From Moscow With Love

Written By bryanboy

From Moscow with Love


It’s 1:30PM and I just got up.

I ended up coming back to the hotel at friggin 7AM, just like the good ol’ days in Manila, Philippines.

Ugh my head and eyesockets hurt from all that booze I had yesterday.

Went to all these places, from this ethnic/arabic place that looks like a huge tent inside followed by a quick stint at Billionaire, Skazka, Fabrique and then this American diner called "Starlight" or "Starlite" which was quite cheesy though lovely – it’s just like in the movies where teenage Americans yankee doodle people hang out and drink milk shakes LOL.

Oooooooooh I’m so happy with all the love I got last night.









last but not the least…

Did you know that Russians give us, citizens of the land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives (aka Philippines), a run for our money when it comes to the MAIL ORDER BRIDE business?

Go check it on google yourself.

"Philippines Mail Order Brides" (1,480,000 results) vs "Russia Mail Order Brides" (2,220,000 results)

On that note, I proudly present you



This is Jane doing one of those Russian bride poses.


I love you all. I really do.

I’m gonna do a Random Cheesemax maybe later or tomorrow.

I need to take a shower, have lunch and meet Mark.



  1. I Totally love reading your blog,it’s just you and readers should love the fact that you’re being you!!
    Have fun travelling~

  2. Toy Magtaas

    Bryanboy, is there a way that you could mention my name in your blog? i am becoming desperate…ü Wish you could come home soon in the Land of the Brown, L’Exotique and the Natives–our country.ü
    Fuck me later or better yet, check my Friendster.ü

  3. Hey guys! I think I saw the look-a-like/clone of Bryan Boy! You guys should check it out!
    it’s at PBKT
    I’m talkin’ about Venezuela’s bet to Miss World- Susan Carrizo

    Please post the photo here bry!

  4. Beautiful pictures. Glad you’re having a fab. time! My uncle’s business partner has a M.O. Bride from Moscow – I don’t really get it though. She’s ultra beautiful and could probably have any man she wants, but I suppose if you’re poor and can’t afford anything, you’d be willing to do pretty much anything for a better way of life.

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