Fingernail Drama

Meet Tim.

He’s from the Netherlands. He’s this aspiring young male model who will go to Milan this January for the shows.


I started talking to him a couple of weeks ago whilst I was in Copenhagen. Or somewhere. He’s nice and sweet though a little immature — I don’t blame him, he’s only 18, practically a fetus in my books.

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Here are some pics of him at his modelling agency’s website.



and some of the pics that he sent me before… mind you, he’s such a cam whore as well. He must have sent me over 500,000 pictures of himself. I love it. Isn’t he adorable?


(I bet everyone in this planet, myself included, have pictures of themselves outside a Louis Vuitton store.)


He’s also the reason why I ended up going to Musee D’Orsay in Paris (he told me I have to have to have to have to have to go there) and take "I love Tim" pictures.


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Overall he’s a nice guy but the fucker is too high-maintenance. He’s someone who constantly demands attention and he has to be complimented, praised and admired all the fucking time.

Today, however, I unleashed the monster from within him… and it all started from a screen capture of one of our webcam conversations.

Yep – he loves his webcam alright.

Look closely at his fingernails and tell me whether you can see what I saw.


I for one don’t have 100% flawless nails 24/7/35 and I certainly won’t deny that there are times when my nails look as if they belong to a gardener or a farmer.


Take a closer look. Tim continously said his nails are white, short and clean.

If those aren’t long then I don’t know what is!

Anyway, he became a complete bitch, telling me I’m mean. Heck, all this guy tells me 99% of the time is the fact that I’m FUCKING mean.

I say something a little aloof, he comes around telling me I’m mean.

If I’m sooo fucking mean all the time, I don’t understand why he continues to talk to me.

Stupid fucking kids.

Don’t you just hate them?

I’m kidding!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA =)

Remind me NOT to talk to young immature people any more.

What I need is a young-looking, late 20-somethings (25, 26, 27, 28, 29) or 30-somethings (31, 32, 33….) *hint hint* who will spoil me rotten and treat me like a fucking princess.

Fuck all those boy toys. Everyone knows that they are only good while they last.


P.S. My Paris Photo Album is now up and available for public view. There are over 300 pictures in my collection. Feel free to browse it and tell me what your favourite photo OF ME is. Let me know what you think.

Click here to view the album.


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