Filipino Hospitality

Written By bryanboy

Filipino Hospitality

Who would have thought the cleaning ladies assigned to my floor are Filipino?

I went to the supermarket (oh yes) to buy some biscuits and when I got back, there were 3 cleaning ladies in my room.

One of them is Chinese and the other two (below) are from my motherland, the cesspit of the third world… the land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives.


I overheard them talking in Filipino so I chatted them up.

They were complimenting me left and right – they said I’m sooo skinny and nice. The lady on the right thinks I’m a celebrity in the Philippines. I told them NOOOOOOOO!

Then they talked about how I have all these furs and bags and sunglasses and how they loved William (the dead fox).

We chatted for about 10 minutes and they gave me a ton of chocolates and capuccino sachets before leaving.

I met up again with the boys at 6PM for some shopping and dinner. We went to 2 department stores in Copenhagen, Illum and Magasin because most boutiques close early and it’s the department stores that are open late.

I bought some presents for random people, chocolates, a chic alarm clock (Jacob Jensen), a 24pc flatware set (Bodum) and a 3-pc set of serving bowls from Georg Jensen.


I didn’t asked them to be gift-wrapped cause I’m fedexing them home tomorrow.

Had a nice quiet dinner with the boys. Everyone was tired, including moi.

I’m feeling slightly feverish. Maybe because I haven’t been getting much sleep over the past few weeks. I’ve only been sleeping for an average of 3-5 hours a day. Even my eyes are totally fucked up.

In fact, everything is fucked up.

I haven’t had a facial in a MONTH and I’ve got all these things sprouting on my face. My skin is dry, I haven’t had a decent manicure and my hair is long.

Believe it or not, I’m starting to feel homesick.

Thank god my gal pal Tina D. is flying to Paris this Thursday.

I’ve decided not to go to Berlin anymore (not for just 2 days) so I’m going to Riga, Latvia on Wednesday for 2 nights… then it’s gonna be Paris galore starting Friday.

I can’t wait.

Cute guys, fantastic shopping, gastronomic delights, gorgeous scenery, everything!


Going back to Filipino hospitality…

When I got back to the room at around 8:30PM, there’s this HUGE plate of fruit waiting for me near my desk.


I thought that was very kind and sweet of them to do.

I’m touched.

More updates later.



  1. Paris ? Take a respirator… that Brit oil fire smoke is drifting east and your timing is perfecto for a direct hit ! Ya ?

  2. maybe u can do something nice for them…. since they’ll be spending the xmas away from their family and loved ones.

  3. Dude, that’s complimentary fruit. Almost every hotel guest gets complimentary fruit in their ooms. Nice anyway.

  4. dammit everyone i know is addicted to ur blog!
    when are u coming to north america? everyone here in vancouver canada loves u!

  5. i guess you stayed at the SAS Radisson. Last time I stayed there, the same Filipino staff accorded the same Filipino warmth. She even invited us to a party at their flat. We eventually ended up attending like 3 parties with Filipinos and Danes.

  6. did u get friendly with the uber-friendly danes. a nice smile gets you by the whole day.

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