Shu by Ai & Motorola Pebl

Written By bryanboy

Shu by Ai & Motorola Pebl


I finally got my influenza and pneumonia vaccinations done yesterday afternoon. Perhaps I developed some sort of tolerance… with needles… in the past year? The shots didn't hurt at all.

I mean, for god's sake, I had 20 shots done on each of my arm, not once, not twice, not thrice… but 4 or 5 times (that's cause I had lipodissolve twice)

I wouldn't be surprised if I conduct self-acupuncture soon.

What's crap though is the bulky feeling on my arm – they're BOTH sore.

These vaccines better work.

Image_1Anyway, armed with a slight fever and my Louis Vuitton Rabbit Scarf, I went to The Loft in Rockwell yesterday for the Shu Uemura, Motorola and Smart Infinity event.

UGH. I really think I should learn a new pose and a new facial expression. I don't want to be known as the boy with the same facial expression all the time.

Let's play pictionary then, shall we?





That's a Lanvin fur stole right there! I'm telling you, I love, love, love, adore, adore, adore her. Angelique REEEEEKS of GLAMOUR whereas the only GLAMOUR I've got are back issues of GLAMOUR magazine.



(Drunk at 4:00AM)

Jacket and trousers by Zara, tank top by Topshop, Scarf by Hermes, Rabbit scarf by Louis Vuitton, handbag by Louis Vuitton, boots by Frye.

I'll create a photo album later with more pictures when I have the time.

Shit, Shit, Shit!


I totally missed my appointment with the Swiss Embassy today.

I'm ROYALLY fucked.

I've got tickets to go to Geneva and god knows what's gonna happen.

I'll call the embassy pronto and see what they can do for me.

I got up at fuckin 3:00PM and my appointment was supposed to be at 11… not only I missed it, I slept through it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told my maid to wake me up at 8:30AM NOT FUCKIN 8:30PM.

I don't blame her… I got home at fuckin 5 in the morning.




Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Fairfield, NJ, Playfair Estate, Singapore, El Cerrito, CA, Seoul, Korea, Setagaya, Tokyo Japan, Sollentuna, Sweden, Denver, CO, Torrance, CA, Ft Lauderdale, FL, Newmarket, QLD Australia, Marquette, Michigan, Bellwood, IL, South River, NJ, Szeged, Hungary and of course, people from the fabulous Los Angeles, CA! Bryanboy loves you all – each and every one of you.

#2 – Believe it or not I suddenly developed a phobia with lighters. I get really scary mental images of lighters (exploding right in front of my face) every time I see one. Don't be surprised if I ask you to light a cigarette for me.

#3 – CALLING THE ATTENTION OF ALL FILIPINO GOSSIP BITCHES YOU KNOW WHO YOU ALL ARE… Thanks to my drunken revelry last night, I finally asked her THE question and no, she doesn't FEEL like she's being used. I know you're all worried about her, but yeah, she seems to be in good hands…….. with Metrobank!

An no, I didn't tell her YOUR name(s).

#4 – I feel bad about not bidding enough on the Kiko Escora piece on the charity auction yesterday. Ugh. His artwork is really something.

#5 – I had the pleasure of meeting the lady behind Tresor yesterday evening. I have absolutely no clue whatsoever on what she looks like (seriously, I was expecting someone in their 60's, extremely hairy and into viagra… you gotta love the internet hookups babe) and when this tall, chic, youthful, pretty lady approached me yesterday, I have to say I was rather disappointed.


You're beautiful sweetie! Acne Farm? What ACNE FARM are you talking about?

I know we didn't chat a lot last night Mrs. Tresor but we most definitely will… SOON! We have to do lunch… or dinner.. or tea… when I get back!!!!!!!!!

#6 -Watch out for my SEX POST tomorrow. It's gonna be fun! It's gonna be EXPLOSIVE!

Enough purging. I need to do some work around here. I already wasted an entire day in my room, I need to do something productive.

As always, you all know how to get hold of me. Email or SMS +63-915-785-1492.



  1. I like your hair in the “drunk at 4am” photo.
    Good luck getting your Visa for Geneva!
    A new pose? Take pictures of you doing different poses, post them. And we will vote which looks the best. Try smiling.
    Ruff Ruff,

  2. omigod, what the hell is that woman doing wearing a FUR COAT in MANILA. seriously, sino siya at bakit loka loka siya? Siguro the amount of plastic surgury she had screwed with her brain na or something. Fur stole….a little much but fine, but FUR COAT? geezus.

  3. who is she?

    Hey Bryanboy, Who is that girl in lanvin furs+dior? What’s her name? Thank you.

  4. YEAY!
    Yet another narcisstic male out there.
    I thought I am the only one… gosh how wrong I am.
    I thought it was wrong to take picture with “sissy pose” with handbags.
    And yet again, how wrong was I…
    I NOW WORSHIP YOUR BLOG!~ hahahaha…
    visit: for my blog and for my GLORIOUS picture.
    Gloria Macappagal Arroyo! *we’re neighbours, darling. I’m from Malaysia*

  5. being a newly assigned God, I guess I should verily do the “bryan pose” by now.. haha..
    *gotta get my digital cam*

  6. Violet dela Cruz

    You know Erik Santos? You kind of look like him in some of your pictures. Hehehe

  7. I agree…changing your facial expressions from time to time can definitely prevent people from getting bored with you. As far as needles go…well…um…hmmmm. All in all I say you have an interesting page…to say the least, lol. I have a friend who lays all his shit out like that on xanga. Your page makes for some entertaining reading :-)

  8. fashion faux pas police

    Do you know how many fashion have you committed, “bryanboy?”
    One obvious fashion faux pas on the pics above are the morons wearing fur coats on a tropical island country!
    Seriously, WTF?!
    When did the Philippines start drifting north of the equator and start having winter seasons?!
    People sweats in the Philippines 24 fucking 7, people!!!

  9. SHUT UP fashion faux pas police, I was in the Phillipines last winter and I found snow there.
    Maybe you just didn’t search hard enough.
    *cough cough*

  10. Maybe they have a theme for the party? Like winter and summer or something like that…

  11. OMG the lady in the fur coat is so attractive and hot!!!!!! the first one from left in the first picture..Damn, i wish i can get to know her, and date her!
    p.s. i’m a girl kakakka

  12. fashion faux pas police

    you’re pathetic try on being sarcastic is very moronic.
    sweetie, go to hell. *smiles*
    fashion faux pas police

  13. What an idiot. The theme of the party was the four seasons (spring, summer, fall and WINTER), celebrating the different seasons on the new packaging of Shu’s cleansing oils. Bryan obviously chose WINTER. Don’t diss him if you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

  14. @.@ all of them look very nice in their attires! Wonder what’s wrong huh…..
    esp the lady in the fur coat..kakakkaka

  15. fashion faux pas police,
    according to ur mail u wanna suck my dick.
    as we russians call it: “pazhalsta” please, go on with it. :D
    BTW, according to London, the theme of the party was the four seasons.
    Who’s moronic here?

  16. There is a special place in hell reserved for you, you stuck up, superficial, shallow, egotistical douchebag.
    You much have a huge ego to think that animals should have to die so you can feel “fabulous”. There is nothing fabulous about wearing the chemically preserved carcass of an animal who was slaughtered in some brutal way such as gassing, suffocation, live skinning, or anal electrocution (which I think you would probably enjoy a little too much). Hopefully there is such thing as karma or hell so you can feel the horrible pain and fear that those animals felt at the hands of snobby fur hags like yourself.
    You are a sick person and you should be skinned alive for what you do and the fur you endorse. Do the world a favor and die.

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