Magical!, Beat That, Oprah!

Written By bryanboy


Paris never ceases to amaze me.

The architechture, the intricate details of each and every little (and large) thing constructed in this city, the lights and sounds of Champs-Elysees, the boutiques along (and off) Rue St. Honore, the glamour of Place Vendome… I’m trying to digest and absorb as much as I want but this city is just pure sensory overload!

If Paris is sensory overload to me, then I must be sensory overload to them.

I’m telling you…. I walked for about 4-5 hours and no less than a hundred of Parisian boys (and men) from all walks of life whether rich, poor, groomed, business-man suited or public works (one of them is a garbage truck driver and another one was a delivery person) waved, hissed, smiled, winked, "blown a kiss", whistled, stopped, looked, said "hi!" and screamed "where are you from?". I’m sure it’s this exotic piece of brown ass that they want to fuck.

Let them eat cake!

Boulangerie et Patisserie rather.






Beat That, Oprah!

I saw this teeny, tiny, unknown-to-most-folks, shop while strolling around along Rue St. Honore.


Most of the other shops were closed because it was rather late.

I stopped to look at the windows and saw there was 1 guy (presumably store manager/sales staff). I opened the door and being the gentleman, he let me in.

I told him I’m looking for x bag in x color. He brought it, I didn’t like it and asked for another color.

After a minute or two, I said, "I’ll take it". We chatted where I get my Goyard, I said Harvey Nicks HK.

I asked him, "what time do you usually close? I’d love to come back tomorrow."

Then he said "Normally at 7, but you’re special so I’ll open the door for you."

Tina asked the gorgeous man as to what time it was… the guy said it’s 8:20PM


I giggled like a school girl and whispered to my gal pal Tina

"Beat That, Oprah!"

Meet my latest acquisition.


It’s 6:35AM here in Paris. I’m going back to bed.



  1. tres fab! tres tres bryanboy! this post is giving me an orgasm. this is like the last 2 episodes of sex and the city meets bryanboy universe. ah, la beaute de je ne sais quois!
    hannah called me earlier, she’s waiting for her flight. you guys have a fun time in boracay. hi to tina.

  2. Concerned Fan from Singapore

    bryanboy, please get more rest ok! at the rate you are jetsetting all over the cities and overwalking the rues and boulevards is going to be very taxing. TAKE CARE YAH?! *BIG HUGS*.

  3. Hi! I’m one your biggest fan here in Manila! My gay friends hate you so much. Maybe because they are intimidated by all the things you can afford. Actually many people abroad doesn’t know where you truly get your money. But ill tell you guys that Bryanboy actually get his load from hacking philippine bank accounts online. That’s why he pays everything by credit card and he prefer online shopping. But even though you steal filipino wealth, i wouldn’t mind! I love you still!!! You’re the best! Keep on shopping!!! Love ’em!

  4. joshua are you sure it’s not you who hates Bryan so much and who is intimidated by all the things he can afford? i suggest that you put a plug up your butt because all that shit leaking from yo’ ass is wrong. everybody knows philippinos aint got any money and THAT INCLUDES YOURSELF.

  5. Isn’t Paris wonderful, Bryan? That’s how I feel every single time I visit it. Don’t forget (and I know you won’t) to visit the new Louis Vuitton store. I almost went bankrupt there.
    Have fun and try one of their eclairs with champagne in it. It’s to die for.

  6. daisy ahter

    you can’t possibly imagine the amount of money underground FILIPINO (that’s right you stupid bitch spell it right yo) druglords and politicians make. hello to madame imelda marcos and her 1060 pairs of shoes! stfu racis fuck.

  7. daisy hater

    you can’t possibly imagine the amount of money underground FILIPINO (that’s right you stupid bitch spell it right yo) druglords and politicians make. hello to madame imelda marcos and her 1060 pairs of shoes! stfu racist fuck.

  8. Ummm....John

    Joshua, that’s quite an accusation you’re making. I’d sue you for slander, so should Bryan. Where’s your evidence for these ridiculous, malevolent comments? You’re clearly jealous as poorer member of the land of the natives and l’exotique… Grow UP.

