Straight Eye For The Queer Guy

Written By bryanboy

Straight Eye For The Queer Guy


Imagine being the only complete fag and hanging out with 4 absolutely macho, 6-foot-plus, straight men.

God I love Sebastian… and his friends, Rasmus, Martin and Uli.

They sure do know how to cheer a guy up.


They came to my hotel at 8PM and rescued me from the wrath of loneliness and boredom. We all went to the Tivoli Amusement Park (for free!!!!!!!) which is right in front of my hotel.




They made me try this beverage – I don’t know what it is – but it’s like a fruity tea (with raisins, nuts etc) with alcohol in it. It’s quite nice actually.

We strolled around the park for about an hour then we went to a cafe to have more drinks.


We also went around Nyhavn. Unfortunately, most places in Copenhagen are closed on a Sunday so we went to this pub where Rasmus’ (the blonde guy) friend works. They bought me a glass of beer which is brewed especially for the Christmas season. I have to say it’s the first time I had beer in YEARS and it actually tasted quite nice.

Screw being fat – I never say no to alcohol.

They even showed me what HELL looks like. To these guys, a public toilet in Nyhavn is HELL. I was like, it’s not even hell to me. They obviously haven’t been to a public toilet (or any toilet whatsoever) in the third world.


After 2 trips to 7-11, cheap Danish hotdogs (I had 4 hotdogs!!!) and a ton of Vodka and fake sprite, we decided to just hang around in my room cause there was nowhere else to go.


That blonde woman on the picture has this teeny little voice and she sounds like a mouse. She claims she’s from Nashville, TN though the boys said she’s probably a cheap hooker.







I had a nice time with these guys.

It’s amazing how we probably have little in common but they were all nice and treated me like a real person regardless of our differences – i.e. I like boys, they like mussels. 

Sadly, you never see that kind of bonding in the third world… at least where I live.

I’ll never forget what Rasmus said (he’s the smartest one) – we’re all gonna die of bird flu.



  1. they seeme like awesome boys. They even dressed up and posed for us!
    I know for a fact that a friend made in a foreign land will always turn out to be a great friend.. Enjoy your trip. Good to see you smiling.
    p/s okay i can’t contain my self, they are fcking hot!

  2. Nice snapback from the agony of boredom… I know you despise Dolce@Gabbaa but you might go slumming and check their Gold Moto Razr’s… V3i’s/ipod/1.2mpix cam… It’s really you. Ya?

  3. The blonde one is so hot. And you crack me up.. that is effing hilarious that you got them to wear your furs and go to the store. And they even let you ride them.. LOL

  4. Now I’m back in Sweden, back to the normal life. I’m glad to see Bryan’s enjoying himself.
    Read the comments from saturday (with my wake-up-picture), maybe I should tell you all that I’m not gay. So it wasn’t a romance, but we had a lot of fun. We’ll definately meet again! ^^

  5. the fashion fugitive

    They’re hotter than the fucking Beatles. Loves it! I wish all men looks like that. The world would be a better place to live in. THEYYYYYY ARE FUCKING HOT! — Me likey likey the close for renovation shot. LOL I want himmmmm!!!!!

  6. hey.
    sorry i just gotta tell you.
    you have one fucking cool webbie!
    and your pica are really rad.
    well,stay cool and beautiful. =)

  7. omg, you should give me your monogram rug scarf cuz i loooove it and it’s my birthday on saturday ^^ i would snuggle it all day long and tell everyone who gave it to me. *grin*

  8. Hey bryanboy, i read the post about Copenhagen, i can tell you that the strange brew with raisins and almond is a swedish thing, called Gleugg (glögg). Its wine.
    Btw, that LV scarf you got, how much is it?

  9. that sebastian is DIVINE!
    uhmm if those guys aren’t gay then who is?
    maybe they’re selective, they’ll only turn gay if a hottie is in their midst

  10. found this site from a friends, fun blog btw.
    I must say you have awesome men and cloths. kuto’s to the men in uniforms, you made me gasp* in jealousy!

  11. maya kalani

    Hello my love I just love and adore your website…..Must be so much fun to be around you and Hmmmmmmmmmm those place you go to and those boys wowwwwwwwwww yummmy and of course those designers stuff you have..OMG It’s O…….V…….E…….R… I cant wait to see new pic in your website….ohh and finally there is a pinoy that are feirce but yet humble and a very very good taste…happy holiday Mama!!!! babooooosh

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