Vive à Paris!

Written By bryanboy

Vive à Paris!

Paris, is no doubt, the most beautiful city in the world.

Fuck it though; the most important thing is the fact that looking at some of today’s pictures, I realized that I actually have a jawline!!!!! Seriously. For years, I’ve always thought I have a double chin and a nonexistent jawline.

Even my gal pal asked me whether or not I had an operation done.

What fuckin operation? Has it occured to her that there’s actually healing time involved when it comes cosmetic (surgical) procedures?


Enjoy these pictures as much as I did.



(Yes, I had to do the metro, even once, despite wearing my Lagerfeld Gallery fox)

(It’s always great to have one of your gal pals with you.)


Highlight of the Day: Effortless Entrance at Vuitton

I really wasn’t planning to go to Louis Vuitton because I like to delude myself into thinking I’ve matured and switch to Goyard. But since we’re on Champs-Elysees anyway, we just had to go inside the mamoth building that is responsible for fucking up everyone’s finances.

As we walked near the store, we noticed about 500 people waiting in line just to get in. No, there wasn’t any event – it was just a regular LV shopping day. I think they let people in batches of 4 or 5.

I told Tina, I ain’t joining THAT queue. I’m gonna go straight to the door.

So I did.

I asked the doorman politely… "bonsoir. are you still open?"

Doorman shot me back a scary face… then smiled… "for you, yes. come in!"

And off inside the store I went.

No queues. No hassles.

Tina on the other hand, ended up outside – I was almost done by the time she got in.

BTW, I know most of you go here to read what I have to say (and not look at pictures and just… well… pictures) – I know it’s been one huge pictionary event in the past month.

I have to admit I’m a bit exhausted of travelling. All I want to do is come back home.


More updates later as always.



  1. once again you’ve skipped the cliched external styling cues and emerged as someone unique… i luv the lesbian look – tres unique !

  2. You look good!! Looking good = no Q, as always, enjoy Paris. It’s gonna feel good when you get back home though. Lots of Love and Take Care.

  3. You left Tina outside while you went in? You’re such a great friend. Nice manners, asswipe.

  4. Belle Lettrist

    Actually, we said “Vive Paris” without the “à”…
    Take care, and please show us the vuitton pics!!
    Bisous mon amour

  5. Lier Lier

    your a lier! your not really in paris. you just like to photoshop pictures and pretend you visited all these places and doing all these things. LIER LIER!

  6. Are they stockings you’re wearing? Surely you must tire of dressing like a girl as quickly as we do of your ‘modelling’ face you pull in every photo.

  7. I didn’t know stepping in LV would mean that you’d have to purchase something..haha i just try on stuff for fun too…doesn’t mean i have to buy. Which leaves me wondering what vuitton pics some people are talking about..
    Just be happy travelling,and show us pretty scenery!Afterall i’m sure many of your readers have not ever stepped into a boutique of any u might wanna do a pictionary for those unfortunate souls, haha *smirks*

  8. BryanBoyFan

    what would he get out of pretending he’s traveling to all those places? you don’t even have to read his blog and look at his pics.
    i don’t know him personally but give the guy a break.
    btw bryanboy, i saw your picture on a magazine…with tina…forgot the event, but it’s either in tatler or society mag (at least i think it was from there since these are the last two mags i read).
    enjoy paris!

  9. Your outfit is just stunning darling! The blue sash is a gorgeous touch with the silver and grey. Is it another Hermes scarf?

  10. frustrated bryanboy

    by the way, it is spelled “Liar” not LIER….and I work with photoshop every single day since the mid 1990s and the photos are not photoshopped unless bryanboy has time AND SKILL to manipulate the reflection of his fabulous shades…check out his photo with tina at the louvre…the reflection on his glasses, if photoshopped (which i think is not), catches the facade of the louvre… you, bryanboy, keep on the fab life and haters just die in a pathetic shithole of envy.

  11. I’ve surely been watching too much “Top Model” because those photos are fab but I want to see the other side of your face! Or at least the full-on front.

  12. Looking bettter everyday!!! I simply adoooooooooooooooooooooooooore your style ;)
    So much for a good friend: you bitch how could you have left your so called “friend” outside. That’s the way we like it! Good ol ego-filled, hypocrite and oh so snob Bryanboy.
    BIG BISOU from the 2nd land of the brown (mid east). Love ya.

  13. lovin your pics. have you been losin weight? you are lookin’ a lil more fab each day… did you receive my sms? You’re on Preview Magazine Dec issue… the picture is much bigger than the one in Mega last month. I think its for the masquerade event of Shu… enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!

  14. Hey guys, what’s the web address of “What’s in your bag?” Hope you guys post it here. Ive been looking for it all over. Thanks

  15. Bryan –
    How long will you be in Paris? I am leaving the US next tuesday to spend New years in Paris. You’ll probably be home by then, but I was just wondering! Hope your having a great time!
    <3 Mary
    (The one who tried to stop loving you, but couldn't. The last pic in your I love bryan strip on the left side of your page.)

  16. That fur belongs to the animals, not to you! What a stupid fashion to skin animals alive just for your own “beauty” to wear their skin… SHAME ON YOU!

  17. pinkimartini

    bryanboy! it’s been forever since I visited your blog but ohmygosh I love that you are in paris. I will be there for nye and can’t wait. You look great and I hope your holidays go well. *hug*

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