Why Russia? Meet the Novyye Russkiye

Written By bryanboy

Novyye Russkiye

aka "New Russians" or новые русские (in Cyrillic)

Fall is in full swing and winter is fast approaching.

It won’t be long until people in the northern hemisphere bring out their luscious coats made out of the most fabulous tweeds, the most exotic furs, the warmest wools, the chic cashmeres and of course, puffy, faux-down-filled puffy bomber-style jackets worn by the unfortunate poor ones.

I’m doing my 2nd winter pilgrimage to the land of the the matrioshkas.

Why Russia?

You see, I always get that dreaded "Why Russia?" every time I talk about Russia.

No, it’s definitely not about the caviar… even if I eat the finest beluga, sevruga and osetra thrice a day until my poop looks like miniature hershey’s kisses (aka goat poop).

No, it’s definitely not about the vodka… even if I drink vodka all day long.

No, it’s definitely not the gorgeous, tall, skinny, runway model lookey-likey girls.

No, it’s most definitely not the hunt for gorgeous, fit, toned boys aka my own personal Olympic gymnast/swimmer/sports person.

No, it’s definitely not the cold weather.

No, it’s definitely not the ostentatious display of wealth by the New Russians

So why Russia?


No amount of Russian Tourist Board propaganda (I don’t think there’s one) can convince me to go to the land of the czars and the communists other than these 2 pictures can.




Now THAT is something.


Come visit Russia, land of vodka, caviar and um, um, um…

I’m at a loss of words on this one.



  1. QueensPinoy718

    Hi baby boo check out http://www.whimit.com MAD RUSSIAN HOTTIES FOR DECADES……. Wish I can go to Russia one day but Brighton BeachBrooklyn will do for now…. Later Hotness Besos XOXOXOXO

  2. How many languages can you speak Bryan Boy? I am curious. You seem very well-traveled and worldly and multicultural.
    And that picture makes me wanna vomit. WTF?!

  3. Sounds like fun!
    I don’t know about that scary giant-boob-meets-super-platform creature, but…
    Russian boys are hot. I’m obsessed with Marat Safin. I stalked him in Paris, got his autograph, and shook his hand. *sigh*
    Take plenty of pics.

  4. haha when I was on a train in Moscow, I was standing in a train with my mum wearing our “Australian winter coats” ie pieces of crap and I thought
    holy shit
    Im poor

  5. someone who stumbled on this site accidentally

    Why Russia? Probably that’s where you do your drug mule duties… we know why your poop looks like a goat’s shit.. and it’s NOT the cavier!

  6. bryanboy

    they look like Prada Sport alright.

  7. For the amount of money Bryan spends on clothing, he still looks like afreak. Does he really think he’s anything excpet a walking talking joke.

  8. Bryanboy loves huge feet and bi-boobal lactating bovines (a.k.a. two-teeted Tess)??? Bryanboy!!! SLAP, SLAP (brought to you courtesy of Louis Vuitton gloves and handbag)… The average lactating bovine has four feet, four teets, produces zero proof milk, and has zero horny gay admirers, even though she has the potential of becoming 100 Louis Vuitton handbags…

  9. I recently came across the article you wrote for the Inquirer and I have to say that I was taken aback by the things you wrote about our mutual friend (if you ever did consider him your friend). I can’t imagine how someone could spew such lies and fabricate stories. Visionaire subscriptions?! LV BagS?!! What a load of crap! You my friend, are a master of OVER exaggeration! It’s a good thing that some people know the truth and they can sift through your lies!

  10. alexandre_

    I love bomber jackets just like the one Justin is wearing in QAF, does it mean I am poor? Well Russians are very stylish people indeed. I got a couple of Russian classmates at school and they are nice and pretty!

  11. That is quite possibly the most disturbing thing I have ever seen.
    And I have seen some crazy shit in my time!

  12. BRYAN.. i love you man.. im your #1 aficionado!x)would love you to come to sydney for a visit!!

  13. I thought that the choice was Russia because it was easier for you to obtain a visa to go there.

  14. alexandre_

    Anton it is so true.. it is just easy to get a visa to Russia and less expensive…

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