia Magalona

    Hi bryanboy!
    That Bernadette girl is just naive and her comments are actually a breath of fresh air here on your weblog because there is neither a word of meanness nor sucking up to you. She just says it like it is and she is 100% sincere about being more worried about her friend (whom you remind her of) so she just really wants/needs to get your opinion on that.
    I’m glad you got that in your Inbox :)
    Love, Pia:)
    P>S> Re the comments about the whole religion vs homosexuality deal: she’s just quoting her aunt, who–if you noticed–doesn’t sound very Christian by passing judgment on others and trying to poison poor Bernadette’s impressionable mind!

  4. Coccaine Kate is back on track. Absolutely hotness.
    God, Dakota’s really scary on that pic where she’s smiling err… roaring.
    Great posts. Keep it up.

  5. Omg, Diet Coke is the secret to life. If you feel hungry, just have one and everything will be fine.
    The Virgin Bryanboy photo is fantastic!! Lol

  6. rong from singapore

    hey bryanboy,
    that thing you said about acceptance? totally whips ass. anyway, its great reading about someone who manages to keep it stylish.
    cheers! rong.

  7. adrienne

    I think Bernadette is seriously psychotic. There is DEFINITELY something fishy going on there… hmmm.
    but anywhores, i forgot to mention before that i lovelovelove how you’re starting to smile in your pictures now! Flaunt those pearly whites!
    your blog has become my addiction. hahaha, wow. it’s pretty amazing how i look forward to what adventure you’ve had in your day. i feel pretty pathetic. but keeeep it up !!
    lovelovelove <3

  8. you are so right about everything.
    majority of this country has this craving to be white.
    as for me, i wanna be tan forever.

  9. ahaha…bryanboy…i watched the interview with dakota fanning last was hilarious…the kid was actually kinda goofy/silly schoolboy, the host of the show “GAKKO E IKOU!” challenge him to do the interview (actually someone else was supposed to do the interview, but unfortunately the other boy couldnt do it cos he had to go to the school club meeting on the interview day. he was…..!!!!)….n u know japanese school kids dont know much english…soo…….

  10. the interview with the jap boi’s hilarious
    “This is a pen”… LMAO! :D

  11. hi bb, with regards to the people who are sooh obsessed with having foreign blood of such and such … i know someone who claims he is a quarter foreign … clearly he looks nothing but malay and i remember this actress, he once told a reporter she was 1/2 italian, 1/2 filipino and 1/2 american …. what the ef!

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