Hello Winter

Winter’s at its full swing here in MOCKBA.

I’m telling you, it’s sooo fucking cold my balls are turning into the size of raisins it’s not even funny.


It’s been rather snowy today. It’s not even proper snow because it’s only like 0 or -1; it’s slush slush slush.

I met up with good ol’ Jane and her best friend Jane.


I learned something Russian today.

You have to make a wish if you’re a third person or sitting in between 2 people WITH the SAME name because it will become true.


That’s what I did.

No, I didn’t wish for a brand spanking new black crocodile Birkin bag with a clasp covered in pave diamonds.

We had dinner at this Italian place followed by dessert at this restaurant "Akademia" then we went to the Moscow version of Harvey Nichols/Saks/Joyce/Harrods: GUM Department Store.

I found 3 sweaters that I like – 2 cashmere ones from Marni and 1 blue + white + red plaid from McQueen.

Thank god their American Express terminal was DOWN otherwise I would have bought them (even if they’re like 30-60% overpriced).

I figured I’ll just buy them when I go to Paris… or Milan.

I need a chastity belt otherwise I will go there first thing tomorrow morning.