Muse by Yves Saint Laurent

Written By bryanboy

Muse by Yves Saint Laurent

I know I’m late on this one but I wanted to check your opinion.

I got this on my email a week ago and I find the bag utterly crap. Like the type that office workers, school teachers or bank tellers would wear. Or something.

Heck I even know some school teachers (not personally) who have better bags than this leather piece of shit.

(Sorry YSL… I **LOVE** you guys but I wouldn’t dare buy this bag.)

What do you think?


It’s like 9AM here in Moscow and I’m having breakfast at the hotel. I’m surrounded by bastard business men in suits… you know… the stereotypical men-in-black fuckers on a company expense account. Some are British, some are American, some are French

God… am I the only person around here who is normal?

Ok… maybe not. There’s a tourist couple wearing brown at 11 o’clock. Hahahaha!


I’ll update later. Promise.

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  1. Ditto. Uninspriring bag with no ‘it’ bag factor. Not even a classic bag.. BORING, boring texture, design, boring embelishments. so boring i want to fall asleep while i talk about how boring it is

  2. bryanboy, i got that email too and when i saw it i thot it was FUGLY! dont get it! the money is better off spent elsewhere

  3. Adam Sednaoui

    Giselle is carrying various versions of the muse in this months paris vogue.. whats up with YSL???
    but then again its Giselle.. next

  4. your arse is big and flat, don’t show that again, you are otherwise great and don’t let ANYONE attack your self worth!

  5. Hmmmm…I think the bag is all wrong because………. you are a Freaking guy!! WTF??

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