Blackbird Fly

Written By bryanboy

Blackbird Fly

Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life. You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take these sunken eyes and learn to see. All your life. You were only waiting for this moment to be free.

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly. Into the light of a dark black night. Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly. Into the light of a dark black night.

I love that song. I had to buy it off iTunes after hearing it yesterday… I just can’t get it off my head. In fact, it sorta kept me happy the entire day.


I even smiled for the camera… something I don’t NEVER do. What the hell though… fuck it! I’ll smile because I’m happy. This is probably the first or second time you’ll see my nasty teeth (they look much worse in real life) on this blog so consider this picture a milestone. I wish I have perfect teeth… just the way they have it on the red carpets of Los Angeles, CA. Americans (especially celebs) seem to have the ultimate smiles… 200,000-megawatt perfection… super straight, ultra white perfection.

I on the other hand got stuck with British teeth.

Screw my parents for being soo poor when I was a child. They probably couldn’t afford to get me some braces hence my bad teeth. My 8 years of smoking, my newfound addiction to coca cola and of course, my long-term love affair with tea pretty pretty much fucked up my pearly whites.

Ok… That’s a lie. I brought this subject up with my parents and they told me it was ME who didn’t want to wear braces because I thought they were ugly.

God.. if only I knew then what I knew now.


Ignore the hair. I wanted my hair to take a break from all the products that I use so I didn’t put anything on it. Yes, I fucking look like a lesbian. No, I don’t look like Sharleen Spiteri. Yes, I need to lose weight.

Yesterday was alright. It was an afternoon of pure pampering.

I had a massage, a foot spa session and a pedicure done. It’s nice to get my soles soft again. I also went back to my aesthetician cause I broke out over the weekend. I think I got 3 zits out of nowhere. They’re all gone though and I’m zit free again. Thank god for those injections.

I’ll keep this entry short and sweet. It’s 8:02AM and I have to go to a friend’s office to pick up my airline tickets. I’m spending the entire weekend at the beach!

You know where to contact me. Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I’ll update as soon as I get back. Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to all of you. I love you all!.



  1. hi bryan!i just want to hear your say on the bryanboy vs. cofibean thing going on in
    some cofibean supporters say that cofibean is way better than you…blah blah
    cofibean is more popular, controversial…
    cofibean came first…etc
    cofibean’s now askin people to send ilovecofibean pics…
    he hates people who speak barok/people who can’t speak english well… but he writes in this conio/gay/dudepare/barok/taglish manner…i dunno..
    yadda yadda yadda…
    just check it out…
    what can you say about cofibean?
    i really want to know…
    may sound stupid but please…
    pretty please?
    (i hope u get this comment coz i think u didn’t get my first)

  2. How can you say you have an ugly smile!! Your teeth look perfect!! You should smile more you look very cute!

  3. Hey dood, I actually like the lackofproduct look for your hair :P. it still looks styled yet not overdone!

  4. bryanfan

    You look so adorable smiling! You should post pics of you smiling more often. You look great the way you are now so there’s no need to lose any more weight.

  5. Your teeth don’t look so bad in the picture, but try Crest White Strips. They’re only about US $30. I spent $800 getting my teeth professionally whitened, and I swear the Crest Strips work so much better.

  6. Haciendero

    you look way better when you’re smiling…
    btw, i didn’t know one could purchase an iTunes music in the philippines… isn’t japan the only asian country that apple authorized?

  7. Hey, ur pictures put a smile on my face. =) U look real damn sweet when u r smiling. More smiley face in future please =)

  8. How the hell can you compare BryanBoy to Cofibeen? I have never read anything so DULL before in my whole life. It is like comparing a Mercedes to a shopping trolley. My only regret is following that link and wasting 10 minutes of my lunch break trying to decipher that waste of a webspace. The intolerable typing alone has made me want to get asprin the size of a shoe.

  9. a couple of comments
    1) smiling makes your lips look plumper – there’s your incentive. you should do it more often
    2) invisalign? with the $ you spend on purses, i’m sure you can get some sort of cosmetic dentistry?

  10. Pia Magalona

    Hi! My two-cents:
    Don’t bite the bait bryanboy! These people “asking” you what you think about cofibean are just trying to lure you into his blog. All I can say is, there is a WORLD of difference between you and he. You are REAL whilst he is CONTRIVED. Any idiot can see that.
    Love, Pia:)

  11. Pia Magalona

    Oh and btw, anyone can purchase i-Tunes as long as one has a US-addressed credit card :)
    Love, Pia:)

  12. For a celebrity smile in no time try veneers. The majority of celebrities have DaVinci Veneers – just don’t go too big or you’ll end up looking like Hilary the Horse!

  13. stop it with the cofibean shit. bryanboy vs. cofibean, if you want a comment – i’ll give you one. cofibean is an annoying mofo! you can quote me on that. wahaha!

  14. by the way, bryanboy, the photo of you smiling came as a shock to me. such a cute smile! cute is not really the word, i don’t have a word for it. basta!

  15. bryanfan

    That cofibean guy has got to be a JOKE! No point reading his journal because it’ll just give you a massive headache with that stupid taglishisthatwhatitscalled style. Fully give it a miss and stick with Bryan. He’s the best! <3

  16. I love cofibean more than this Bryanboy guy. Puro kabaklaan lang dito. Mas masaya pa rin si cofi. Sana hindi na lang ako pumunta dito.

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