Glam it up! Sayonara Stockholm!

It’s my last night in Stockholm today. Did my last minute shopping, got my chinchilla fixed (again), after some damn coat check person mishandled my fragile little thing. Can’t believe the repair was cheap though… it was just minor sewing on the pelt, cost me about US$40. Gotta love Nordic countries and the wide availability of fur repair shops.


I also went to Gucci and bought a pair of sunglasses. Love, love, love them. Gorgeous.

My skin looks hideous though. It’s been a month now since I last had a facial and microdermabrasion. I also need a haircut, color and highlights.


After Copenhagen I’ll hit Berlin. For 2 days. December 12 – December 14. If you’re from Berlin or know anyone from Berlin, hit me up! Email

I’m gonna get ready. I’ll update later.