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Got back about an hour ago after a night’s worth of clubbing. I met up with Eli and Nikolas and went to this club called "Lino".

It wasn’t so bad; they could do better with the music though.

(me and Nikolas)


Contrary to what people think, there aren’t many blonde guys in Stockholm.

There were a shitload of cute guys though, yes.

What I like most though is the fact how random strangers aren’t shy to come up and say "I love your fox" – I wore William (my fox stole with the head) today, actually. I’d say no less than 10 people came up to tell me they love my fox. One guy even said "you know, why look for a cock when you can touch/feel the tail" as he was stroking William’s tail.

This is why I love nordic countries; they sure understand the value and can appreciate fur.

Now that they’re gone, I’m back to my usual lonely self here in my hotel room.

I’m gonna sleep it off, go to NK and H&M (oh shush) tomorrow.

Eli even invited me to a pastry baking party tomorrow. They’re going to bake these:

So yeah…

If you know of anyone in the Stockholm area that would like to hang around with me, please, by all means, email bryanboy@gmail.com. It would be cool to meet other folks – variety is always nice.

That’s it for now. I’m really, really tired.

On a different note, I’ll leave the guessing game TO YOU, my dear readers, as to who this guy is.



(HANNAH MATRONIC, yes, he is a fucking kargador and I could care less)




    im 100% sure his evgenia!!
    becuz u said he wears glasses…(this guy is holding glasses)
    and muscular..?
    and not that tall.


    ok…i was kidding
    totally got it mixed up
    wait im so confused.. whos david mculough or watevr????
    and erase the short comment.
    anyway i still think hes evgenia!

  3. OMG Nicholas is *hot*. I can’t decide between him and Sebastian (Copenhagen). I so need a life.

  4. Nikolas has purrrdy eyebrows. And that dude/dudette in the aqua blue shirt, he looks like Kirsten Dunst! whoa.

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