Roarin Riga

Written By bryanboy

Roarin Riga

I got up at 4:30AM earlier this morning, packed my bags and arrived at the airport just in time.

I guess it’s goodbye to all things Scandinavian. Goodbye Sweden. Goodbye Copenhage. Goodbye Scandinavia.


Hello Eastern Europe. Hello Baltics!

As someone who is addicted to travelling, I’m no stranger when it comes to hotels and resorts.

From the Sanderson Hotel in London (where I booked a massive penthouse to celebrate my 19th birthday party) to the Sheraton Laguna Nusa Dua in Bali (where I spent New Year’s Eve with my Indonesian friends and had an enormous 2-floored suite and my own private pool), I know how to detect good and bad service.

I’m currently here in Riga, Latvia staying at the Ainavas Boutique Hotel.


I got out of the cab, left my luggage outside the hotel entrance (AKA the sidewalk) and went straight to reception.

I told the girl I want to check-in and I need help with my luggage.

She then gave me this smug look on her face and asked me for my last name.


I wanted to slap the fat blonde receptiobitch, pull her hair, drag her to the ground and spit on her face only a rapist can.

I have 5 huge bags with me. She didn’t acknowledged my request for help with my luggage. There was no doorman/bellhop/nothing.

After 2 or so minutes, I decided to take matters into my own hands and went out of the hotel to carry my bags one by one.

THANK GOD I tipped the taxi driver about 8 Euros – no wonder he watched out for my bags.

He carried all my bags to the lobby and it’s only at that time when the hotel boys arrived.

Fucking slow bitches.

The misery doesn’t even end there.

Once I settled into my room, I called the female receptiobitch and asked whether or not they have internet access.

She said yes, they do have internet access and I need some codes if I have my own laptop.

I told her, ok, will you please send someone to my room so I’ll have those codes?

She said yes.

5 minutes.

10 minutes.

15 minutes.

Why are they taking so long?

I read the hotel’s room service menu and decided to call the restaurant so I can place my order.

Nobody picked up the fucking phone after calling them several times. I figured they might be busy so I’ll call them later.

20 minutes. Still no person to help me with my internet problem.

25 minutes.

30 minutes.

I said that’s it. I’m going downstairs and get those codes and borrow a LAN cable.

So I did.

Receptiobitch gave me the codes and the LAN cable.

I went upstairs back to my room and to my dismay, I still have no internet access.

I called reception and a guy answered. He said one of his colleagues will go up to my room in 30 minutes. Since he was there, I complained how nobody at room service is picking up their phone. He said he’ll get the chef to call me.

The chef called after a couple of minutes and it was only at that time that I got to place my order.

UGH! My blood is boiling.

No wonder my European friends asked me "WHY RIGA?" or "WHY LATVIA?" or "IT’S EASTERN EUROPE!". A Swedish acquaintance even said "that’s the 4th world".



In fairness to them, their rooms are quite clean and cozy to be honest. They’re not the best but they remind of some hotel rooms in the Philippines.

I also like my courtyard view…


not sure about the view above it though…


It was the chef himself who delivered the food to my room. It was scrumptious.


I’ve been here for about 3 hours and the only thing that has been good so far is the immigrations officer who stamped my passport.

Boy he was hot.

So yes boys and girls, I don’t have internet access in my room.

I’m completely disconnected from the rest of the world.

Thank god there’s an internet cafe (wi-fi) about 50 meters from the hotel.

I’ll sleep early tonight, wake up early tomorrow, roam around, take pictures and fly my ass to Paris. I’m really looking forward to it.

For some strange reason, I’m feeling quite depressed.

I have no idea why.

It’s like, I have this lump on my throat or something.

Hopefully Paris will lift my mood up.

I love you all and I miss you all.



  1. Luckily you manage to have an internet cafe nearby your hotel if not i’ll lost you for one day! Take more pics huh… *Waiting for yer next entry*

  2. Bryanboy!! Take lots of pics alright? Have fun and savor everything you can about Latvia…..i’m excited for your trip to Paris. Say hello to Tina for me. BTW, how long are you guys staying there?

  3. Yeah, why DID you want to go to Latvia, anyway? I mean yeah, it’s all exotic-former-soviet-republic and all that… but Latvia?? Why not Estonia to visit the Skype people? LOL. Anyway, have a great time!

  4. doesn’t matter if you’re in hell, you will be in Paris soon. then again, anywhere is fabulous as long as you’re there noh? :-)

  5. Fuck those latvian! Lolz..Paris is coming soon so better be safe..otherwise id go there and pick you up myself :D

  6. hey i agree with the person that said u should go to Prague. why not make time to go there , is nice and people are nice and the hotels are nice. you should try a american chain of hotels , they are much better in europe that in the us , usually 4 to 5 stars

  7. hey i agree with the person that said u should go to Prague. why not make time to go there , is nice and people are nice and the hotels are nice. you should try a american chain of hotels , they are much better in europe that in the us , usually 4 to 5 stars

  8. the fashion fugitive

    Why did you check-in there anyway? If I were you I’d give that obese bitch a fucking attitude. I do not even know where Latvia is. Go to Paris then Visit Hannah to NY and then go here to Orlando and let’s go to Club Paris ahahaha.

  9. It’s the contrast that counts… As a kid I was dragged kicking and moping into cesspits like Kabul or Karachi for a week or so and then off to the beaches of Sri Lanka or the Seychelles. I’m glad you found the food delish but it looks like fried spam with salsa! So much for presentation….

  10. bryanboy, bali rocks. please tell me when you’re going there again, i wanna go with you! oh how i miss my 2nd home indonesia. mwaaah

  11. You should come visit me in Raleigh, NC. I’ll take u shopping and 4-wheeling.

  12. BRYANBOY!! It’s JP again. When are you visiting Orange County, CA? I’ll be here during my Winter break from UCLA the whole time…so if you got plans of coming down here….hit me up alright? See you man…

  13. I dont why you were so hot about latvia i would have gone to warzaw or yugoslavia way way better where you are now! I gave some list of chic places in Berlin cuz you told me you were gonna go there. Grave mistake I think! How can you not go to Berlin hayyyyy…. i love Paramount!!!!!!!

  14. Christ! That view from your hotel window is enough for me to reach for a prozac.

  15. i lost my dsl connection for about a week.. fck it! and i missed bryanboy deng! but anyways now im back, not gonna miss any single day.. im looking forward for yer Paris trip. come to california will ya? luv u bryanboy!! take lotsa pics.

  16. Oh, being without internet access for a few days can do you good. I was in Belfast a while ago, didn’t see a computer for three days. Was like a little holiday.

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