Cool Copenhagen

Written By bryanboy

Cool Copenhagen

Yes, I made the flight yesterday. I’m here in Copenhagen all safe and sound. In fact, I just got up from a good night out.

Meet Jakob, the "sick, Swedish kid" I was talking about.


He got here by train about an hour after I did. I guess that’s what nice about these Nordic countries, they’re all connected to each other by various means – train, plane, slow boat etc.

Rememeber Sebastian from my November 20, 2005 post?


I rang him up yesterday, rescued me and Jakob from getting lost and introduced me to his roommates and friends, who are mostly German and American.


Just because I’m surrounded by straight boys it doesn’t mean I have to stop posing.


We went to 2 places yesterday – Pan Club and Heidi’s (not sure of the spelling).

I LOVED Heidi’s. It’s very cozy, VERY German, VERY packed and they play the cheesiest tunes ever – think 70s/80s/early 90s pop.

They even have this foam machine OUTSIDE the bar that spits out fake snow.




All I can say is, it’s nice to wake up with someone beside you, not just empty paper bags and the stench of room service leftovers.

More updates later.



  1. Natalia And Tema

    Bryanboy your a bloody STUNNERRA!!! with love from Natalia and Tema from Melbourne, Australia.. We LOVE ur posttss cant get enoughh =]]

  2. Loved your notes on CPH and Stockholm!! I just dicovered your site and it’s really great! Reminded of my trip, as well, but probably just had 1/8 of the blast you had.
    New Jersey

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