Bryanboy LOVES Beijing

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy LOVES Beijing

The Bryanboy HAS LANDED.

Oh yes.

After 4 agonizing (and boring) hours on the plane, this sleepless bitch from hell finally arrived in Mr. Mao’s homeland.

(I know – don’t laugh. One of my sisters told me my hair looks like a fucking christmas tree because of the highlights – copper and light brown)

And because I’m sooo fucking beautiful, the folks at the St. Regis upgraded me to a fucking suite, complete with my own sitting area, a room for my excess baggash (all 84.7 kilos of it).



I even wrote something on the plane, a couple of hours ago because I was DEAD bored.

I have never been so bored in my entire life.

It’s no fun channeling Hans Solo; this is exactly the thing I hate about traveling alone – you and nothing but you, on business class, surrounded by empty seats on the plane cabin.

The only time I opened my mouth for the past few hours was a) when breakfast was served and b) when one of the cabin crew sat down beside me and did a little, warm (and sweet) chit chat.

Other than that, man, I’m telling you, not even my ipod, books and magazines can keep me entertained.

Fine – I browsed a copy of the November issue of American GQ and yes, I got some nanoseconds’ worth of titillating visual fun thanks to some of the pictures of half-naked men with stubble.


What keeps my sanity intact though is the little screen with the map that shows where exactly you are in the world. I LOVE that screen, especially on long haul flights. Apparently we’re flying at 37,500 feet at 861 km/h with an outside temperature of -51 degrees centigrade.


Anyway, fuck you all.

Now that I’m here in Beijing, I’m off to see TIANAMEN SQUARE.

More updates later.



  1. OMG Bryan you look like some stewardess lar.
    Like some cocky whores in Malaysian Airlines. Dressed up like an angel but suck cocks in the toilet.
    BTW WTF is with you and those green beads?
    You going to China to pray with those is it?

  2. will you happen to pass by shanghai? since the finals for elite model look is being staged there (or was it?).
    anyway, they say that the great wall can be seen from the moon. me think once you get there, an astronaut might get smitten.

  3. And please do rhinoplasty of your nose.
    You know you’re filthy rich, fabulous, and loving it.
    So do you mind spending some cash for a sharper nose?
    Please baby!
    And put the procedure online. Heh.

  4. Alexandra

    I heart those screens showing you where you are… i watched one for 11 hours from LA to New Zealand!

  5. i kinda luv the blue and green beads combination but wht the hell is with the black string over there?
    n i wish i could see the full view of ur shirt.
    and yes,ur hair looks like a christmas tree to me :P last year’s one!!ahaha

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