Soccer Practice

Written By bryanboy

Soccer Practice

If you think I’m the gayest gay that ever gayed in mankind, wait until you see the gayest gay that gayed in a video. A friend from Vienna emailed me a link and trust me, it pretty much made my day. Click here to play the video.


Evgenia sorta looks like that guy. Except he’s 32, had light stubble, bigger arms/chest and eyeglasses. 

(BTW, thanks for the butter tip; I got the ring off my finger!)



  1. jayc1323

    I can not remember how I got into this site, at first I can not make up my mind wheter to like this site or to loathe it. But it is quite a spectacle. And it is utterly fabulous, who knew that someone from a developing country such as the Philippines can produce such a creature with garrish style and guiltless self promotions. I love it….. :) I hope to see you when I visit the islands in this spring. I must admit I will be hooked on this guilty pleasure….

  2. you rock Bryanboy!!!
    you make me (your fellow Pinoy) proud! :) heehee… :)

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