Merci, Au Revoir, Bon Soirée

As always, Paris never fails. I’ve been here for 9 days and in spite of everything nasty that happened to me, I had a bloody good time.

Almost every square inch of this city reeks of beauty and surprise. There is always something new to see and someone new to meet. I spent the entire afternoon walking around Paris, from Le Marais, to St. Germain De Pres, to Louvre-Rivoli and St. Honore to Madeleine, Les Halles, Republique, etc.



(First 3 pictures are from a shop called "Shine" near my hotel. It’s a shame they’re closed on Sundays. I haven’t even been inside it. Ugh. Those necklaces are fucking gorgeous.)

(A collection of vintage French Vogue)




(A trip to Paris isn’t complete without seeing Hermes… again, it’s a shame they’re closed. They have an abundance of gorgeous bags on the window!!! Where’s that baseball bat when you need it?)

Sadly, I have to bid adieu to the city of lights in about 12 hours. I have to wake up first thing tomorrow morning (or I could stay awake and just enjoy my last few hours). I also have to pack. God knows how I’m going to fit all of my shit in my suitcases. FedEx is NOT an option because there’s no time (and they’re closed at night).






Most cafes and restaurants are closed today so I thought it would be cool to channel my inner trailer trash and ordered a huge pizza and 10 chicken wings. Meet my last supper. In Paris.


I have many, many, many more beautiful pictures in my camera. I’ll create a photo album when I get back to the third world.

On that note, let me pack my bags.

Wish me a miracle.

I love you all.

Edit: Contrary to what people think, no, I am NOT anorexic. I’m PRO-ANOREXIA though.