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Believe it or not, I have dial-up internet access in my room – I only found out today.

I slept early last night because I wasn’t feeling well. Actually, I felt shit since Tuesday, I think. Last night was the worst though; I was literally shivering because of the cold and my bed was drenched with sweat.

I’m feeling much better now. I had 4 paracetamol tablets since last night.

I just got back from a quick walk around OLD TOWN (the area where I’m staying) and boy, all I can say is that Riga *IS* beautiful.

I love the architechture, the colors and the details.




It’s a shame I’m leaving tomorrow

It’s also a shame I’m alone here – I don’t have pictures of myself in Riga.

That’s alright though… I’m sure there’s gonna be a next time.

Usually, however, "next time" is synonymous to "probably never again".

Only time can tell whether or not there will be a next time.

I love Riga.



It’s just that I wish there was someone with me right now.


It’s 3:48PM here. I need to sleep at around 7PM so I’ll wake up no later than 3AM because I have to be at the airport by 5AM. I also need to pack my shit, as always.

I’ll arrive in Paris first thing tomorrow morning with a quick stop in Oslo, Norway.

I can’t wait. The anxiety and the suspense is literally killing me.

I love you all, as always.



  1. wow. i envy you. i mean, you get to travel and explore a LOT of places! coolness!! so your next stop is paris?? woW!! :D

  2. u people in the coments i dont want to be mean but u sound like u never left ur birthcountry and usually americans dont leave it . in a recent study was shown that most americans dont even have a passport…. im lucky to be in america i like it really and like the people too , but is not my birth country im born in switzerland and i travelled around the world since i was 5. please dont get mad one me , but is the truth. americans dont have any time i guess to travel so what i say : make a passport and travel whyle u are young and do it internationally…. as i said dont get mad on me , i do not stereotyping … brits are different , then go to spain at least :-) and in some exotic countries… hehe i go to NK in may after my classes i dont think an american would want to go to north korea but is once in a lifetime opportunity :-)
    so far for bryan even he that is from a “third world country” and i do not think phillipine is a third world country travelled around the world :-)
    was just a oppinion to the comments “whoa i envy you” and i seen it on other posts as well

  3. hi alex, are you gay and hot? i like my cheese swiss if ya know what i mean (jk) and are you anywhere near LA? perhaps we can meet? and yes, philippines is soooh third world, people are racist (they use the fucking “N” word as if they were eating rice), and they are soooh anal about flawless english grammar, there are so many important things like science, math, culture and arts that they don’t even know … not you bryanboy, and bryan if you ever come to LA let me know, i’ll bring you the the best sex club and we’ll feast on “some’ hot men ….

  4. nah , im not meeting people online if i want to meet someone definately wouldnt be on gaychats or from different sites , bryanboys also
    what u have that i like ? tell me what u have to offer and then we may talk lol j/k

  5. well this is not a gaychat, more of …. “bryanboy-match.com …. believe me i’ll do anything, i’m level 3 yoga, yah know (jk) and i luv white chocolate toblerone!
    i sound really skanky ….

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