Packing 101

Good afternoon minions. Damn pre-holiday anxiety sickness.

I’m not feeling well.

I got up this morning with a slight fever and cold – I shouldn’t have gone out on Saturday night.

I’m supposed to go to the hospital today to get my flu and pneumonia vaccinations done so I won’t be sick when I leave but the powers may be gave me a damn cold.

Syringes aside, I accomplished a lot today.

I started to pack my bags cause I’m leaving in a week’s time (TIME IS SOOO FUCKIN FAST!!!).

I won’t be back till around Christmas – celebrate Christmas at home, with the family, then New Year’s Eve with friends in Boracay (HANNAH I can’t WAIT TO SEE YOU BITCH).

When I went to Bangkok, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia last year, I brought 5 bags, appox. 95 kilos or over 146.3 pounds of luggage.


This year I want to keep my luggage at a bare minimum cause I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on excess baggash.

FYI to luggage nazis: I’m not one of those people who make sure their luggages match. I ensure I use a good ‘mix’ of luggage because of the fact that these things can be lost/stolen/damaged.

Each suitcase contains a different set of outfits and accessories, this way if one gets lost, I still have some sort of a head-to-toe ensemble on another case.

The only thing I’ll make an exception is my shoe/accessories bag – I usually allocate one more bag strictly for shoes and accessories – it’s the little square nylon Prada.

I packed half a case so far today… my Vuitton Damier Alzer.


What’s inside it?

McQueen Black Scarf, Zara Chocolate Scarf, Missoni Striped Cashmere Belt, Missoni Mohair Scarf, Hermes Bandana, Hermes Scarf, Louis Vuitton Denim-Print Silk Scard, Louis Vuitton Rabbit Fur Scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs Diagonal Stripes Long-Sleeve Top, Gucci Purple Sheer Cotton Long Sleeve Top, Marc by Marc Jacobs Blue and Red Stripe with Dog Long-Sleeve Top, Dior Homme T-Shirt, Beige Zara Cotton V-neck Cardigan, 2 bangles from Urban Outfitters (black and purple), Mango crystal brooch (green) and Linda Farrow Gallery Sunglasses

Quite an accomplishment eh?

More updates to follow.

I need a shower; I smell like a goat.