Pictionary Galore: Guilty Pleasures and Errands

Written By bryanboy

Pictionary Galore: Guilty Pleasures and Errands

I’ll never forget what a friend said — I should never, ever, ever, ever, feel guilty about my pleasures.

That’s why I’ll let you in on one of my deepest, darkest secrets.


Screw the amazing confit de canard or seared escalope de foie gras I had from Josephine Chez Dumonet in Paris.

Assuming I got sentenced to death for a henious crime (rape, murder, etc.), this would be the last meal I’d ask my jail warden.


I ***LOVE*** Jollibee Chickenjoy. It’s the best fried chicken in the world.

To hell with hypertension and blocked arteries. Not even cardiac arrest would stop me from eating the crispest chicken skin. Dip ’em in gravy before shoving it up your gob. It’s pure oral orgasm right then and there.

If you don’t live in the land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives and you are planning to go to this country, don’t forget to pay Jollibee a visit. You’ll thank me for it.


It’s 2:30PM here and I accomplished a lot of stuf today. I went to my friend’s office to pick up my airline tickets.




You gotta love those Cheap Monday jeans I got in Stockholm. They’re the BEST skinny jeans ever. Thank god I bought 2 pairs of the same style. I should’ve bought 5 pairs… silly me. God knows when I’ll go to Sweden again.

I also went to my office to pick up my mail. I haven’t been to my office since I left. Silly me. Jakob from Sweden has been bugging me to go there cause he sent me a Christmas card. He sent me a card back when I was in Paris and to my dismay, it’s still not there. I hate it. I’ll ask him to send me a card again.

A card that says something like how he’ll be the father of my first born child.

Hahahaha! Fuck it. I’m sooo disappointed with the third world postal system.

Filipino Postal System = EPITOME OF THE SLOW BOAT.


I’m starting to like this smile thing.

Moving on…. I got a surprise from all the lovely folks at Fudge Magazine. Thanks :) They sent me a copy with me on it. I’m a label whore alright. Loves it. :)


These Cheap Monday jeans are REALLY a godsend. I swear by them. I don’t know how you can get them without going to Sweden. Search it on google or something.


Here’s another smile smile photo. Enough already. I think it’s getting quite obvious that I’m faking it.




I also went to the Peninsula Hotel valet shop to pick up my dry cleaning.


And of course, no trip to the city would be complete without…. SHOPPING! I bought 2 shirts at Paul Smith and I also went to Shoemart (aka "SM"). If you want cheap bargains, go to SM. I love that place. I think the last time I went there was back in 2004 when I bought a samsonite thing. I bought a shitload of socks… and 3 pairs of shorts (brown, beige and olive) for no more than US$50!!!!!



Today’s been productive. I love how I accomplished everything in no more than 4-5 hours.

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Abbotsford, NSW Australia, Negros Occidentail, Philippines (woah!), Camberwell, VIC Australia, Cincinnati, OH, Austin, TX, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Coventry, CT, Stoufville, ONT Canada, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kearny, NJ, Columbia, SC, Orlando, FL, Lindfield, NSW Australia, Spartanburg, SC and of course, people from Bethesda, MD. Bryanboy loves you all. Identify yourselves bitches and lick my ass crack.

#2 – I feel sorry for those who judge a blog’s success by the amount of comments that one gets. It’s NOT the comments that make a blog successful. There are a few out there who want to spark a war between my blog and someone’s elses blog. Screw it though. My time is valuable and my mere 2 brain cells can’t handle anything more than what I currently have on my plate.

#3 – Send me some love! Send me some hate! Send me whatever it is that you can create! I love the latest batch of pics showing the infamous Bryanboy pose. These Americans sure know how to do it.




OOOOOOOOOOO Some 100% pure NYC love right from the middle of Times Square… I love you Colleen, I love you Kiersten!

