Move Over, Dolly!

Written By bryanboy

Move Over, Dolly!

Move over, Dolly the Sheep.

Meet my new friend Nils.


I bought him today at this shop called DUKA. It’s a HUGE wooden sheep complete with wool, ears and tail.

He is SOOOOO cute. I love him!

There were sooo many beautiful things here in Stockholm, including those 3 British guys right behind my table at this cafe. I didn’t know Brits can be soo good looking when almost all of the Brits I know look like shit – just kidding.

I’ll update you later. I love you all.


P.S. Some gay swedes are talking about me on this forum. Click here. I have NO idea what they are talking about but I’m sure they’re having fun making fun of me. LOL. Hej Hej Hej Stockholm! LOL



  1. Wow you are really a superstar now bryan..hehehehehe Swedes are also hot as their
    Norwegian brethren.. hehehehehheehhehe

  2. Bryanboy: thanks for visiting my blog:)Hope you enjoyed your stay here in stockholm. The boys at seems to love you as much as I do;)

  3. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! you look like roderick paulate!
    loves the sheep!

  4. Silje Kvaavik

    I’m Norwegian, so I understand swedish… They are not making fun of you, they’re discussing wether or not they should go to this gay club to see you. *Lol* Looks like most of them did:)

  5. gay-shia

    hanna dear, bb is a bad example of exotic, in filipino, exotic means fugly ….. if i may use it in a sentence …..”Man, i’ve been assigned in olonggapo and the girls are exotic!” exclaimed a jarhead….
    exotic means someone you can’t distinguish ethnicity … clearly, bb is flawless-browned skin-filipino …..

  6. LuckyBitch

    Bryan, they are not making fun of you whatsoever. They said that you are cute exotic boy and that you are going to be at some club. Someone asked “Who is Bryan” and someone wrote that you were an internet star.
    Some of the posters, it seems, have a crush on you.
    By the way, be careful of Nordic men… they’re hard to resist.
    P.s. Have fun in Copenhagan… it’s my favorite city. Check out club Vega or Dubliner (if they’re still around)

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