Armpit Hair: The Root of All Things Evil

Written By bryanboy

Armpit Hair: The Root of All Things Evil

I don’t understand why millions upon millions of men, boys and guys worldwide blatantly show their armpits whenever they get their pictures taken.


I mean… WHY?

Why oh why oh why oh why?

Especially those with armpit hair.



Armpit hair is the root of all things evil. That’s why I shave (or sometimes, wax) mine.

Nothing disgusts me than that endless strands of hair on someone’s armpits… not to mention the musky, pungent smell that comes from good ol armpit hair.


It doesn’t matter whether you take showers twice daily, use antiperspirant, use deodorant etc.

Armpit hair is still awful and disgusting.

I don’t care if it brings warmth to your bodies in the middle of the winter.

It really is not funny cuddling up to someone only to end up with your face shoved on someone’s armpits and you don’t have a choice but to INVOLUNTARILY use their armpit hair as dental floss.

Armpit hair has to be abolished on the face of this planet.

Women… or men alike.

Even for a day.

On that profound note, I am proud to present The First Annual International Armpit Hair Shaving Day.


Mark your calendars boys and girls.

On December 1, 2005, wherever you are in the world, I want you to participate by shaving your armpits.

Shave all that excess auxilliary hair that you’ve got there since god knows when.

I know I’ll be travelling during that time but what I want you to do is to send pictures of your BALD armpits.

Let’s rewind the clocks, take a ride in the time machine and go back to our prepubescent years.

Send me pictures of you and your HAIRLESS armpits on December 1, 2005. Email

Best armpits will win an award.




I love you all!

As always, you know where to contact me. Email or SMS +63-915-785-1492.



  1. would shaven mussels still be posted on the site w/ the words i love bryanboy written

  2. In the picture with the caption “go on then. sniff sniff sniff” he also has a unibrow :( i find those even worse than armpit hair, which isn’t so bad i suppose, it’s just natural for guys…

  3. well i think the first picture of the guy w/ gothic make up is so sexy im wetting my knickers right now..

  4. i’m not a fan of hairy-ness myself, but armpit hair is kinda natural for some guys. what i can’t stand though is hair all over a man’s back!
    now that’s gross!

  5. OMG! this is sooooo weird. same thing here… met up with this guy, kissed and blah blah blah then I noticed his long bushy armpit hairs…. then that made me stop.
    this is sooo weird. really… and to think you hate me or sumthin yet we share this common thing.we hate armpit hairs. that’s just funny. :)
    still lovin’ you regardles.. :)

  6. Thank you. I have never understood why the hell most guys don’t shave their pits. How do you possibly keep it smelling fresh? And how do you apply deodorant effectively? It must be like rubbing peanut butter into a shag carpet. For that matter, I hate, hate, hate, loathe, DETEST pubic hair. Shave that shit. No one wants to give you a blowjob while having to inhale a faceful of bush. And it will make your penis appear bigger, trust me. That is all.

  7. I love Armpit hair. It my favorite part of a guy. I say do what you like with it. There are those who like it smooth or with hair. Do what you want and not what you are told when it comes to the hair that in that there fold;)

  8. Hi! Sorry, Bryan, but I am a man and, so that, I have a lot of hair in my armpits. I like making my armpits natural, with all my hair, and this is my option. Any way, there aren´t any problems to do it because I am a man, and men can have hairy armpits. I think there is some envy, by women, because they have to shave their armpits and men can´t. But you´re a man, too, so you can take your armpits all hairy, like me and like the 49% of the world population who can piss stand up. As I was born a man, I don´t have to take any worring about shaving (except at my beard) – and VIVA my very hairy armpits!!

  9. LendonX

    I think armpit hair on guys is fucking sexy hands down and arms up. Especially on that goth kid!

  10. Are you serious? If you are I’m sorry for you. Are you the asian person in the middle of that picture? The one making an I’m too good for you face? If so, have you ever considered your life is a lie… how shallow can someone ever get, caring about their clothes and attitude moreso than their soul…?

  11. to Carlos;
    what do you mean women have to shave their armpits and men can’t?! is there some biological need for women to shave their armpits? does it endanger their health?
    …no. they do NOT have to shave their armpit hair. they do so because of subjective social perceptions that they should. if all women decided not to, men would just have to accept it, the way most women accept men having armpit hair. But if women would all exert social pressure on men to shave their armpits… men would. once you’d get used to it, the idea would seem as natural to you as shaving your beard. I suggest you start now, to prepare for the future.

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