Debauchery Takes Its Toll

Written By bryanboy

Debauchery Takes Its Toll

I will NEVER, EVER, EVER get drunk EVER again.

I went to a friend’s cocktail party late last night to see some good friends I haven’t seen in a month and a half. Kicked off the night with a shitload of vodka and gin.

I then had a quick stint at Embassy, Capones and a friend’s friend’s pad.


Everything happened soo fast I literally lost track of time.

I ended up going home at 11:00AM.

I think I might have lost my brand new yellow Goyard french wallet, my Moto Razr, my American Express and my Citibank chairman card.

I wanted to call my friend to see if I left it at her friend’s house but I don’t know her number offhand. I hope that’s the case.

Otherwise, shoot me.

All my friends, frenemies and lovers’ phone numbers are on my mobile phone – I simply can’t imagine living without it.


I’ll NEVER EVER EVER get drunk again. EVER!

(At least for the rest of this year.)



  1. Oh My God… you better be aware of those things sweety… and who is that gal… she is so damn pretty…

  2. I think that serves as a lesson for you my dear.. Be careful next time. Goodluck and I love your blog. I always read it..God Bless!

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