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Remember that episode on Sex and the City?

All dressed up and nowhere to go/no one to go out with.

This is exactly what I’m feeling right now here in Stockholm.

Okay… erase that.



It’s 11:39PM and I’m itching to go out. Problem is, I’m lonely and miserable.

I’ve been here for 6 hours.

I wanted to go to this cafe but the (US$20) cab driver dropped me off at some place where all the streets were made of bricks. It was wonderful and nice – Stockholm is a beautiful city.

I couldn’t find the cafe that I want to go and I ended up being lost… for about an hour.

My boots suffered torrential abuse from all that walking. Each step that I made as I galloped made this clink-clunk sound on the stones.

I roamed around the brick roads, took a nice evening stroll then went back to the hotel.

Oh I don’t know.




  1. Do you have friends in Stockholm or are you meeting up with people there? If you come to New York, you definitely wouldn’t have this problem! Hope you have a better time.

  2. Hey Bryan!
    Miss seeing you around. Glad you’re having a blast over there! Reading your shopping/clubbing/fucking stories is as entertaining as reading Clueless books in the fifth grade. Not a gulity pleasure, I’m damn proud of it!
    Your blog’s full of pictures of beautiful people and beautiful clothes. It’s the perfect dose of escapism in my dull tropical day. :)
    Love, Jenna

  3. unBryanboy

    In the inner sanctum of your being, you know you could be anywhere else in the world and you’d still be LONELY and MISERABLE. You have a huge vacuum within you that money (and all that it can buy) can’t fill. If you didn’t have this blog and your bank account, you’d have no one to give you the time and trouble.

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