Holiday Fling

Written By bryanboy

Holiday Fling

Don’t you just hate them? Anyone who is single and have travelled (solo) somewhere who had a holiday fling (hahahahahahahaha) knows what I’m feeling right now.

Jakob and moi got up early in the afternoon. Imagine waking up to this.


I went to the shower after getting up and when I came out of the bath, he served breakfast – 2 red Danish hotdogs.


Isn’t he sweet? Imagine him getting out of the hotel (and walk 2 – 3 blocks) to go to a hotdog stand, just for me to try these hotdogs.

We spent about 2 hours walking around Copenhagen. We were determined to see the Little Mermaid, rain or… rain.




You know where I stand and how I feel about walking (read my previous post about it). This guy, for some strange reason, made me appreciate walking – see sights, hear sounds, smell scents, etc. Walking with him was effortless; I didn’t feel tired and I didn’t even sweat a single bead, inspite of my 2-inch cowboy boots and heavy Birkin bag.

The Little Mermaid was worth it.




We walked for a little bit before having dinner at a Sushi place.

Oh I don’t know what to think/say anymore.

He’s a really nice guy and I wish him the very best. It’s a shame he’s leaving for Sweden tomorrow morning. It’s 8:47PM here in Copenhagen.

God knows whether we’ll meet again or not. Maybe not in the longest time. Who knows.

BTW, he knows his labels too. I’m very impressed. Nothing can beat a young man in a Gucci polo t-shirt and a Hermes Twilly.


Awwwwww I’m REALLY gonna miss Jakob. He’s really cool.

I’m at a loss on what to say. We’re gonna drink the night off. We’ve got a lot of vodka.


Wish me luck tomorrow. I’ll most definitely have tears… perhaps not on the outside, but definitely inside.



  1. Rach and Lizzie (Manchester, England).

    Awww, Bryan, you’re such the smitten kitten! Smuggle him back with you, already – we all know you don’t mind paying the extra for excess baggage ;D

  2. Bryan I envy you .. he is such a hottie. I would like to travel solo and have holiday flings as well. Romance in the air!!

  3. well just enjoy the short time that you are with him. You can always visit right :) take care and enjoy your stay there

  4. Oh Brian boy. He is super hot, and thoes sheets, ah the sheets on your bed look awsome. Enjoy yourself!

  5. awww… that’s sweet. he’s sweet, hot and beautiful. didn’t think you’d find any romance in this trip, so i’m glad you did. enjoy the rest of the trip and of your time together.

  6. Oh lord do I know how those short flings go… so sad. :( I had one with a boy over the summer and he’s (hopefully) coming to visit for a few days in January, but it still sucks!

  7. your a guy right? and you had a fling over the holidays with another guy?? it’s confusing me..hope you dont mind if i ask, are you gay?

  8. greenwithenvy

    yamyam, you’re kidding, right? :)
    Jakob is such a hottie!!! Glad to know that you enjoyed your stay in Copenhagen!

  9. the fashion fugitive

    The imagery of Bryan and Jakob parting ways makes me sad. “Nat King Cole – When I fall in love” …
    When I fall in love it will be forever
    Or I’ll never fall in love
    In a restless world like this is
    Love is ended before it’s begun
    And too many moonlight kisses
    Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

  10. awww…i know the feeling of flinging with a guy, but lost him in a different way. And hey, is he naked under those sheets? lol.

  11. I agree with Tala, the sweet gesture with the hotdog breakfast… and the walks, just the two of you… those are the things money can’t buy… I’m glad it has touched you Bryan, it has touched me too even just reading about it… he’s such a sweetie AND he’s such a hottie (owwwww)! Definitely keep in touch and just maybe… hmmm… who knows the future… :)

  12. super kilig, your kwento!! you are verry lucky to have Jakob show you the “best things in life are free” line, saying, or snippet of wisdom, or whatever it is called! Jakob looks like Heath Ledger! ^_^ Enjoy your short stay in Berlin!

  13. the getting closer song, who is it by? I tried to find it but there was billy joel??

  14. i love your nordic men. are they all uncircumcised? coz i heard european men are just not cut. but i like the way they look and how they act all curious around non-nordic women. they are hot, and yes, they can stick it anywhere they want!!! :)

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