Awesome Alex

Written By bryanboy

Awesome Alex

I’m finally having some serious fun in Stockholm.

I mean, I’ll be honest, it’s been lonely the past few days. I barely know anyone here and I’m the shyest person ever – gone are the days when I can just strike a conversation with a stranger.

Anyway, Alex is one of the first Swedish people I’ve spoken to. In fact, we talked online back when I was in the Philippines. Little did she knew that I was going to Stockholm – I called her out of the blue like a couple of days ago and said "hey sweetie, I’m in Stockholm!".

(that’s Alex doing the infamous Bryanboy pose)


We had lunch at Cafe Baresso and shopped for a bit. There’s a cool shop here in Stockholm called "MTWTFSS Weekday" that sells the BEST jeans ever (Cheap Monday). I bought 2 pairs of tight jeans (same style… they’re SOOO gorgeous), a t-shirt and 2 vintage clutch bags. The clutch bags are soo fabulous and so are the jeans – they’re very tight. Gorgeous!


We also went to Ordning & Reda, my favourite, favourite stationers in the world… well, next to Smythson (they are the only store that I know of that sells BLACK-coloured paper, notecards, envelopes and WHITE pens.) I’m so addicted to them that over the past few years, I’ve been ordering my goods from their London stores and have them shipped to me via Fedex.


Ordning & Reda is a MUST-VISIT when you are in Stockholm.

We also paid a visit to Hennes & Mauritz, also known as H&M. I know, I know, they’re cheap, but they make really good accessories. I’m not gonna post what I bought cause I want to give them to some of my family members as goodie bag loot. LOL.



(me in my cheap monday jeans. the pictures don’t do it justice!)

Overall, it was a good afternoon out!

Alex even gave me a gift. I’m touched!!!!!!!


BTW, I was supposed to meet these 2 Swedish guys afterwards but to hell with them. Don’t you just hate timewasters? They’re all talk but no action. I was brutally honest with them yesterday – if you want to meet then let’s meet up. If you don’t, then tell me. My god, I **HATE** drama queens. I’m supposed to be the fag here, not them. Alex even talked to those 2 guys over the phone – one of them was saying he wants to see me (in the background) and the other one was saying he doesn’t.

I say screw em. It’s not my loss anyway.

Once a timewaster, always a timewaster.


Do I look like I’m someone who will bite?


Oh oh oh oh oh. On a different note, the guy I’m meeting in Copenhagen even made a "I <3 Bryanboy" picture. Sooo cute. I’m touched. I can’t post it here. Yet.


I will.

Cause I’m a nasty bitch.

(Sorry babe. jag älskar dig, too)




More updates soon.

If you’re in Stockholm and would like to rescue me from chronic boredom and loneliness, please send me an SMS or call +46-073-736-5861 or email I’ll be here until Friday afternoon.



  1. Ummm John

    I am one of the few that have seen behind that, “he’s shy apparently”, facade… HE’S A HOT MOTHERFUCKER boys and girls! Go Bryan, Go Bryan! BUT YOU SHOULD STILL GO TO MILANO!

  2. Ummm John

    I am one of the few that have seen behind that, “he’s shy apparently”, facade… HE’S A HOT MOTHERFUCKER boys and girls! Go Bryan, Go Bryan! BUT YOU SHOULD STILL GO TO MILANO!

  3. I promise, after Copenhagen there will be real photos as well. I’ve only got a crappy camera in my phone and my sister’s got the digital camera. There will be photos later! :)
    We’ll have a hell of a time in Copenhagen!! :D

  4. i love skinny jeans, i love cheap mondays, i love acne jeans too. check their new store:
    Acne Jeans studio
    Norrmalmstorg 2
    111 46 Stockholm
    +46 8 611 64 11
    Open hours:
    Monday – Friday 10-19
    Saturday 10-17
    Sunday 12-16

  5. jayc1323

    Glad you are having fun in Stockholm, anyway forget about those 2 guys it is their loss. Just continue on having fun and being fabulous. Anyway take it easy and carry on with being fabulous

  6. Bryan, share us some juicy stuff.
    And, if you ever see Joachim Johansson or Thomas Enqvist in Sweden, please give them my ten thousand sweet kisses!
    So, are you saying H&M rocks after all!
    Have fun!

  7. Darian Zam

    When reading this blog I either laugh or vomit, but I like it that way – I’d rather that, than laugh and vomit at the same time.

  8. alreadyskinny

    woohoo, skinny jeans.. it is great to wear while you are standing up but when you sit down, doesn’t it feel too tight? I can’t sit down when I am wearing my skinny jeans!

  9. Yeah H&M rocks since they have cool styles and the price is just right .. And anyways I didnt see any Gucci or Prada stores here in Bergen I dunno why

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