  9. well well well

    Well Daisy, how sure are you that Filipinos (yes this is the correct spelling, bitch!) dont have money? Have you been to the Philippines yourself or your basing your judgment/assumptions on what you see on tv TV or read on papers? It’s all media sensationalism dear, FYI. Of course media is for gullible people like you hahahaha. Come to the Philippines and see for yourself and we’ll see if you see the socialites, you wont turn green with envy. While It’s true that the poor people here are VERY poor, it’s NOT AT ALL TRUE that we have no money! The rich here are far way way way richer that you or your parents or any of your friends! Hello Imelda!
    And just to inform you and no offense meant to Bryan (just making a point, Bryanboy is NOT YET at par with the true blue socialites here. Some people from Old Rich here considers him a nouveau riche (and he doesnt deny that) and some considers him a new-moneyed technocrat. He’s still just beginning to enter the limelight. He could be an attention-grabber mind you (and he is, actually) because he stands out in everything (especially when you talk about guts and vulgarity).
    As to those who are perennially asking where he gets his money from, it’s all in front of your eyes! The more you visit here (myself included), the more you give him the purchasing power to buy designers clothes and handbags (look at those colorful ads from linksynergy). Of course that’s not all! You just have to be more resourceful and look him up on the virtual world (and i dont mean search for Bryanboy on Google, DUH.) If you can find his company name then everything will follow smoothly and you’ll realize that it’s not at all rocket science to do what he is doing (and i dont mean being a funeral direct, a fluffer, a credit card hacker, a pornstar, a pimp or a gaywhore. DUH!!!). But *hint* *hint* look at how good he is with graphics.
    Anyway, Paris is indeed nice Bryan. Been there a couple of times. Try to visit Arc de Triomphe, River Siene, Louvre, Chateau Villette, etc. Love the weather there too!
    I won’t be wondering if Bryan deletes my post hehehe.

  10. demuloyola

    To those of you who want a peek of the lifestyles of the rich Filipinos (old and new) then try reading Kitty Go’s WHEN CHIC HITS THE FAN (google it). This Gokongwei heiress (yes Virginia heirs and heiresses exist in the 3rd world Philippines). It’s like reading a Dominick Dunne book and a bryanboy post.It is hilarious and wicked- teeming of dior, gucci, prada and what have yous. This book is so controversial that she wrote a 2nd book. She’s more bitchy than bryanboy and far richer but not as pretty I guess.

  11. maria clara

    I once talked to a my friend who is a fashion designer from Korea. before she came to the Philippines, she thought that the people here have no shoes, and no clothes. True enough when she got here she was shocked to see people living in shanties. After a few days, while walking at Rockwell Powerplant Mall, she saw this diva Gretchen Barretto and she was amazed at how princess-sy she was. Gretchen is already stunning herself but what shocked her was Gretchen’s shopping entourage– 4 personal body guards wearing Barongs, 3 maids (one was holding her shopping bags, one was holding her make-up kit, and the last one was just there). She asked me, is she a foreigner? I said, Mademoiselle, she’s a true-blue Pinay. But she’s nothing, wait til we get to Forbes Park.
    To those who have no idea what Forbes Park is, it’s like the Beverly Hills of the Philippines where the rich and the famous live.
    My Korean friend was astonished to see the enormous houses at Forbes. She said that the rich in the Philippines are far richer than those in Korea. I couldn’t agree more.
    Im not proud to flaunt this fact but an example of Philippine Wealth is the Marcos Family which has an estimated gains range from US$3 to US$35 billion. Some suggest that the true amount is over US$100 billion, perhaps even trillions of dollars. Of course they are ill-gotten wealth from the Filipinos during the time of dictatorship but I guess that’s the reason why you guys from America and Europe look down on us like pieces of shit. You don’t know our history and the history of our government so shut up!

  12. ThirdWorldPrincess

    you f*cking racist bitches.
    having studied in both, first and third world i’d have to say that third world people have far more taste, money and class. barely anyone here in the philippines lives with a fucking make up artist or wardrobe assistant without which all the fucking royals would look like pure shit. money, honeys, is abundant here it’s just not well distributed explaining the immense wealth of our upper class. i don’t know of any first lady or queen in the first world who owns a diamond rosary or one thousand plus shoes none of which amounting less than 1000dollars. beat that fucking racists! btw…staying in the area of education, filipino students have far better spelling and grammatical capabilities compared to american students.
    while you are on your all fours scrubbing your fucking linoleum floors and IKEA furnitute, we here shop in YOUR COUNTRY’S luxury shops.

  13. Manila DIVA

    So true, Filipinos speak and write better English than the natives speakers. To prove that, look who won as the World Champion in the 2004 Law School World Debate (Jessup). None other but the Philippines (represented by Ateneo Law). Harvard landed 4th btw.
    I hate racism. Why don’t we just get along and shop together?

  14. Nobody is imtimidated by what Bryanboy can afford. They simply think he is an absolute joke. By the way Bryanbpoy when all these men were whistling at you as you were walking around they WERE MOCKING YOU! What the hell would they want with a 90lb anoxeric asian boy that wears lip gloss and furs??

  15. I love yah. It really is true how at the end of the day white skinned pseudo closet skin heads prove their ignorance by lambasting and hurling insults about Filipinos. We are a people that stand out wherever we are. The working class Filipinos that come to the US are often times professionals that graduate from colleges in the Philippines. Hindi sila wetbacks na basta lang nag cross ng boarder to better their lot. They come here armed with brains, education and spunk- the very things that made America great. Do not blame us if you are too lazy and too spoiled to go to school and would rather wait for assistance from your government. Do not look down on us if we want to buy brand name products, we just know how to invest. We buy things that are of quality knowing that they last. We are a people that has survived the rape of colonial Spain and the prostitution done by America in a desire to establish themselves as a Super power. Kahit ano pa sabihin ninyo the Filipino will always stand tall because we will survive…

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