Runnin’ pretty, New York City girl, Twenty-five, thirty-five, Hello, baby, New York City girl

You grew up ridin’ the subways, running with people… Up in Harlem, down on Broadway… You’re no tramp, but you’re no lady, talkin’ that street talk, You’re the heart and soul of New York City

And love, love is just a passing word… It’s the thought that you had in a taxi cab that got left on the curb… When he dropped you off and he stated firm

Oh, oh, oh [Oh, oh, oh]… You’re a native New Yorker… You should know the score by now [You should know by now]… You’re a native New Yorker



Even Shoelover loves me… Visit http://shoelover.typepad.com.


FINALLY…. some homegrown third world love! Melanie sent me this fabulous picture of her family doing a tribute to… ME! Look at all those luscious lips… I love the pout on each and every one of you. GORGEOUS! ADOPT ME PLEASE? I need a new family…


I think that’s about it. For now. I’ll update later in the evening.

I love you all, as always. Email bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63-915-785-1492.



  1. it’s so refreshing to see you eating jollibee food and going to SM to shop. nakakaaliw!!!
    how i miss makati :( u look good when u smile!
    lots of love from vienna, austria ;)

  2. You’re smile is gorgeous! Especially in the photot from your last blog! & from all the way in Sydney, I too agree that, CHICKEN JOY IS THE BEST MO’ F*CKING CHICKEN in the world!!
    Can’t wait to stuff my face with Chicken Joy next month!!
    P.S. Love the skinnes

  3. Ah jollibee. Since we have no native memebers of our family left in the land of the brown (we are all here in the land of the white), there will be no jollibee for me ever again. I remember their delicious chicken and how I long for some!

  4. Hey bryan!
    sayang d kita nakita kanina, diyan lang ako mapalapit sa enterprise kanina. :-)
    you look cute when u smile! and i luv ur tshirt!
    cge tc!

  5. friedchicken

    shit bb, who the hell is that guy next to melanie (not her dad obviously) is that her
    date? oh boy i wanna fuck him!

  6. Cheap Mondays will be available in the US pretty soon…. it’s gonna be a hit…. the religous types are complaining about the logo already

  7. Stephanie

    You definitely should smile in more pictures…it is fun, isn’t it? Plus, everyone who sees those pics smiles along with you. I’m very excited to send you a picture of me doing the most solid Bryanboy pose ever. Eventually, eventually.

  8. Stephanie

    You definitely should smile in more pictures…it is fun, isn’t it? Plus, everyone who sees those pics smiles along with you. I’m very excited to send you a picture of me doing the most solid Bryanboy pose ever. Eventually, eventually. Love in Oregon, USA.

  9. OMG… chickenyjoy… *faints*
    i love it
    and i love the peachmango pie as well

  10. Jollibee! In the US, they only have them in California. Boo.
    And smile more often. ‘Tis gorgeous.

  11. Bryanboy eats chickenjoy! Bryanboy eats jollibee!!! you are after all a mortal like us! hehehehe!!
    smile more often… you look gorgeous!

  12. just dropping by. i’ll surely love the bryanboy pose. well, it recalls me of Renee Zellweger in her flick “Down with Love” (co-starring ma’ crush, Ewan McGregor. I’m so loving her chic gaits!

  13. I’ve been looking for some of those Cheap Monday jeans too, before they become super trendy here in the land of the Caucasians, the US. Are those Frye boots you’re wearing? I have the same ones (who doesn’t, I guess).

  14. Panouilles

    You’ve got a drop dead gorgeous smile! Oh that luscious lips suits u fine!

  15. Panouilles

    You’ve got a drop dead gorgeous smile! Oh that luscious lips suits u fine!

  16. good news! zoovillage.com do ship to the UK and shipping will take 5-10 days. love from sweden

  17. I’ve just eaten chickenjoy for lunch and boy, it was great! Juicy-licious, crispy-licious, gravy-licious, and amoy-delicious. Panalo.

  18. Bryan, I’m getting another pair of CM jeans just because of you. They are fab, and so are you!!!

  19. ok u dont kno me, but i was just googling cheap monday and came upon this, i want a pair sooo badly, and its crazy cuz like i feel like i should know u cuz im swedish (hence the cheap mondays) and i used to live in the philippines and am like overcome with nostalgia when i look at ur pictures. btw great bag :-)

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