Goodbye Milan.

Written By bryanboy

Goodbye Milan.

There goes my trip to Milan. I’m sooo fucking gullible.

I’m supposed to go to Milan, Italy this Friday for a splurging trip of a lifetime yet I got persuaded by some sick Swedish kid (ok, not really a kid, he’s like 6-foot-whatever-giant) to hang out in Copenhagen.

Oh I don’t know.

I’m scared… and excited at the same time.

Why am I doing this?

Why have I chosen to meet some Swedish kid instead of hitting Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, Via Sant Andrea, Via Manzoni, Via Borgospesso and Via Santo Spirito?

All it took was a couple of hours of talk and this guy (who has the same Chanel sunglasses as I do), changed my mind about Milan.

Why oh why oh why?

I’m crazy. That’s why.

I went to NK, this Swedish department store today and took a look at Hermes. I ended up buying a nice bracelet (this color is very rare).


Copenhagen, here I come!



  1. the fashion fugitive

    What is there to do in Denmark? Are there any gay people in there at all? Go to Milan you fucking bitch! mwah*

  2. don’t go to copenhagen! it’s dull and it’s boring! go to milan instead. my friends and i want to see you hit the shops there.
    why do you want to meet this kid anyway? the boys in milan are so much cuter – tall, dark and handsome!

  3. What is wrong with you? I can’t believe you’ve chosen some ‘sick Swedish kid’ over Milan. Are you insane?
    You’ve disappointed me Bryanboy.
    Milan is where it’s at. You know you want to come to Milan. Why change your plans?

  4. shiiit. that kid better be worth it. pero italian guys are way hotter!
    how can you say no to milan…

  5. Copehagen? ew! go to Milan Bryan! You CANNOT miss Milan – think of the Vuitton and Dior stores there! Copenhagen will just be cold, miserable and boring – that’s why nobody talks about it darling!

  6. BB, GO TO MILAN!!! Please!!! I don’t trust the set up…he could sell you as a sex slave or something…or worst rob you of all your furs and finery!!

  7. Obviously, some posts here are also made by Bryanboy himself. Pathetic attempt to gain popularity. Tsk. Tsk.

  8. Krissssss

    Although I would’ve chosen Milan myself (me being from Norway and all), I will defend Denmark here. The Danes are extremely friendly (in Italy people can be quite straightforward and rude), the beer is great, it is cheaper than Milan and the shopping is the best in Scandinavia! I do prefer Italian men though. Just remember to cover up and use great hair products when you go outside because the wind is really bad. Enjoy yourself, sweetie!

  9. jessa, jealousy is a very ugly thing, and so are you in anything backless!! i suggest you back your big ass up before bryanboy puts a hit out on you and your massive dimply caboose…and if he doesn’t, i will…bitch!

  10. Funeegir

    Bryanboy, I simply LOVE you & really need your help…don’t laugh at me, but my question to you is…I am in love with the Hermes JPG shoulder Birkin, how musch is this bag and how can I get my hands on it???? Please, please help!!

  11. Funeegir

    By the way, I was born in Manila & I’m not even pinay:) Love your bracelet!

  12. have you seen the movie “Milan”? with piolo pascual and claudine barretto? I think milan is a lovely place and claudine’s acting is just superb! i like judy ann though, butch francisco asked maricel soriano how was it working with judy anne, and she replied by saying, she as a great young actress, when the director says “Cry you fucking siopao looking whore!!!!” the poor girl would cry in a snap …. so let’s vote, claudine or judy anne?

  13. Well, I will choose Denmark as well since living also in Norway and the Danes have similar culture to Norway and as Krissssssss said they are nice people!!!! And also I agree with Hannah since I saw the pic too. Milan can wait next year or whatever.(forgot to say all about it when I first made a comment on this post.)

  14. Why don’t you take the slick Swedish kid with you to Milan? I can think of all kinds of trouble that you and a slick Swedish kid can get into in Milan…not to mention Nils, a slick Swedish kid and Milan.


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