When Your Hair Fails You…

Written By bryanboy

When Your Hair Fails You…

My hair had grown sooo long I don’t even know how to fix it. Every day is a bad hair day here in Paris… it’s alright, the couture is more important than my coiffure. I don’t give a flying french franc euro even if I look like a school teacher gone wild.












Ensemble: coat by Zara, cashmere turtleneck and boots by Yves Saint Laurent, cashmere cardigan by Marni, watch, bag and belts by Chanel, eyeglasses by Alain Mikli, gloves by Hermes.

I know you’re all excited with my loot. I’ll post them when I have the time. Soon. Goyard. Vuitton. Chanel. The most fabulous jeweled bag from Charles Jourdan. Sephora. Longchamp. Colette.

Time is precious, time is valuable. I’m in the most beautiful city in the world and I’m not gonna waste any precious second of it.

I love you all and I miss you.



  1. the fabulous expedition continues…this made my day.
    maybe paris should commemorate this week as “bryanboy shopping week” where only fabulous labels (as mandated by bryanboy himself) can be sold. hehehe!

  2. I was in Paris last spring and I have to agree with you…its definitely a beautiful city. Keep updating coz I’m living vicariously through your travels (while im stuck here in office in the not so glamorous Los Angeles)….stay fabulous
    p.s. check out my blog when you get the time

  3. looking sizzling hot. just wondering, when you go out by yourself. who takes your pictures? haha i’ve been rather curious about this.

  4. Paris is THE place to be with unlimited credit. go lang ng go… (just go for it) Max the plastique !

  5. Argh, I go away for a few months, and when I come back, everything has changed. Also, blog takes a ridiculous time to load. Tsk

  6. Well well well, it’s the boy with no manners. You look almost MALE for a change. You look great until you get to those ratty shoes.
    Anything to get you into some respectable Via Spiga dress shoes.

  7. bryanboy’s black ensemble is my most favorite so far.
    and oh, i just discovered what his real name is (Bryan Y*****) and where he gets all his moolah. ;P

  8. A girl friend told me about your blogsite…Bryanboy the
    “Internet Star”…are you for real? …or… is this part of a study on how gullible people can get?? Of course you wouldn’t tell us…anyway..I like your blogs.

  9. belletrist

    Deay Bryan
    i can’t count how many wonderful hairdresser are in Paris! So go for one (but please avoid Tony&Guy, it’s so parvenu, too much nouveau riche, only for less-than-15-old-living-in-Paris-XVI

  10. That coat is hot. If you are going to give away clothes to charity when your closet gets too full, I am in need (like I could ever fit into them.)

  11. Dave from Australia

    Such a refreshing change with your poses in these photos. Makes me enjoy them that much more. Never been to Paris but have to go soon!

  12. nexttopmess

    OMG I AM DYING @ the 1st pic. Also, you look really nice in the pics with the glasses and your hair is totally cute so don’t stress. Lastly, I am BEYOND jealous of your Chanel shopping spree. Be-FUCKING-ond.

  13. Catherine

    Hi Bryan. Just learned about ur site from a friend. Im from Manila too but now in singapore. I love ur site and im lovin’ the pictures. You are hella fashionista!! Love it, love it, love it!!

  14. Bryanboy…you are so cute…we love you in Louisiana….when will your world tour bring you to the states????

  15. french boy

    hi Bryanboy!
    may i suggest you to take an eye on the A.P.C shop (rue de fleurus)
    that’s not expensive, and sooo trendy (no logoed, sold at Colette :))
    see ya (i hope to see you on the paris street! maybe on the avenue montaigne!=

  16. Nice glasses love em’! And who’s the guy in the suite in the background on your last picture :P

  17. I so heart your ensemble, it fits you perfectly.
    anyway, i’m greeting everyone in my blogroll a merriest of christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa, winter solstice…
    maligayang pasko!

  18. Happy Christmas, sweetie! Have fun wherever in the world you might be that day. ;)
    Happy Christmas to everyone on here, too! Have a fabulous one!

  19. Iconolasts

    omigod! u rock my world…ur coats are the best!:) Very Innovative- Very Bryan boy!:)

  20. WTF?? Your pictures always crack me up. You look like a total idiot with the chanel belt and bag. Please ditch the Paris Hilton knock off sideway glance pose. The pose belongs to her skank ass.

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