Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, I'm still, I'm still Bryan from da block

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Did you know November 1st of each and every year is a public holiday? That’s the case here in the heartlands of the third world.

It’s the time of the year where millions of Filipino people pay their respects to the dead kind. They flock cemeteries like rodents in the dark.


I went to the cemetery today with my dad, my sister and my brother to visit my grandmother (mom’s side) and my grandfather (dad’s side) and boy oh boy I had the ultimate "snap-snap" reality check today.


When I saw my grandfather’s grave, I realized, SHIT…



It really is not funny to see one of your ancestors buried in a nasty plot when clearly there are others ON TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN who have full-blown familial mausoleums.



The ones on those pictures aren’t even the top-of-the-line mausoleums. These are the cheap ones made out of stone (and not marble). It made me think: surely my clan must be REALLY poor not to be able to afford one of those mini dead person houses.


I asked him how many plots do we need to get in order to get a decent dead person house.

He made this funny "let me calculate" face and said that in my case, I’ll be needing 4 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a salon, a maid’s area and a huge walk-in wardrobe to store all my material stuff.

In other words, he told me I don’t need a mausoleum. I need THIS:



After visiting my grandparents’ plots for a few minutes, we went back to the car and drove home.

On our way back, I had this dirty thought at the back of my head.

My dad had always taught me and my siblings to LOVE OUR OWN.

I do love my own… in my OWN little ways…

But in all seriousness

I found the answer why I don’t.

How can I love my own when my own looks like this?

*I’m kidding*

I miss my grandparents. :(


The only thing that cheered me up was this random old woman at the cemetery with a Dior (probably a FAUX DIOR) bag.


Long live the new-moneyed ones (like me, you and others) with illusions of grandeur.

Happy all saints day!



  1. Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still, I’m still Bryan from da block
    Used to suck noodles now I suck c0ck

  2. wow, your cemetaries are really busy.. it looks like a fair.. is it always like that??..
    i didnt even know it was an all saints day… but happy all saints day to you

  3. have you seen the mausoleum in pampanga? it’s almost a house:kitchen, living room, billiards room, etc. that place rocks.
    btw, your blog’s absolutely wicked!

  4. Eh. A well-maintained plot of earth with a discreet stone marker is more dignified, anyway. So your gramps is all good. Those gaudy mausoleums with schlock pseudo-architecture are just plain tacky. I mean come on! That pic you took of those mausoleums right next to each other? They look like a typical provincial highway lined with buildings dreamed up by some bonehead who wouldn’t know good design if it came up to them and vomited.

  5. I do love the hat…and the shirt has very light, uplifting colours. As for that woman with the Dior bag, it is probably authentic…afterall, most women of her age a) have the money to own the real thing, b) are too old to worry about buying a fake one just for the image, and c) aren’t exactly “in-the-know” as to where to purchase fakes.

  6. I love that shirt Bryanboy! Looked all over Urban and everywhere else and had no luck, I’m guessing you got it a while ago? Sell it to me!!! hahahhaa… no no c’mon!!! Lemme own a piece of Bryanboy history right? And I mean… you’ve got tons of shirts, what’s one less? I’d love to buy it!!! :D

  7. Unfortunately, the Dior is fake. You’ll see the “Dior” written top to bottom underneath each side of the handle does not line up, when… it should. Bummer.

  8. your entry’s so funny. mini dead houses. hehehe. loves it! :) we always have an illusion of grandeur. ehehe.

  9. Taryn, you are indeed right! I apologize for my ignorance…i never actually looked at that picture for longer than a quick glance. My assumption was merely based on the fact that all the elderly women I have encountered (so far) have all had authentic goods, so I am less accustomed to seeing older people prancing around with fakes. : ( hehe

  10. i lovlov lov the way u’re dressed ;-)
    i’m a big traveler too…
    maybe we could catch sometimes ;-)
    come talk to me ****EDITED*** for msn messenger
    and *****EDITED**** for yahoo…

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