Brown is Beautiful, Birthday Wishes Galore

Written By bryanboy

Brown is Beautiful

I spent a couple of hours tanning myself yesterday with cans of Lancaster self-tan that I got at Sephora in Paris. Here’s the result. I think I look good. No? Photographer Mark Nicdao certainly knows how to make people look good. Hahaha!

Cashmere t-shirt by Marni, shorts from ShoeMart (US$8!!!!!!!!!!), John Galliano tights, Balenciaga bag, Chanel dog tag necklace.




For the first time ever, I looked good under the influence of alcohol.

Trust me… based on some of my old pictures, THIS is far too good to be true. Hah!


I love my bangs!

And I definitely love my onion bulb nose. I don’t give a flying fuck even if you tell me that my hideous nose occupies a quarter of my face… I ain’t getting rhinoplasty done.


Not at least while I’m young.

I think I’m gonna play with my hair from now on. You know… discover new colors, play around with highlights, etc. I want to change my look every once in a while.

Birthday Wishes Galore

Big birthday wishes to Gino and Miguel. I went to this nice little bar yesterday night called "Luce" to celebrate their birthdays.

It was most definitely refreshing to have a relaxed Saturday night. No crowds, no pressure and definitely no stress. In fact, I got home before 3:30AM!

My friend even got her Moto pink razr… with her name engraved on the front of the phone! OMG. How cool is that?





Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Omaha, NE, Newton, MA, Uvalde, TX, Torp, Sweden, High Wycombe, UK, Pudu, Malaysia, Eufaula, AL, Phoenixville, PA, Bayern, Germany, St. Paul, MN, Skurup, Sweden, Huddinge, Sweden, Tbilisi, Georgia, Ryde, NSW Australia, Tampines New Town, Singapore, Liberec, Czech Republic and of course, my homies who live in Hangenmeilingen, Germany. Bryanboy loves yo all. Identify yourselves bitches by saying hello.

#2 – Happy birthday to AJ. It’s official – you are now a decade older than me.

#3 – Oooo. Even Valentino loves Bareback Mountain. Yes, Valentino as in Valentino. I need to see that film PRONTO!!!!!


Can someone please fedex me a cowboy of my own from rural america?

If you can’t fedex one, tell him to email me and send me a picture. Please be younger than 35. Email

#4 – You gotta love what I picked up on an internet forum earlier. Hilarious!



#5 – Ooh la la! More Bryanboy poses from all over the world!




#6 – Awww. Bryanboy loves you too, Tony. :) I’ll go to Norrkoping the next time I go to Sweden!


Stay young, stay pretty, stay beautiful. For everything else, there’s botox.

You know where to contact me. Email or SMS +63-915-785-1492 if you find a guy who will buy me dinner and feed me champagne.



  1. BRYANBOY!!! ITS BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN NOT BAREBACK MOUNTAIN! youve either watched the wrong movie or youve been watching too much porn@! hahaha

  2. I like the choppy bangs on you and the makes you look even younger (which I’m sure you’ll love)!!!

  3. are you kidding with this lame pathetic blog? How dare you put it on perez’ site to have us click over to it!! IT SUCKSSSS!! and YOU are DISGUSTING!!

  4. fudge mag : )

    re: mark nicdao pix – the only unfortunate one is where you’re posing with a bunch of drinking straws nearby. the juxtaposition makes it look like straws are growing out of your head. sayang naman.

  5. i love your new hair now (issit new?) and i love your tan! You should not do anything to them now, at least for another week or so!

  6. what can i say? i just love your glowing tan. and what the heck about the nose? your skin looks great! :D stay cool and sassy!

  7. Brooklyn

    I’ve seen the movie and I’ll be the first to say that Brokeback was a total play on words. Bryanboy is completely justified to refer to the film as BAREBACK Mountain. LOL
    The tan? It’s fab… not a hint of orange.

  8. yayness! i’m loving the bangs… but heck, it’s bryanboy so what’s not to love?!
    I <3333 BRYANBOY!
    on a more serious note, when i saw the first picture, i thought you were hiding a ponytail. and god, you're arms are fabulously skinny!
    i sound so lame. hahaha. but i really do love you bryanboy. honestly, i do.
    straight lovin from Diane who's posting from a Texas connection.Ü

  9. nice to see u space. u r soooo beautiful looking, i like ur style. i saw u has been china , haha great! i’m from Beijing , haha . but i’m study in UK right now ~
    hope can come to my space and leave ur megs to me when u see it :)

  10. In response to jiga of
    his comments were …”are you kidding with this lame pathetic blog? How dare you put it on perez’ site to have us click over to it!! IT SUCKSSSS!! and YOU are DISGUSTING!!”
    why did you click it? and worst, you’ve read the blog. you’re stupid! you probably have a stupid dial up aol account. ever heard of broadband? now go back flipping burgers at burger king!

  11. Barraculio J. Palampatetot III

    OMFG!!!!! is that Tyson Ballou holding hands with Will Chalker?… i think i just had a tiny brain aneurysm.

  12. Barraculio J Palampatetot III

    … and i just can’t get over that sly little grin on Will’s face.

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