Cruel, Cruel, Cruella

Written By bryanboy

Cruel, Cruel, Cruella

12:25AM and I just got back from the hotel. As soon as I’ve checked in at the hotel, I called my adorable friend Jane and we had dinner at NOA restaurant. She had to be somewhere by 9 so after dinner, I called another friend for couple of drinks and say my HIs and HELLOs.


It’s surprisingly warm for Moscow at this time of the year. I remember leaving Moscow exactly on this day last year and it was snowing; they sort of had a blizzard at that time.

Today however has been warm.

You know what they say – when it rains, it pours. When it pours, it’s too warm.

I shouldn’t have worn William (that’s HIS name) out – he sorta got wet. The powers of the Vuitton umbrella wasn’t enough to protect him from the wind/water. Oh well.

I don’t care what y’all think. When in Rome, do what the Romans do.

Before you forgot, this is MOCKBA we’re talking about, not Paris.


Oi vey!

Aeroflot completely revamped its business class; while they may not have the flat beds yet, their seats are quite comfortable and can fully tilt diagonally. Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve slept on a plane (usually those flat beds are a pest). It’s not even proper sleep – it’s one of those highly efficient DEEP though SHORT naps that make you feel well-rested.

The service is not bad – nobody helped me storing up my luggage on the overhead cabin, but when the food arrived, I’m telling you, the stewardess simply WON’T STOP FEEDING ME. Also, everyone is smiling one way or another. The cabin staff is polite. If you say “thank you”, they’ll say “welcome” or smile. They even won’t stop offering me drinks… and the other stewardess gave me my own bottle of mineral water – without me asking. I thought THAT was sweet.

Courses upon courses of food arrived – the enormous salmon appetizer, the salad with various green and cherry tomatoes (personally, I’m not a big fan of thousand island dressing), followed by soup (it wasn’t too bad; I was disappointed that it tasted as if it DID NOT come from a can), followed by main course – I had cod fish with vegetables.

There were 2 or 3 more courses left and I told the lady I’ll skip them because I’m full. It was some sort of dessert, followed by ice cream… and then your usual chocolates, cheese and whatsit. And if you’re still hungry, there’s a selection of sandwiches available.

I paid US$380 in excess luggage – a far cry from the US$800 or so I paid before. I should’ve fedexed some of the stuff I used in Beijing. Oh well, I should’ve known better. I’ll fedex some of my used and i-don’t-think-i-can-use-it-here clothes back to Manila when I have the time.

Being on the flight was terrible. It cemented the fact that I DO miss home. Those teeny pangs of loneliness are fucking killing me. More than half of the people probably wouldn’t understand a word of English other than “HELLO”.

If you think I’m a fashion victim, you should have seen the lady in front of me earlier on the Aeroflot Check-in Counter at the airport. That woman wore embroidered Maharishi-look alike pants, paired off with some huge brown and green fur jacket (she’s fat BTW) and her extra huge handbag looks like one of those Luella Bags, multiple by the size of ten and the colours scream 70s ACID PARTY – it was psychedelic galore – in FOX!!!!!!!!

There’s even a battalion of hideously-dressed people, I presume they’re atheletes cause they all wore this dirty white nylon jacket with the word “BULGARIA” on the back, the same tracksuit bottoms, etc. My god, some of them were sooo good looking. Fuck them though, I should practice what I preach to my friend Hannah Matronic: Good-looking guys are usually dirt poor. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I’m so evil.

Anyway, the only thing I wore (or more less carried) with a logo is my Goyard traveling bag. Other than that, I wore a stripey lurex Marc by Marc Jacobs top, my Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans, my Frye boots, my Dior East/West Flight Bag, my Hermes down parka and my Goyard traveling bag.

BTW, My skin is sooo dry from the weather. My elbows and knees are turning white from the dry skin despite of lathering up Kiehls Crème de Corps thrice a day. I even wrapped my feet in petroleum jelly and some plastic bag + socks last night with hopes of them turning baby soft but bah…

Anyway, enough beauty dilemmas.

It better fucking snow this week in MOCKBA or else I’m taking the nonexistent Concorde back to the heartlands of the third world – the land of the brown, l’exotiqe and the natives. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *kiddin*

I miss you all. I really do.

I’m going to a museum tomorrow morning. Promise. Funny how I haven’t been to a museum in Moscow ever when I spent over 2 weeks here last year!

As always, you know where to contact me. Email or SMS +63-915-785-1492.



  1. DAMN!
    I’m in SIMFEROPOL goddamnit. Only 20 hours train from Moscow.
    Please stop by here please please please I wanna get out of this place and we’ll run to Paris together.
    Love you Bryan.

  2. And you’re in Moscow, Russia.
    Or you want me to call you instead?
    How many days will you be in Mockba?

  3. steve-the-hater

    “I hate you.
    And I’ve never hated anyone until I read your blog.
    I hate you.
    Posted by: steve | November 18, 2005 at 08:00 AM ”
    Poor guy. His life is so meaningless that he hates someone whom he’s never even met.

  4. why do you travel alone? you’re not the only one with money to burn… go out and meet some of your “types”….

  5. hi bryanboy, guess the peta creeps still linger in your blog.
    i mean if you guys dread people wearing fur, try going to the north pole and let’s see if your three-layered sweaters will work. or better yet, don’t read his blog. simple right?
    btw bryan, i’m smelling something creepy, don’t you?

  6. Hi Bryan, I’m just a stranger to you and also a blogreader of yours… I like your blog but… That fox fur thingy is kinda disturbing… I’m not here to change your mind on your love for fur but… I hope you won’t buy another “william” k… =) have a fun trip =)

  7. How the fuck do you sleep at night, knowing that those “fabulous” clothes you spend thousands of dollars on are made in tiny factories by children who have no choice but to work or starve and get paid 8 cents a day.
    Why are you such a snobby shriveled prick?
    No one actually likes you for your personality, they just like you because they are fag-hags. You are a consumer whore.

  8. How many innocent animals had to suffer and die for you to enjoy your pathetic narcissistic existence?
    I wish you ass cancer and remember that karma is a bitch.
    May you be reincarnated a million times as a factory farmed and then anally electrocuted furbearer. You would probably start to like the anal electrocution part you apathetic bone-smuggler.

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