Au Pied de Cochon

Written By bryanboy

Au Pied de Cochon

Last night wasn’t so bad after all. If anything, it was kinda tres super.

I was starving at around 12Midnight – my only meal yesterday was canapes from Fauchon.

Sadly, most restaurants in Paris were closed. I asked the hotel receptionist whether there are any brasseries nearby that’s open for the night. He said I could go to the “Au Pied de Cochon” at rue Coquilliere.



So I did.

The service and the food was excellent. I had a prawn cocktail followed by scallops provencale and a bottle of chablis.


(That’s a French family right in front of me. The 2 teenage kids went out so they’re not on the photograph. They were SOOO noisy; in fact, everyone was merry and singing… except for me. All I did is flash a smile or two whenever someone smiles at my direction.)

Au Pied de Cochon is not posh by Parisian standards but hey, any place that is open at fuckin 1 in the morning on Christmas day will suffice.

Apres dinner, I walked back to the hotel, snapping at random things that caught my eye.




As I walked near the hotel, this very young-looking French guy, perhaps no older than 22 (and about 4-5 inches taller than me) approached me and asked for a “fire”.

I channelled my inner blonde and asked him what he meant.

He grabbed a packet of cigarettes from his coat and waved it at me.

That’s when I knew he wanted a light.

The guy couldn’t speak English.

At all.

I gave him a box of matches that I had and said our au revoirs.

I walked for about 5 minutes and the guy shows up again.

This time he was saying all sorts of stuff and smiling.

I thought ah… he didn’t want a light. He wanted a Christmas fuck.

He then said something (in broken English) if he can kiss me because it’s Christmas/Noel.

I said “oui, pourquoi pas”.

The rest was history.

The best part of staying in Marais is the fact that there’s soo many alleyways and side streets you can go to if you want privacy.


And there you have it.

If Virginia is for lovers then Paris is for fuckers.

It’s 11:57AM, I want to have lunch and I’ll take more pictures. It’s my last day in Paris and I’m bound for another city first thing tomorrow morning.

Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you.



  1. ohioisforlovers

    hey bb, i was wondering if you would take pictures of the tunnel where monica belucci was raped in “Irreversible”?
    pretty please? you’re bryan the explorer..

  2. Joyeux Noël et bonne année, Bryan! For someone who’s lived in Paris for five months, I am embarrassed for not having gone to Au Pied de Cochon at least once. It’s a must-do, or so it seems.

  3. A friend passed me a link to this site, and for that I’m going to worship her forever.
    Why not cheery though, dear? Merry Christmas.

  4. I wish i am like bryanboy who could travel the world without worrying losing any money… coz it seems to me that he own the world more than he own his money… you-go-bitch! i really adore your style… muuuaaaah… some love from japan…

  5. Girl! You’re so FUUCKIN’ COOL!! HEHE! Imagine snagging a guy on Christmas! HAHA! Well, I guess it’s because you look so DAMN FINE in that designer dress you wore that time! WEEH!!

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