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Fashion! Turn to the left. Fashion! Turn to the right. Ooooooo Fashion! We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town. Beep-beep!

I picked up a copy of a old W magazine (November) with Kate Moss on the cover. I love, love this photo. Chanel couture (probably) and gorgeous handbags on prepubescent boys.


I’m sooo bored and I got inspired to do this.



Obviously my long distance fag hag (who was about to quit on me for sleeping with an old man… BTW, she only wants me to sleep with true blue ARYANS) can do it good.





  1. gemishka-abdulah

    I agree hanna, you look like a cheap transexual whore in sunset blvd ….

  2. Hannah is still a kid. She looks like an average pinay. Looks so-so. I’ve met pinays who look far better. Bryan, you look ughh… i dunno…

  3. duh that’s the beauty of it speedie, i’m not the hypersexualized male fantasy filipina. i’m the one who doesn’t need to be sexy for a white man to save me from the third world.
    idk i have a feeling most of this animosity and fascination stems from the fact that bryan and i spend a lot of money (well me to a lesser extent) even if we look like the pinoys that should be scrubbing toilets…

  4. see what i mean, hannah?
    i’m sure most of these vitriol are coming from fucked up filipinos… it’s that whole ‘if you’re brown then you belong to abra mentality’
    i say fuck em with our chanel.
    can’t wait to see you babe.

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