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Total Icon, Period.


I got this email yesterday and boy I was touched. Honestly, I don’t know how to feel…

Fuck, I really should learn how to receive compliments by now.

I know I’m flattered.

But in all seriousness, I think your days are numbered when someone starts calling you an icon.

It’s like receiving a lifetime achievement award when your career as an actress is over…  thing is, I don’t even have a career… yet!

Screw acting though – I love my brown skin and my flat nose.

I’m touched.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Spread the love and be fabulous… each and every one of you. Don’t be afraid to parade yourself to ridiculous extents because the only thing that matters at the end of the day is whether or not you had fun.

Even if you have to do this:


(It’s not yet too late to buy a copy of today’s Philipine Daily Inquirer. Great article by Tim Yap. Check out Super! Saturdays…)

Stay at Home Housewife

I was supposed to go out in the big, bad city yesterday night but I decided to catch up with my healthcare obligations.

I went to my aesthetician’s office yesterday evening and got the usual glycopeel cleaning/extraction facial and power peel sessions – I tortured my face over the past week and a half with everything under the sun.


Don’t I look raw and vulnerable crap? No amount of concealer can hide those bags under my eyes.

Here’s another fugly picture of me.


BTW, both pics were taken AFTER my treatments, that’s why my face is all red and sore. Ugh!

I know what you’re thinking.

If I think I’m really fugly, then why do I bother posting my fugly pictures online.

Well, I think you’re right.

I’m fishing for compliments because I look like a fisherman’s friend.

I like to expose my flaws and insecurities so people will feel sorry and compliment me instead.

If they don’t compliment me and said bad stuff, I still have the upper hand cause I said it first and wallowed in self-pity.

Either way it’s a WIN-WIN.

Try it yourself.

Tell people you’re fugly, show them you’re insecure, show them your flaws.

If they say "No you’re not" then tell them "Thanks darling. You’re pretty too."

If people say you’re REALLY fugly then tell them "Oh I know, it’s nothing new."

That would shut them up for a while.

After my little trip to the aesthetician, my dad, mum and my sis had dinner at our local Korean.

I gave birth first thing in the morning to a 2-pound turd named "Monty the Python".

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Fayetteville, Arkansas, Jurong Town, Singapore, Kangkar, SIngapore, Stamford, CT, Plymouth, Michigan, Weston, ONT, Canada, Alpharetta, GA, Gainesville, FL, Melbourne, Australia, Rochester, NY, Hubbard, OR, East Greenbush, NY, Altoona, PA, Sheffield, UK, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and of course, people from Helsinki, Finland.

Shaveitbitches#2 – Remember ladies, December 1st is the First Annual International Armpit Hair Shaving Day. Remind all the men in your life to shave their armpits because armpit hair is the root of all things evil.

#3 – I’m going to update my baby, later today. Keep an eye out for fabulous bags.

#4 – Designer purses sale gets out of hand. "The sale was halted and the doors locked for hours after the crowd exploded in anger over the store’s attempt to manage the flow of nearly 1,000 customers who were hoping to get a deal on purses from designers such as Prada, Chanel and Gucci. The deputy on the scene said it was very unusual to see women fighting over purses."

All this drama at a place called "C-Mart" in Joppatown, Maryland, USA.

Thank god I buy my purses straight from the boutiques.

Imagine buying a Chanel at an outlet.

What would people say?

Third-party: "Nice Chanel darling"
Your response: "Thanks doll, it came from an outlet."
Third-party: "Eeew, Outlet Chanel."
Your response: "Cut me some slack bitch I won the war over 1,000 other women."

#5 – WHEN THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO HAVE DIOR IN THE PHILIPPINES????? Calling the attention of Store Specialists, Inc. Just bring Dior and make me bankrupt already.

#6 – I recently came across some cute old man online. I forgot his name, Robert something. I dunno, I suddenly shifted my taste from that of a twink to that one of an oldie. Seriously, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a dirty old prick but this guy is sort of a looker.

#7 – JANTHINA FONG et al, owner of half of Hong Kong, is this the guy you’ve been lusting about???


Sniff sniff, December 1st.

#8 – Manila’s premier, by appointment only, designer bag consignment resource has a blog. Check out

As always, you know how to get hold of me. Bombard me with messages you fucking fools. Email or SMS +63-915-7851492.



  1. oh my god, im so busted!!
    YEAH ME AND LIKE A FOURTH OF THE ROOM WERE CHECKING HIM OUT EVERY OTHER MINUTE. you know what, THIS FEELS LIKE SOMETHING HANNAH WOULD’VE DONE. she would’ve taken the MOST QUESTIONABLE picture of the subject and posted it with an incriminating message.
    omg so i saw him again in embassy on wednesday. if i see him again tonight im going to hit myself with something. he’s so nice to look at AAAHHH!!! i miss drooling over male models.
    p.s. it’s ok, my eyebags are still worse than yours. WOE!

  2. Oh my god I love govinda lloyd!!! I could lick him all over (yes, even his unshaved armpits). Drool…

  3. OMG bryan! you look like a full on WOMAN in that inquirer photo!! i swear your facial structure is more feminine than mine!! lovely lovely!!!

  4. Actually, I used to fish for compliments too in my younger and more insecure days, but I have found that if you don’t point out your flaws, then nobody will notice them and think that you are even more gorgeous. That said, I must say that I enjoy your toilet humor. It’s so unexpected when I come across one of these grotesque comments that I always spray my drink out my nose across the computer screen laughing.

  5. i just found out what fluffer meant.
    “””for those that dont know, a fluffer is someone in the porn bizz who gives the male star a blowjob to keep him hard in between scenes.”””

  6. whitegrapesoda

    hey bryanboy, you’re such a blogging goddess.
    doesn’t store specialist carry baby dior already? isn’t that a good sign?

  7. I just love your site! goodness, you put my shopaholicness and my mango and H&M stuffed closet to shame (felt good to let THAT out now, i don’t deserve the fashionista label i sometimes get seeing how you dress to kill) love you dear! (recognize me?) hahaha, another hint. GMA’s alma mater? gets? gets? hahaha okay never mind i’m blabbing, bye! have fun doing your thing!!

  8. Malachi

    Govinda Lloyd well what can I say his dating a amazing looking european girl named Natalia another model ofcourse! And if you ask me she can do better! His half the package and she is the whole thing!

  9. Malachi

    Govinda Lloyd well what can I say his dating a amazing looking european girl named Natalia another model ofcourse! And if you ask me she can do better! His half the package and she is the whole thing!

  10. sweetaussiegrl

    Ur just jealous of them both to say that, Ive searched there names on myspace and they have a joint page Natalia is stunning your right but I think there made for eachother its rare u find such good looking couples!

  11. kittysuprises

    I cheked there myspac 2! I want Natalias angelina lips I bet she has neva worked out a day in her life either! And I agree to bitch about that match made in heaven ud have to be jealous!!! P.S Bryan Boys HOT!

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