No Doubt I'm Back in the Third World, More Love

Written By bryanboy

No Doubt I’m Back in the Third World

Pop open those last few remaining bottles of Cristal and have an alcoholic 2006.

There is absolutely no doubt that I’m back in the third world.

My skin is now back to its sweaty and moist glory; I don’t even have to do anything, no movement whatsoever, to sweat like a rapist. Gone are the days where I have to apply industrial-strength grease to my elbows, knees, and feet to prevent them from drying — that’s what I did in Europe. LOL.

My pores are all open again and my body has expanded to ridiculous and enormous proportions because of my mother’s’ force-feeding and nutritional habits. In fact, I’ve been eating unhealthily again… I’m eating too much (and I’m taking far too much carbs)!!!!!!

Here’s proof: my nonexistent jawline is back!!!!


Goddammit I need a haircut badly. Tomorrow! Monday! The salon and my aestheticians will be open – I need some serious pampering ASAP!!

Since it’s New Year’s Day, my parents decided to visit that we visit my only living grandparent – my grandmother on my dad’s side.

It was a long drive down south to their farm house in the province. Contrary to what you may think, no, we don’t have one of those infamous Filipino "ancestral" homes and haciendas that require the population of China as household help. I’m born and bred lower middle crass and I love it.


I was supposed to visit one of my aunts but fuck it – it’s been 36 hours since I last slept, my eyes were red and puffy and my skin is shit… I ended up asking my driver to take me home at 4PM.

More Love

Keep the love coming! Love comes in the form of pictures of yourself either a) doing the infamous Bryanboy pose or b) holding a sign that says you love me. STOP being a lazy mother fucker and  please avoid photoshopping. Hah! Sorry for being a demanding bitch but I need to feel good about myself you fucking whores. Email your imagery of love and hate to Be spontaneous! Be creative! Hell you can even go naked and get your local muscle mary fire department to carry you while you’re holding a "I LOVE BRYANBOY" sign. Make me drool bitches!





Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Kew, VIC Australia, Lackarebck, Sweden, Jonsered Sweden, Ejby, Denmark Hunters Hill, NSW Australia, Severna Park, MD, Nashua, NH, Mont Park, VIC Australia, Helsinki, Finland, Oslo, Norway, Shanghai, China, White Plains, NY and of course, all the lovely people of  Las Vegas, N-E-V-A-D-A!!!! Identify yourselves bitches and say hello.

#2 – One thing I noticed about Swedish guys (in Sweden, of course), is the fact that they love their hair long. It’s quite a distinct Swede style – blond hair slicked back on the front, long edges flapping on the side… if a Swede is a brat (that term is popular there), they’d wear eyeglasses to make them look… err… smarter?

Here’s a ***VERY*** Swedish look.


as for these…. (courtesy of Simon)… well.. they’re cute anyway.


Sadly, my hair is TOO thick for me to grow it that long, not to mention the unbearable, saunaific heat in the third world will make my batok (oh look… I published my first Filipino/Tagalog word on my blog… what a milestone!) aka the back of my neck, drip with sweat.

#3 – I can’t believe the Dior Homme top that I bought in Paris (which was like around 140 Euros) is US$300 in! I should have bought them in EVERY color!


#4 – It’s HILARIOUS how my dad emailed me an article entitled "INCONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION: Now that luxury has gone mass market how are the super-rich to flaunt their wealth?" from Click here to read the article. Imagine waking up with that article flashing on your inbox.


Don’t worry dad… I’m not super-rich and I will never be super-rich. Heck, fuck PRETENDING to be super-rich. It’s much more fun to be on the lower end of the scale because being crass is much more self-satisfying than trying to have class!

You know where to contact me. Email  As always, I love you all!



  1. omg you have that new bag omgomgomg.
    how do you afford your lifestyle, if you don’t mind me asking! aha i really really can’t picture you ever working, if i say so myself :x

  2. Attack of the Malaypinoys

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  3. Does the top pic really say LV TRASH BAGS ???? This is like playing Jeopordy without a full deck.

  4. While I love your overall style Bryan, sometimes I’ve got to question your androgynous ways. I think the purse-carrying is becoming–tacky (then again, I’m more of a Versace boy). That is my personal opinion of course, and I in know way am attacking you or your style. That is a nice looking city bag though. ; )

  5. Oddly enough I was going to order the same bag in blue however in a GM size. Though I think you carry it off a lot better than I ever would. I’ve now got a new years resolution – stick to bags meant for guys.

  6. ThirdWorldPrincess

    like-y your bag. haha screw PDI for publishing last name :)


    I am a big fan of your blog, but I am also a fan of hannah cruz…can you please tell her that my life is not complete without her blog. I know you’re the only one that can tell her, but tell her that her fans are concerned and dying to hear from her. thank you!

  8. Hannah Matronic

    omg the i love bryan and hannah dude, i think that’s the guy i met in new york!

  9. Hey Jace? I think it reads “travel bags” — but what do i know — my eyesight is

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