P is for Productivity, Packing

Written By bryanboy

P is for Productivity

Hola chica amigas, long time no talk!


I know I was supposed to do a sex issue a few days ago but I’m currently in a bind. I’ve been ultra busy… and sick (well, not really. I just had some slight fever from those damn vaccinations that I recently had – flu, pneumonia, hepa, etc) the past few days.

I don’t even know where to begin.

Oh yes.

I had some awful chest pains not too long ago after eating fatty foods.


My doctor recently told me to get a blood test done (cholesterol and lipid profile) and it looks like I’m still (thank god) a healthy baby boy.

I know what you’re thinking – a cholesterol test?

Like how old am I? 12?

While my cholesterol levels are normal, I need to cut back on my meat consumption.

I’ve been doing this no-carbs thing for the past few days (with hopes of me losing the last… it’s always the last… 20 pounds).

BTW, Big apologies to TRLCRL. I was looking forward last Saturday to see you again but the damn fever kept me bed-ridden!



Anyway, my Sunday’s been good.

Managed to get one last facial before I leave. Please pray to the good lord almighty that I won’t get a zit. I know my zits – they’re volcanus eruptus the size of Mount Vesuvius if I don’t get a facial every 2 weeks.

I also have a new haircut… and colour.

I think I’ve gone overboard with the highlights. Dennis at Provost told me I have to do copper (hello ginger minger) and light brown (like before). I was so stressed earlier I had no choice but to nod and say yes.

My sister told me my hair looks like a christmas tree. I’ll take pictures of it tomorrow. Promise.

I don’t think it’s that bad. Seriously.

You know how I am though — Mr. Exaggeration G. Alore.


I started to pack my shit seriously this time around. Can’t trust the household help to do it cause they’re hopeless.


God I’m soo bad.

Oi vey! At least my household help knows her my fashion ABCs.

Even if she ruined one of my L P-F cashmere sweaters.



McQueen Black Scarf, Zara Chocolate Scarf, Missoni Striped Cashmere Belt, Missoni Mohair Scarf, Hermes Bandana, Hermes Scarf, Louis Vuitton Denim-Print Silk Scarf, Louis Vuitton Rabbit Fur Scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs Diagonal Stripes Long-Sleeve Top, Gucci Purple Sheer Cotton Long Sleeve Top, Marc by Marc Jacobs Blue and Red Stripe with Dog Long-Sleeve Top, Dior Homme T-Shirt, Beige Zara Cotton V-neck Cardigan, 2 bangles from Urban Outfitters (black and purple), Mango crystal brooch (green) and Linda Farrow Gallery Sunglasses


Logo-a-gogo v-neck sweaters from Fendi, Marc by Marc Jacobs wool top, Missoni oversized cardigan, Cullen cashmere crewneck, Balenciaga assymetrical batwing top, Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan, Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi and Chanel sunglasses.


Vintage fox fur gilet, Mango purple turkey feathers bolero, vintage Prada fur collar, Fendi rabbit gilet, Elie Tahari rabbit vest.


Louis Vuitton umbrella, Louis Vuitton oversized scarf, Louis Vuitton fur gloves, vintage leather gloves, 2 furry ivy caps by Mango, black Chinese Mao-like hat (unknown), Chanel No5 belt, Valentino belt with tassles, Hermes red belt, Gucci belt, Topshop metal belt, Mango belt, Zara beaded belt, Valentino swarovski belt, Chanel fish belt.


Goyard bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs striped top, Marc by Marc Jacobs fleece top (can you tell I LOVE Marc by Marc Jacobs already?), Zara faux fur gilet, Zara faux shearling jacket.


Vivienne Westhood hat, Chanel bag, Gucci bag, Dior East/West bag, Zara hat, Vuitton bag with Hermes scarf, Dior saddle bag.


Frye boots, Zara boots, Yves Saint Laurent boots, Dolce & Gabbana suede trainers, Pucci  boots, Gucci trainers, Louis Vuitton low-cut boots.

More to follow later. I gotta sleep and get up in 3 hours!!!!

You know where to contact me. Email bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63-915-785-1492.



  1. Girl you know you can’t stay away from ‘meat’ if your life depended on it…

  2. Out of all that blings-bling you, the innocent male whore of the planet, has gotta possess ZARA!
    Now tell me why would a sane male wear a Zara?!
    *rolls out giggling*

  3. Baby I love you … I always come to your site … but seeing so much fur makes me sad :(

  4. Why are you sad? he is fabulous-o in furs! I mean, its his epitome of glamour… i think he looks good in furs, even though it’s de femme au origin… hiks…

  5. wot’s wrong with a man wearing ZARA clothes?ZARA makes men clothing, if u dont believe me then go to their store or visit their site

  6. You have the sunglasses I tried to find at YSL in new york…. fuckers are sold out!!

  7. I’m having a mini orgasm looking at the pics of all your lovely belongings. God, I am glad I found your blog. It’s such a goddam trip.

  8. There is a special place in hell reserved for you, you stuck up, superficial, shallow, egotistical douchebag.
    You much have a huge ego to think that animals should have to die so you can feel “fabulous”. There is nothing fabulous about wearing the chemically preserved carcass of an animal who was slaughtered in some brutal way such as gassing, suffocation, live skinning, or anal electrocution (which I think you would probably enjoy a little too much). Hopefully there is such thing as karma or hell so you can feel the horrible pain and fear that those animals felt at the hands of snobby fur hags like yourself.
    You are a sick person and you should be skinned alive for what you do and the fur you endorse. Do the world a favor and die.

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