A Day of Nothingness

Written By bryanboy

A Day of Nothingness

I don’t know what it is but I’m utterly homesick.

I was so homesick that I decided to go to the fuckin Philippine Embassy in Moscow just to see some of my fellow compatriots.

It seems as if I’m the only BROWN, EXOTIC and NATIVE person in the capital of the world’s largest country.


I haven’t met anyone whose ancestors belong to tribes with flat noses.

Anyway, I asked my driver to bring me to the Embassy.


I rang the bell and this wonderful and nice Filipino gentleman opened the door. I asked whether I can see the ambassador or not (THAT’S HOW THICK-FACED I AM – SAVE THE SLAP ON MY WRIST. I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO DIPLOMATIC SKILLS).

He asked whether or not I have an appointment and I said no I don’t but it’s ok if I don’t see him/her because all I want to see are fellow Filipinos… something that will remind me of home.

He toured me around the consular section and there were 3 Russians on the queue waiting for their visas. I hope I made a good impression. I wore my Yves Saint Laurent Shirt, Hermes Belt, Hermes Down Parka, Gucci Jeans and my Birkin Bag.


When I went to the consular section, bam wham bam!


There like 4 Filipinos there – the gentleman (probably attache of some sort) who greeted me, another man, a woman (presumably his wife) and their daughter who is about 6 years old and crying ON TOP OF THE TABLE, throwing a bitch fit.

Yes, it’s home alright!

I mean, it’s not uncommon for Filipino workers to bring their noisy evil spawn to their workplace.

Heck, my dad used to bring me to his office back when I was a child and played PACMAN on his computer.

This was back in the dark ages.

I lingered around for about 5 minutes then *snap* *snap* *reality check* and told myself, alright, I didn’t pay good money to see some third world child crying on top of a table.

The gentleman was very, very nice.

What’s funny though is I asked whether or not the President is still at the APEC summit.

One of the guys ad his wife had NO CLUE where the president is… in fact, I had the impression they didn’t even know the President went to summit!

There you go… pure Filipino incompetence.

How very very very Filipino. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It’s just like in Manila!!!!!


Yves Saint Laurent

After the Embassy, I went to a Russian bank to exchange traveller’s checks, followed by a quick trip to one of the shopping places. I settled for Yves Saint Laurent and bought a gorgeous cashmere turtleneck and some random knick-knacks.



More updates later! I love you all…



  1. ur blog is sooo going down hill. the contents r getting boring, u hv no friends wotsoever and u look extremely lonely. ur shopping habit seems to have slowed down and why would such an “extravagant” person like you opt for a free shitty hotel room.

  2. handbaglady

    Bitch – give Bryanboy a break! His blog has been great for 99.9% of the time, and although I must admit that today it has been less interesting, i still think it is fab and he is ON HOLIDAY for god’s sake! Can’t people have a break??? And i think his pictures of him inside those huge designer shopping bags are fab and hilarious!

  3. handbaglady

    sorry, I mean Jamie, u should give byran boy a break! Sorry bitch, saw the wrong name

  4. Bitch, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Let bryanboy be!!! its freaking hilarious the shit he does. my boring ass days get brightend up by his blog!!! so lay off!!
    P.S. And I agree with handbaglady! The pictures of bryanboy in the huge designer shopping bags are OH SO FAB!

  5. Are you hanging out with any cadets this time? Will we hear stories and see pictures of your shenanigans with Soviet army/navy boys ala your last trip? Rock on.

  6. first of all, i must say that is probably my favorite outfit ive ever seen you wear. you actually look fashionable and classy and sophisticated. i also love the pictures of you in giant shopping bags, i find them so cute and funny. but i have one complaint about your site. i hate how you are always talking down about “common” people. just because some people werent born into money or are fortunate enough to make a lot of their own, that doesnt make them any less of an awesome person (well maybe sometimes.. but you generalize way too much). i come from a middle class family in the US and i love fashion, but just because i wear a fleece jacket in the fall it means i am scum of the earth? i think it is really unfair of you to judge people like that. but that being said, i still love your blog and i love you :)
    oh and send out a cheesemax to all my fellow time-wasters at occ in costa mesa, ca!

  7. pablo jaque

    you are incredeible… you have beautiful…
    hermes… God blees you…
    pablo of paris

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