How Can Someone Be So Drunk And Still Look Good?, Terrific Tuesday, OMG Eureka!

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How Can Someone Be So Drunk And Still Look Good?

Here’s another reason why you should hate Paris Hilton. How in the world can she be drunk and still look fucking good?



I certainly don’t look that good when I’m drunk.

Hell, sober or not, I don’t look that good.

End of story.

Terrific Tuesday

Yesterday was a blast. I kicked off my day with a mini shopping trip to the city with my little sister.

I wanted to buy a present for a good friend (whose birthday is today) but I ended up buying a few things for myself. I picked up some incense, a necklace, a bracelet, a Gucci top, some Nars and Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics.

As always, no shopping trip is complete without paying a visit to my favourite haunt, M Cafe at the Ayala Museum. I had my usual lemongrass prawns + mango salad and oysters. I seriously love that place.


My sis even made me smile, in spite of having a bad hair day. Everyone knows I *NEVER* smile when it comes to photos. I hate it. I always end up looking like:

1) a rapist
2) a fake, plastic fantastic person
3) a psychopath
4) a devious, spiteful little bitch
5) and of course, a murderer

You be the judge and tell me what you think.


Apres dinner, my sis and I went home so I can shower, change clothes and go to a friend’s birthday party at Citrus.

I know I’ve been gone for (only) a month and a half but it felt as if I was gone for years. It was quite bizarre at first to see soo many familiar faces in the land of the "same old same old" – your friends, your former friends, your acquaintances, your new acquaintances, your backstabbers and your frenemies.

It’s all nice and wonderful though. It’s way better than staying at home in front of the computer (like what I usually do 95% of the time).


In spite of the booze, the palpitations and the pretense, I always learn something new every time I go out.

I always believed that I’m little miss imperfection in a bottle. Screw the cork open and I’ll create a spectacle. The more bottles you open, the further I perfect my act.

I admit – I still need to polish my social skills. Sometimes I feel like a fool for not being able to manage a decent conversation. When people ask questions, I want to be able to answer them eloquently.

The only time I can manage a decent conversation is when:

1) I’m being a bitch
2) I’m whining and complaining about something
3) the other person and I are gossipping about other people

I guess the hardest part is whenever people throw the ball in my court and ask questions about myself.

To an extent, I’m still uncomfortable talking about myself to other people, hence it’s easier to talk about others.


I was gonna add something to that "to an extent" sentence but I just realized why my blog exists!

Now I know why I’m such a pretentious, narcissistic cunt online. It’s because….


I think it’s true though.

I know I’m being completely rude. The reason why they’re asking questions about me is because they’re interested at me and would like to get to know me.

Anyway, back to yesterday’s events…. I have a manicure and pedicure appointment in an hour. I have to finish this post and get ready. Save the drama for a later time.

So yeah… I ended up drunk last night.

I was sooo FUCKING drunk I made statements like:

1) You know, I think I’m going to stop wearing tank tops and t-shirts for a month.
2) I think I’m gonna start wearing button-down shirts from now on.
3) I despise you!!!!!!
4) I’m not horny. I’ve lost my libido as soon as I landed at the (Manila) airport. (I told this to some guy who was cruising me at the toilets).

I wish I took more pictures last night but I was too drunk to function.



I love you all as always. Email or SMS +63-915-785-1492.



  1. I think I am in love!
    But sorry Bryan, its the girl on the right in the two party pictures, the one in beige top.
    Please send her to Sweden for a date with me!!!
    Or just send me her email!

  2. That second pic of Paris is really funny but yeah, gotta admit that she still looks good even when drunk. Plus I so hope you’re not gonna wear just button down shirts forever. Oh and I think it was Jenni Eperson I saw in mcdo glorietta I think, or not, but whoever it was I loved the pair of jeans she was wearing.

  3. Haven’t been back to the Philippines in a couple years – is that place Ponticello in Makati still a hot spot or is that so 2002? You are fucking hilarious btw.

  4. I think you look like a coy, mischievous schoolgirl when you smile.
    Your booty looks hot in those pix. Keep on that extra meat!

  5. Hey BryanBoy…I just started reading your blog as suggested by a friend. It’s amazing. You’re blog. Amazing.

  6. hi bryan!i’m just wondrin’ if you happen to know THIS cofibean???his/her/its(lolz)url is
    just check it out…
    there’s a little bryanboy/ bryanboy vs. cofibean traffic there…
    i just want to know your say on this…
    i know this may sound stupid or something…
    but please… pretty please…
    i want to hear something from you…from THE bryanboy…
    thank you.

  7. i don’t know what’s wrong with your eyes, it seems yellowish …. i’m not sure about paris hilton being hot, she’s getting on my nerves lately.

  8. Bryan, this is your Mex reader, just to let you know that Citrus pic RULES! I know that you’ll kill me (but I have to say it anyways) not matter how much make up you are wearing in that pic, you look HOT HOT HOT (as usual) … and even masculine (that’s the part that you’ll certainly hate me 4).
    Anyways, I read you almost everyday, I enjoy to read about you and everything what happens in that fabulous world where you live in. Besos from Mexico. Leo.

  9. I’m the same way; I hate talking about myself, but love getting drunk and writing obnoxious shit online. Hmmm, maybe I should start a blog too.
    And Paris does not look good drunk — it’s her sister Nicky who looks fabulous in her Chanel ensemble.

  10. that cofibean blog is sooooo annoying! i read a few sentences then stopped. i couldn’t hack it.

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